1. Exotic Hardware -

Pulls and knobs are similar to kitchen jewelry that could help dress up cabinets handsomely. Kitchen cabinet hardware can get quite expensive at times costing more than $30 or $40 per piece. But there are also contemporary plain hardware which are quite inexpensive - 10 packs are available for $20 at big box stores. Don't plan to drill more holes in the cabinet while remodeling it. One hole hardware should be replaced only with one hole upgrades. Likewise, two hole hardware with tow hole upgrades. This would help to save a lot of time and money on your part.

2. Upgrade the Painting -

A fresh coat of paint will help to remodel your kitchen cabinet like no other upgrade would do. Do-it-yourself type of painting is cheaper but time consuming. Even though painting is not difficult, the preparation part is the most important aspect in order to achieve success with the project. A few gallons of paint, cleaner and sandpaper are what is needed for the project. You can have whatever finish you wish, like melamine or laminate, but be sure to clean the surface with 150 grit sandpaper and apply the bonding premier before completing the job with the color of your preference. The below tips would come in handy if you are thinking of a Do-It-Yourself project in painting your kitchen cabinet.

. The preparation is the most important part if you want to have success with your DIY painting project. Clean the doors and drawers of the cabinet thoroughly in order to remove grease and other impurities. Fill all the holes with wood putty and use sandpaper on it. 

. Using a light colored paint will make your kitchen appear bigger than normal.

. Use sandpaper on each coat of paint so that the final coat of paint would be perfect.

. Doors should be laid flat and painted. Don't paint the other side till one side is completely dry. This will help to avoid ugly drip marks on the doors.

3. Molding - 

You could add a touch of class to the old kitchen cabinet by crown molding it. You would be surprised to hear the price of a three inch, prime composite crown molding. A crown molding with a dentil design would only cost you $20 for 8 ft. Adding a molding is extremely easy when you are repainting cabinets, since you can get a perfect match at that time.

Ordering matching wood molding from your cabinet manufacturer will result in a slight color difference between the older cabinet and the new molding. Natural cherry wood cabinets are said to darken with age.  

4. Fancy Glasses -

Change the look and feel of your kitchen by changing the glass of your kitchen cabinet. Mr. Anthony Longo, a glass panel seller says that decorative glass would give a stock cabinet a custom look. Be careful, since all cabinet doors will not suit a changeover. Your cabinet door should be equipped with a removable panel if you are to change the glass of it. Check the back of the cabinet door to see if the center panel could be taken off. 

There are many types of glass panels in the market. Raindrops on water, bubbles and antique are some of the most exotic which costs between $7-9 per sq. ft. Changing the looks of a two-door, 30 X 24 inch cabinet will cost between $35-45. 

5. Lighting -

Under cabinet lights are a great way of lighting up your kitchen. It is somewhat of a messy task, but a battery-powered LED light would be quite easy to setup. Even though they are not bright as the hard wired lights, at $8 each, you can install several of them in your cabinet. Also, LED lights last for thousands of hours of use.