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Short Sales in Meridian, Idaho - A Deal to Consider

by Randy Gridley

Short Sales in Meridian, Idaho – A Deal to Consider

The housing market is finally making a turn for the better.  However, the aftermath of the housing crisis has left most real estate markets with a high volume of bank-owned properties. Meridian is one of those markets.

Bank owner properties in Meridian, Idaho are numerous. However, boise-meridian-bankowned and pre-foreclosure homes can be a great place to find good deals for a potential homebuyer.  If you hoping to purchase a home this year, you may want to consider purchasing through a short sale. Buying a bank owned property through what is known as a short sale can be a great way for a potential homebuyer to pay below market value for a home.

Short sales in Meridian, Idaho are more common than you might think. With a large percentage of homes being in the early stages or foreclosure or already owned by banks, many potential homebuyers may find that a short sale is a good way to go when making a home purchase.

A short sale is when a property is in the process of foreclosure and it is about to become owned by the bank that provided the home loan. The bank does not want to own the property; they want to sell the property.  Therefore, they are apt to sell it under market value to transfer ownership quickly. The advantage to the bank is that they are no longer in ownership of the property and you, the owner, will begin making payments on the property. If you pay cash for the home, the bank is no longer taking a loss; if they lend you the money to own the home, you make payments on the home to them; and if you go with another lender, the other lender pays the current bank with ownership the purchase price. Therefore, even if the bank loans you the money, they are still in a better position than when they are sitting with a vacant property.

Though it may sound complicated, it really is not. With so many bank-owned homes, short sales in Meridian, Idaho have become common and therefore banks and real estate agents are experienced in moving through the transaction. This means they can help you navigate these unchartered waters, if that is the case. You do not have to feel uncomfortable if you are interested in a short sales purchase because the professionals can help you through the purchase quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking to purchase a home and want to get the best deal for you money, you may want to consider short sales in Meridian, Idaho. You will be surprised at how easy the purchase may be.

A few Short Sales in Meridian, Idaho to view always current list provided by IDX/MLS:

Short Sales in Boise, Idaho - A Great Deal

by Randy Gridley

Short Sales in Boise, Idaho – A Great Deal

Though we are at the down side of the housing crisis, the market is still full of distressed properties. That means that you can find boise-meridian-bankowned properties in many neighborhoods throughout Boise, Idaho and its surrounding areas. If you are in the market for purchasing a home, short sales in Boise, Idaho continue to be a great way to get more home for your money.

What are short sales?

Short sales are simply when a property, typically owned by a bank due to foreclosure, is willing to take a lesser amount for a property to get it off their books.  They will go "short" on the price to unload the property.  That means that you can get a great deal on a property for less money.

Why are short sales in Boise, Idaho a good buy?

Short sales in Boise, Idaho are a good buy because there are so many bank owned properties that the banks are willing to give great deals on their properties so they can start receiving money for the property again.  With so many foreclosures over the past 5 years in Boise, there is an influx of bank owned property. That means that the banks want to give you a deal so you can own the property and not them. So short sales in Boise, Idaho are a great deal..

Some homes need some work due to having been vacant for some time; but, in most cases, the homes are in the good shape. They just need to have utilities turned back on and some cleaning done.

If you are looking to get more house for your money, then short sales in Boise, Idaho are something you may want to consider. Even if you have never purchased a short sale property, you can find assistance from your realtor in navigating the short sale market and be on your way to purchasing a great house for a great price.

Here are some current short sale home listings in Boise, Idaho that are furnished by IDX/MLS:

Granite Countertops – Care and Stain Management

by Randy Gridley

Granite Countertops – Care and Stain Management

Granite countertops can be a beautiful accent to your kitchen. However, with this type of investment comes the worry that if something happens how will you clean it properly and keep the beauty of your granite countertops looking new.

Agents that Stain your Granite Countertops

As a granite countertop owner, or someone that is considering the installation of granite countertops, you will want to make sure that you understand how your countertops need to be treated.  Knowing what can damage your granite is the key to keeping it looking good.

Some of the most common agents that can stain your granite countertops include blood from raw meats, acidic foods like lemons and vinegar, and even wines, especially light or white wines. All these items can soak into the pores of the granite leaving stains and possibility producing a foul odor. Other common staining items include orange juice, coffee and cream.

Preventing Stains on your Granite Countertops

Once you have installed granite countertops, you will want to do a few things to ensure you are protecting them from possible staining. One of the best ways to do this is to seal your countertops biannually or as needed. You can find granite-sealing products where you purchased your countertops or even local hardware stores. Granite is extremely porous so without being properly sealed, you can risk having you countertops easily stained or watermarked.

It is also imperative to clean your granite countertops regularly after each use. Never use abrasive sponges or cleansers on your countertops. Clean granite with mild soap and water and a soft towel. Cleaning immediately after use will help keep your granite in good shape.

Stain Removal on your Granite Countertops

Of course, no matter how careful you are, you may eventually end up with a stain on your beautiful granite countertops. Should this happen it is best to address the stain as quickly as possible to have the best chance of effectively removing the stain.

A common agent that helps to remove stains from granite countertops is acetone. Acetone is helpful in removing peanut butter, cream, and fruit juices as long as you follow specific directions on how to use the acetone effectively on your countertops.

If you have decided to have granite countertops in your home, understanding how to use them and clean them properly can be the best way to ensure your granite countertops stay beautiful for years to come.  This video can help you see how to remove stains from your granite countertop as well as cleaning tips for basic upkeep. 

3 Things to Look at When Viewing a Home

by Randy Gridley

3 Things to Look at When Viewing a Home

With a few clicks of your mouse, if you are in the market for a new home, you will likely be viewing many homes available on the market. It is good practice to make yourself a list of things to look at when viewing properties so you don’t miss anything. Consider adding these three things to your list.

  1. Location. Do you like the location? How near is it to amenities you like to utilize? Is the school close?  How close are the highways?
  2. Neighbors. Who lives next door? Are the surrounding homes comparable? Are there any run down homes nearby?
  3. Homeowners Association. Does the neighborhood have a homeowners association? What are the HOA limitations, requirements, and costs?

When you go to view homes, make sure you take notes of things you notice about the property as well as the surrounding area. Drive by the home during the evening and look at the house in the dark. Also consider visiting the neighborhood on the weekend. This will give you a better idea of what goes on in the neighborhood when everyone is home. Don’t be afraid to drive around the neighborhood and stop and talk to neighbors. Speaking to the neighbors can be a great way to find out if the area is one that you and your family will love.

Here are a few home listings in Boise, Eagle, Meridian Idaho market within the last 7 days from IDX/MLS that are active, current, and updated daily under $200,000:

Fannie Mae Predicts 2012 Growth

by Randy Gridley

Fannie Mae Predicts 2012 Growth

According to Fannie Mae’s Economics and Mortgage Market Analysis Group, 2012 should bring “moderate growth” to the US economy. With an improved job market and a good start to the 2012 housing market, it seems that the economy is on the upswing.

What does this mean to the homebuyers and sellers? It means that 2012 may bring a better housing market to both sides.  The seller may find he can finally command a little higher price and may have more buyers vying for the sale.  While the buyer may find a little less of a buyer’s market but the availability of more conventional homes as people begin to sell again.

Boise Real Estate - Meridian Real Estate

View some home listings under $200,000 that have been listed in the last 7 days from Boise real estate and meridian real estate market furnished by IDX/MLS that are active, current, and updated daily:

Settler's Park - Meridian Idaho - Something for Everyone!

by Randy Gridley

Settler’s Park, Meridian Idaho – Something for Everyone!

One of the highlights of Meridian, Idaho is Settlers Park.  This 56-acre park has something for everyone.  Whether you love a family day at the splash pad or a quiet walk on the paths, locating near Settler's Park may be for you. 

Adventure Island Playground Area

Housing Idaho’s first entirely accessible playground, Settler’s Park, Meridian Idaho provides you with many enticing options for enjoying the outdoors.  You can enjoy a splash pad, rock monuments, Sound Garden, picnic areas, and other family-friendly areas for just about anything you are looking forward to doing while you unwind a little at the park.

Games and Tournaments

The Settler’s Village Square area provides a great place for horseshoes and tennis tournaments while the Leighton Family Baseball/Softball area has plenty of room for your league play. 

Fishing Pond

Another popular area of this park is the fishing pond to take the family, kids or grandkids that Idaho Fish and Game stock with fish. 

Winter Fun

Settler’s Park provides year-round fun with the availability of its 9-hole winter disc golf course open November through February.

What a fun area to live in. If you are considering the Settler’s Park, Meridian Idaho area, you can find many great listings to choose from near this wonderful family-friendly, something-for-everyone park.

Here are just a few of those listings in NE Meridian furnished by IDX/MLS that are active, current, and these listings are updated daily each morning:


16684 Snowgoose Street - Nampa Idaho - 83687 - HUD Homes

by Randy Gridley

16684 Snowgoose Street  - Nampa Idaho  - 83687  - HUD Homes

New listing effective 1/19/2012 owner occupied only, bids due by 1-29-2012 11:59 PM CST then daily at which time non owner occupied owners can bid.  This HUD home is located in Nampa Idaho at 16684 Snowgoose Street.  Zip code for this area is 83687. Home has 1100 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage with other features including vaulted ceilings, plant shelves, recessed lighting, split bedroom design. Roomy lot that has potential for RV parking.  Brandts Landing subdivision is another neighborhood that is sought after with its own community pool within walking distance and common areas inside subdivision that are landscaped, all being taken care of by HOA for Brandts Landing.   

Few items need fixed that HUD is allowing the fixed cost of $2035 to be included in electronic bid and another plus, home is eligible for FHA 203K loan.  Talk to your lending officer today and if you do not have a loan officer fill out loan application with Tobby Goicoechea with Wells Fargo.

All HUD and boise-meridian-bankowned listings in Nampa Idaho furnished by IDX/MLS that are current and updated daily each morning:  If you do not see 16684 Snowgoose listing above in below listings then that means this listing is pending:

All short sale listings in Nampa Idaho provided by IDX/MLS that are also updated daily.

Any distressed or not distressed home listings in Nampa Idaho within the last 30 days made available through IDX/MLS.

5 No-No's When Selling Your House

by Randy Gridley

5 No-No’s When Selling Your House

Today’s buyer’s market makes it even more important for a home seller to make their home appealing to potential buyers.  Though there are many things that a seller can do to help with selling your house, there are also things you should NOT do in order to help sell your house. Consider these no-no’s as you get your house ready to sell.

#1 – Pets – Make sure that your 80 pound Doberman Pincher does not meet potential buyers at the door. This can be extremely disconcerting to many buyers and can drive away someone that might truly be interested in purchasing your home. In the same light, a big pet iguana slithering around a cage in a bedroom might also be a turn off. If possible, removing all pets is your best bet. You never know what a buyer might be afraid of or allergic to.

#2 – Dim Rooms – A dark and dingy room can be a big turn off to most buyers.  If you have a room in your home that is typically dark or dim, you might want to consider putting in brighter bulbs or extra lamps.  Repainting a room a light color or removing curtains can also be helpful.

#3 – Wallpaper – The wallpaper has to go.  Wallpaper is a huge turn off to many buyers.  It usually is busy and is outdated.  If you have wallpaper, consider getting rid of it and painting the wall a light, neutral color to brighten up the room and make it more appealing to all potential buyers.

#4 – Basements – If you have a cellar or basement that is damp, you will want to address the issue before you start showing your home.  Dark, damp basements are a huge turn off to many buyers. Unless you know that you have a foundation issue, which means disclosure is necessary, you likely have a drainage issue. Address this by cleaning drains, rerouting gutters and downspouts, and ensuring that there is no standing water around the foundation and basement windows.  Then thoroughly clean your basement and brighten it up with a coat of paint and a clean smell.

#5 – Get Out! – When showing the house it is vital that you are not there.  A potential buyer needs to feel comfortable looking around the house, opening closets, and standing in a room imagining their furniture in it. If you are there hovering over them, they won’t feel comfortable and likely won’t stay long enough to know it is a good house for them. Therefore, go visit a neighbor or do some shopping and give a potential buyer time to look around.

Here are some homes to view in the Boise and Meridian Idaho area under $250K that are active and current plus these homes are updated each morning through IDX/MLS:

All short sale homes in Boise and Meridian with this link updated daily each morning and furnished by IDX/MLS.

All bank owned homes in Meridian and Boise thanks to IDX/MLS.

Short Sale Homes - Meridian Idaho

by Randy Gridley

Short Sale Homes - Meridian Idaho

These short sale homes in Meridian Idaho are provided by IDX/IMLS these listings are current and updated daily each morning:

This short sale home in Meridian Idaho address is 1061 East Hunter Drive which vicinity is West of Locust Grove between Fairview and Ustick Road. It is in a  quiet neighborhood of Tract Subdivision, this 1448 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage single level has a lot to offer!  Open inviting floor plan that includes tile entryway, spacious kitchen, dining room with lots of light from all the windows , living room with fireplace, sizeable master bedroom with jetted soaker tub in master bathroom.  With all the windows natural light is flowing throughout. Backyard is fully fenced with roses for your enjoyment from their warmth and beauty.  Other benefits at this location are the close proximity to schools, parks and shopping center. All I can describe is WOW where do I sign to purchase this lovely home.

The other home located East of Linder Road and South of Franklin Road in desirable Fenway Park Subdivision is also close to two interchanges on Interstate 84. This listing is similar to above with slightly more square footage. Home address is 895 Pennwood Street. Google the address or just click on the photo above and then click on Map tab.

Other short sale homes in Meridian Idaho from IDX/MLS updated daily each morning.

boise-meridian-bankowned Homes in Meridian Idaho

If you are looking for already approved listing prices and fairly quick closes usually within 45 days or sooner depending on which lender then bank owned homes in Meridian Idaho is another way to purchase.

Traditional Homes in Meridian Idaho

If you would rather look at all traditional homes in Meridian Idaho made available through IDX/MLS that will be current and updated daily each morning then click on the link in this sentence.   

Is there a Difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?

by Randy Gridley

Is there a Difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?


The simple answer is Yes there is. So what is the difference, you may ask? Well, it is simple to answer but very commonly misunderstood. Though they are both license to sell real estate, they are not exactly the same.

Some homes to view as you are reading this article furnished by IDX/MLS current and updated daily each and every morning in Boise Idaho homes under $250K:

Listings in all of Boise Idaho within the last 30 days under $250K.

Listings for all Boise Idaho bank owned homes

Listings for all Meridian Idaho homes


Real Estate Agent


A real estate agent is a licensed professional that can sell your real estate and advise you on real estate transactions in the state in which they are licensed. They may be sales agents or they may be real estate brokers but regardless of their particular license, they can help you buy or sell your property in their licensing state.




A Realtor can do exactly what a real estate agent does except they have additional qualifications. As a designated Realtor, a real estate agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors and abides by a strictly defined Realtor’s Code of Ethics. By associating themselves with the National Association of Realtors and defining themselves as Realtor’s, a license real estate agent is stating that they uphold these standards and represent their clients at a high standard set by the Board.


Which should I Choose?


Really, the choice is yours. It is obvious that a real estate agent, whether a Realtor or not, will abide by their own moral and ethical definitions which will define their work as an agent representing their client.  Therefore, just because an agent has been designated as Realtor does not automatically mean they will be a better professional than someone without the Realtor designation.  However, it is an standard that can be considered and something you may want to consider when choosing an agent to meet your real estate needs.


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