1. Going neutral


Almost immediately after a potential buyer enters a property they need to be intrigued by the style and color of the room.  By utilizing a bold, neutral painted color or wood stain the individual will make the room stand out.  It is recommended that you use tans and khakis as these will not only emphasize the room but also warm the area.


2. Adding color


Presently, over half the homes being listed appear as rather vacant and sterile in photographs.  Unfortunately, this is a result of the request to neutralize the rooms with a plain color; therefore, it is recommended to add a splash of bright colors to the kitchens and bathrooms in order to 'spice up' your home staging.  One advised color is red that can take shape in a vase of red flowers on the kitchen table.  Bright towels in the bathroom and plants in the living areas are also options that can provide dazzling colors in the rooms and intrigue potential buyers.


3. Lighting the place up


Lighting is highly important when staging one's property.  By replacing light bulbs in your property with higher wattage light bulbs you can create the illusion of light and space.




1. Teasing their sense of smell


It is highly recommended to entice all five of a potential buyer's senses, including their sense of smell; therefore, always have something baking or cooking when showing your home.  Pies, chocolate cookies and fresh bread are very effective options as a means of teasing a person's nose.  You should also place candles in a room that have scents of spiced apple or pumpkin.


2. Accessorizing


It is advised that you add some decorative items in the kitchen as a means of warming up the area and making it cozier for potential buyers.  Placing small cups of coffee and pretty napkins can enhance the 'homey' feel as a part of home staging.  Furthermore, you can find large glasses and pottery bowls from second-hand stores to fill them with customized treats which create a positive lasting impression on visiting guests.  Every item adds to your home staging impression and contributes to potential purchase of the property.


3. Going green


The 'Green' Movement is very popular in the 21st century and if your property has features that are in line with this lifestyle you should promote them.  For example, if the listening has bamboo flooring or double-paned windows emphasize the theme with holistic decorations and homemade staging accessories.  Green cleaning products are also recommended to be placed underneath the sink as positive property attributes.  People will notice these small touches.