Kitchens and Baths

That is what Realtors consider to be the most important areas in a homes resale value. Let's take a look at the potential for staging a homes bathroom for resale efforts.

Bathrooms can be summed up in two easy to understand words. Cleaning and updating. If clean and bright are the words for staging a kitchen, the same two words apply to a bath. The bathroom area should always be sparkling clean and well lit while not being too bright.

If you go a step further and add the word luxury to the motto, you'll win extra value points for any home buyer. Clean and bright and luxurious. These keys will help you to stage the bathroom area.

Here are some tips for helping stage your homes bathroom area. 

Update your fixtures by updating handles, spigots and the like. Replace them with such options as sleek and modern fixtures. Avoid brass as most people associate brass with the 1980s.

Get a set of high quality plush towels and set them out when the home is being viewed. It makes it look inviting and clean and will go far in helping to stage the home. Add in a nice rug and flower arrangement as well.

Fresh flowers will do a lot for any bath area. They are nice to look at and can lend a fresh smell to the bath.

Make sure to clean the bathroom until it looks brand new. You don't want a single speck of dust or dirt in there. Get rid of soap scum and remember that small details count in this room.

Take glass shower doors off and clean them outside with a solution of one part muriatic acid and 10 parts of water. You should wear goggles while mixing this product. Use steel wool and scrub it down completely and then rinse well. Put the door back on and remember to keep it clean and wiped down. Many homeowners also use Spot X to remove all the soap scum. Use a no scratch pad to clean with and scrub it down.

In a small bathroom and if you are able to afford it consider a pedestal sink. They are really popular in the housing market today.