Painting the outside of your house should be a big to-do, even if you've done it plenty of times before. Not only are you (hopefully) improving the look of it, but you're also increasing its value, so be sure to choose the best exterior paint based on a number of factors.

Pick A Performer

Exterior house paint should last for quite a few years, and it should not disappoint the homeowner. Resistance to things like mold and mildew is essential, as is staying power when it comes to the sun diminishing the color. While nothing can magically remove and replace a finished paint job, you can make sure you get your money back if it under performs because the best names in exterior paint offer warranties on every can. 

Buy Something Easy To Work With

Ease of use is very important to most people, especially if a large home is involved. Oil-based exterior paints are durable, resistant to environmental influences and the choice of most professional contractors, however; latex has evolved considerably in recent years. In the event that you are painting over an oil, continue with that type of formula, as latex will likely peel right off if applied to an oil-based surface. Latex is often more economical and easier to keep mixed, but weight your individual options to make the best choice.

Selecting Color

Some homeowners make the mistake of picking the color of their liking. While there's nothing wrong with freedom of choice, you're really better off coordinating your color(s) with the surrounding schemes of your home. The roof, chimney and landscaping should be taken into consideration with any new color, as should the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. It isn't necessary to copy the home next to you, but the rule of thumb is to generally blend in.

Talk to other homeowners online or in person to see what brands are outlasting and outperforming. Look for helpful reviews that you can trust and base these important decisions on. When you're finished, the exterior paint should be pleasing to look at, and leave you with one less thing to worry about for many years.