6 Reasons why Home Buyers should Join our Daily Email Listing Alerts and get a free list of homes for sale.

This example below is what I could set up... for you... to automatically receive a current daily list of boise-meridian-bankowned homes from Boise real estate IDX/MLS listings via your email within your search criteria.


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Home buying is not always easy.  The search for the perfect home can be quite frustrating for home buyers.

Imagine, as a potential home buyer, what it must feel like to set out on the search for the home of your dreams.  Imagine searching listing after listing and then one day finally driving by a home that not only has the right features, but is set at the right price and in the right location.

How exciting that must feel, until you discover that an offer has already been accepted – and even worse, that you only missed by mere hours.

Or, try this scenario, you find the perfect home and are actually able to place an offer, but because you were unaware of market changes in the area, you placed an offer that was too low, and got out bid by another buyer by just a few thousand dollars – another missed opportunity.

This happens more frequently than not.  But it can be minimized.

New listings of  homes go up for sale every day. Realtors in most Multiple Listing Services (MLS) areas like mine are willing to share their updated list of homes within your search criteria.

So, if you’re searching for a new or pre-existing home, join me to get daily listing alert emails:

  • Get access to the most up to date list of homes for sale in the Ada Country, Canyon County which include all communities surrounding Boise, Idaho.  Never miss a home buying opportunity again.
  • Get comprehensive information on bank-owned homes.
  • Get comprehensive information on short sale homes.
  • Receive free home buying and selling information and tips that will make the process go smoother.
  • Get guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced realtor.
  • Receive our free Home Buyers Handbook.

These are just a few benefits – let us help you find a home you’ll love for years to come.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for information purposes only.  You should always seek independent counsel such as certified public accountant and or real estate attorney pertaining to sale of your home, your credit report, land and or real property in the matters of state and federal taxes and legal issues especially in foreclosure or short sale situations.