3 Things to Do to Sell Your Home in Today’s Market

Today’s real estate market can be challenging if you are trying to sell your home.  With the market saturated with foreclosed and vacant property, it is important to understand what your local market is doing, as well as what is important to a potential buyer, in order to sell your home.

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• Internet Presence – In today’s competitive buyer’s market, in order to sell your home you need a strong internet presence.  Even though the majority of buyers will physically come to your house and view it before making an offer, a large percentage of buyers will do some hunting on their own via the Internet before they ever step foot in a house.  Having a positive Internet presence is imperative in order to sell your home in today’s market.

• Choose a Well Connected Realtor – With all the Internet real estate sites available, many buyers and sellers feel they can do it alone. However, studies show that having a well-connected Realtor on your side is the best way to sell your home. You want a realtor that knows the local market, has an Internet presence (see point made above), and that communicates with you. 

• Stage Your Home - Staging your home to appeal to the buyers is important.  It is a common piece of advice that many sellers do not heed and very well should. Staging your home properly for the pictures on the Internet as well as for the showing in your home can be the difference between whether you sell your home or not. Though there are many tips for staging, you want to depersonalize your home to appeal to any buyer, de-clutter your home to make your rooms look bigger, and have it in “ready to move in” condition.