Lovely Cottage Kitchen

The kitchen shown above was designed by Jim Strickland to impart the relaxing, down-home atmosphere of the traditional cottage style. Blue ceilings bring to mind a cozy porch setting and abundant light flows in from the windows.

Country Cottage Design Points

Eclectic lighting is a hallmark of the cottage style and can be seen here in the use of the hanging lights that illuminate the work space, the simple pendant lamp above the sink and the individually selected wall sconces. The excellent placement of the task lighting makes this space both functional and a beautiful example of the cottage design style. 

Galvalume roofing metal was selected as a quirky stove surrounding piece, instead of more commonly used materials such as tile or stainless steal. The roofing metal will serve as excellent protection for walls. As an added bonus, Galvalume metal requires no painting.

Real Cottage Elements

Bead board was used on a section of the cabinets for an authentic cottage design touch while other elements capture a more personal style. Heather Chadduck, the homeowner, requested that the upper parts of the cabinets be opened to create a spacious look and feel. A vintage clock and antique light fixture impart even more individual style. 

Other Cottage Style Points

You can also request a custom countertop treatment. One style would be poured concrete trimmed with a back splash of marble. The marble back splash is made up of two sets of 12 inch tiles that are cut in two and pieced together in a pleasing design. The design proved to be economical, just a fraction of what a marble slab would cost.

Vintage reproduction hardware for the cabinets were another cost-effective element incorporated into this cozy cottage design.

Money saving Cottage Accents

The mixture of vintage, antique inspired and new pieces makes for cost-cutting savings. In this case, enough money was saved to recondition a Westwood stove from the 1940's to lend an authenticity to the room. Two colors of tile were cut and laid on the diagonal for more genuine cottage style. If you are looking for comfort and plenty of room for individual expression, cottage style will work perfectly for your next project.