5 No-No’s When Selling Your House

Today’s buyer’s market makes it even more important for a home seller to make their home appealing to potential buyers.  Though there are many things that a seller can do to help with selling your house, there are also things you should NOT do in order to help sell your house. Consider these no-no’s as you get your house ready to sell.

#1 – Pets – Make sure that your 80 pound Doberman Pincher does not meet potential buyers at the door. This can be extremely disconcerting to many buyers and can drive away someone that might truly be interested in purchasing your home. In the same light, a big pet iguana slithering around a cage in a bedroom might also be a turn off. If possible, removing all pets is your best bet. You never know what a buyer might be afraid of or allergic to.

#2 – Dim Rooms – A dark and dingy room can be a big turn off to most buyers.  If you have a room in your home that is typically dark or dim, you might want to consider putting in brighter bulbs or extra lamps.  Repainting a room a light color or removing curtains can also be helpful.

#3 – Wallpaper – The wallpaper has to go.  Wallpaper is a huge turn off to many buyers.  It usually is busy and is outdated.  If you have wallpaper, consider getting rid of it and painting the wall a light, neutral color to brighten up the room and make it more appealing to all potential buyers.

#4 – Basements – If you have a cellar or basement that is damp, you will want to address the issue before you start showing your home.  Dark, damp basements are a huge turn off to many buyers. Unless you know that you have a foundation issue, which means disclosure is necessary, you likely have a drainage issue. Address this by cleaning drains, rerouting gutters and downspouts, and ensuring that there is no standing water around the foundation and basement windows.  Then thoroughly clean your basement and brighten it up with a coat of paint and a clean smell.

#5 – Get Out! – When showing the house it is vital that you are not there.  A potential buyer needs to feel comfortable looking around the house, opening closets, and standing in a room imagining their furniture in it. If you are there hovering over them, they won’t feel comfortable and likely won’t stay long enough to know it is a good house for them. Therefore, go visit a neighbor or do some shopping and give a potential buyer time to look around.

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