The average homeowner has an unfinished attic above their usual living space where they store things that are not used often. In most cases, it's a dark and sometimes hot area of the home, and many people prefer to spend very little time there. If the attic portion of your home seems like wasted space, you have come to the right place. Have you ever thought about the possibilities with your attic, but you just haven't had any idea where to start or exactly how to do something about it? Or perhaps because it's out of sight, it has also been out of mind? Either way, you can upgrade your attic to add extra living space to your home. Continue reading to learn some easy-to-understand tips that any homeowner can use to fix up an attic. 

First, take some time to get up in the attic and consider the space well. If it is very cluttered with storage items, pull those items out and assess the entire attic carefully. Take a notepad, writing utensil and a measuring tape up there with you so that you can measure the height of the room, look for air vents, understand where the wiring is located and note the lighting, if any. When you're done, call someone who is an expert in construction to discuss the attic and the notes you made. While it may be tempting to handle everything on your own, you still need to talk to a pro about whether anything special needs to be done to your attic so that it will be safe and bear weight properly if you were to use it as a room.

Once you have the answers you need from a professional and you have learned that you can proceed, you can then start planning what you want to do. Remember that the plans you have for the room need to be made based on the size of the attic. If you have ample room with a lot of room to stand up and walk around in, there will be so many things you can do. But if the area is quite small, you will need to get creative with how you use the space. The following info will discuss some things that you may need to do to help upgrade your attic.

- Insulation Installation

Many attics do not have insulation like the rest of the house does, and even if you think you live in a temperate area where it won't get too cold or hot up there, you will want to install insulation anyway. If you plan on making it a sleeping area, you don't want to go up there on any given night and suddenly find that it's too hot or cold up there. If you are not experienced with insulation, call a pro to come help you.

- Floor Boards And Floor Covering

You will need to have secure flooring in the attic, and this can be done by laying out plywood to fit the space and securing it with the right type of nails. Because walking around in the attic can cause creaking and other noises, find out what you need to do to keep that from happening. You should get expert advice if necessary. You won't want to stop with simply laying down plywood for flooring, so think about what you want to cover it with. Carpeting may be a good idea because of the basic plywood flooring. Look for specials at the various companies that do carpet installation in your area. 

- Putting Up Sheetrock

Once you have put your insulation and flooring in, you can now work on putting sheetrock up over the insulation. Putting up sheetrock is pretty simple to do yourself, even if you are new to it. You can find it at most big box hardware stores. 

- Adding Color And Style To The Walls

Once you have the drywall finished, you can now start to have fun with designs and colors for your walls. Make sure to cover all areas of the room that you don't want to splatter paint on, if you will be painting the room.  

Once you're done with the walls, you can begin getting started on furnishing and decorating the room further. If you've thought of simply making the room a spot to hang out to watch movies, bring up a TV and a couch or comfortable chairs. If it will be a sleeping area, take a bed, bedding and maybe even a dresser up there. Remember that you should have spoken with a professional at the beginning of this journey to see just how much weight the room can bear before you actually take heavy furniture into the attic. 

The safety of everyone in your home is of the utmost importance. An expert can point out things that you may miss if you don't have much experience, including whether the space you will be making will be safe for humans when it comes to regulations for building and fire safety. Safety comes first, and then the fun of making your own extra space in your home should come afterward. Look around online to find photos of upgraded attic space to get ideas for colors, designs and much more.