As the time for your big move gets closer and closer, you might be looking at all your precious belongings and wondering how you are going to get everything moved from your old house to your new house.  Fortunately, locating a good moving company does not have to be a huge and stressful ordeal.  There are in fact many different options for each type of moving situation.

Are you moving across town or clear across the country?  Is it just your stuff that needs to get moved or do you have a large family?  These different factors all help to determine the specific kind of moving help that is best for your move.  So, before you start panicking over your big overstuffed couch and piles of moving boxes, take a few minutes to become familiar with what kinds of help are available for your move.

1.  Moving Help Companies

If you are someone who can efficiently and quickly pack up all of your belongings in a small and confined space, then you can skip this step.  If not, you might want to consider hiring a moving help company.  These are services that specialize in packing and shipping household items out to the new location.  Even if you are good at packing, if you are short on time you might want to consider this service.  Just do a search online to find companies that offer these services.

2.  Professional Moving Companies

For a long distance move, especially one that involves moving your whole family, hiring a crew of professional movers could be the best choice for your situation.  Although this does tend to be one of the most expensive moving options, having professional movers who know how to efficiently pack belongings, properly load and unload the moving truck and get your household items transported safely to your new home, can definitely be well worth the price.

3.  Truck Rental Companies

If you are just moving to another part of town or a different city close by, you might want to think about hiring a truck rental company.  For a small move, you can rent a moving truck for a couple of days.  This can be a much less expensive option than hiring a team of professional movers.  You can also hire a few hourly laborers to help with the heavy lifting, which again is going to cost a lot less than professional movers.

4.  Shipping Containers

A shipping container or pod can be a very versatile option that you may want to consider for your upcoming move.  Moving pods can offer a good solution for moving your belongings when you might need to keep your items in storage for a period of time.  The moving pod is dropped at your house, and then you pack it when you are ready.  After you are finished, the pod will be retrieved by the moving company.  It will then be shipped either to your new house or put into storage until you are ready for your belongings at your new residence.

Before your big moving day, make sure you take the time to evaluate all of the different moving options that are available to you to help ensure you use the best solution to meet your specific situation and needs.  Also, be sure to get quotes from any moving company or other service that you are considering so that you can compare them and get the best deal.  Good luck with your move!