All information below applies to Boise Idaho for energy star certified homes!

These days there is a lot of interest in saving energy, both for personal and ecological reasons. Energy Star began as a verification system that tests appliances to ensure they meet certain energy usage requirements. A new home that is certified as an Energy Star home is designed to be at least 15 percent and up to 30 percent more energy efficient that the typical home built today. The inspections, testing and requirements are set up by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, and aim to deliver the best in quality, comfort and durability.


These high quality homes not only have Energy Star appliances installed to cut down on the amount of energy used by the homeowner, but the homes are very well insulated as well. Builders who are partners with Energy Star work in concert with Home Energy Raters, and select plans that include certain features when they plan and build new homes. They use green building practices which means the way the homes and sites use materials, water and material reduces any negative impact on the environment.


Homes that can qualify as an Energy Star certified home include single family homes that are less than three stories, log homes, low-rise multi-family homes, concrete homes and manufactured homes. Some existing homes can be retrofitted to also qualify as an Energy Star certified home.


Anyone considering purchasing a new home should consider the benefits of owning a home that has been certified as Energy Star. The home will not only be more comfortable to live in, but the energy costs will be at least 15 percent less than other homes. These energy-efficient homes provide consistent temperatures throughout the home, indoor air quality that is less likely to cause allergies and other respiratory problems, and the home will be more durable as well.