If you are a home seller in Ada County, Idaho you might like to know that when you list your house for sale in the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your agent fills in certain data. 

This data informs other agents about the protocol you have requested agents to follow when showing your home to potential buyers. 

The data can include with sellers permission there name as the occupant, contact information for appointment to show and the best times for showing the house, as well as the advance notice you requested. After completing this information, the agent hopes that other agents will comply with your wishes. 

An agent's favorite occupant when working with buyers is "Vacant". 

Showing a vacant house means being able to take clients to see it when it suits the buyers, instead of having to coordinate the seller's and buyers' schedules. A great relief for the agent. In addition, you have the extra bonus of being able to open every cabinet and closet door without the feeling of invading the seller's personal space. 

However, some buyers have weird responses when viewing a vacant house. They find vacant houses either spooky, sketchy or stuffy. 

The Spooky Vacant House: Waling into this one, you can immediately tell that it has been empty without anyone living there for a very long time. You know by the fact that there is no food in the kitchen; no toiletries in the shower. 

However, there are still clothes hanging in the closet, and the sprinklers are still working on the automatic timer. And a vintage car is parked in the garage. 

Indicators like these will frequently spark the spooky response in prospective buyers. This response makes buyers ask the agent why the last occupants left. When did they leave? Who were they? Do they ever come back? How long has this property been on the market? 

None of these questions will inspire the typical buyer to make an offer immediately. 

The Sketchy Vacant House: This house is the one with a key chain that is sharing the kitchen counter with a key chain and a bunch of ripe bananas. The refrigerator contains fresh food, and there is an iPad on charge in an outlet next to a blow-up mattress on the floor of the bedroom. 

These indicators prompt buyers to ask: Is someone here? I thought this one was vacant! Do you hear something? Can I open the bathroom door?
I think the shower is running! I think I just saw someone. Is it safe here? 

The Stuffy Vacant House: This house greets you with a stuffy, acrid, stale smell as soon as you open the front door. 

The buyers are hanging back and hiding behind you for protection. Then, they start with the questions: How long has this house been on the market? When was the last time someone was in the house? When did they move out? What was that? I'm allergic to rats! How long does a human body take to decompose?

Naturally, these questions do nothing to move a buyer to make an offer on your vacant property. 

It may be time to reconsider how you have positioned your vacant house. If you are hoping to sell it for the price you want - or at all, you may want to consider staging it. Or at least using a squirt or two of Fa-breeze.