Among the best reasons one would want to stay in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or Nampa is that there are just plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature with its spacious, natural green spaces and urban parks. Truly, living within close proximity to a park has its many benefits – you would know that if you are actively searching for homes for sale in Boise Idaho or in other nearby cities – and being so close to nature adds a lot of aesthetic value to any home.

Parks and Gardens in Boise City

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors easily also proves to be extremely beneficial to a person’s psychological and social well being as well. Well maintained parks help ensure that communities continue to stay in livable conditions for years to come. So, whether it is a park or a garden, the need to preserve the natural environment is extremely important. Treasure Valley seems to be the best example for this as the natural green areas surrounding the place ensures that both animals and people have a safe place to live in for a very long time.

The city of Boise makes sure to promote health and well being among their residents by giving them the easiest and closest access to outdoor amenities wherever they maybe in the city. Men’s Health has, in fact, ranked the place with an A in health and quality of life and a B in fitness. The average commute is pretty short so residents in the city can spend it on more important things such as sleeping and exercising. Boise has among the most active cycling community owing to the fact that it has more than 220 miles of street bike lanes.

Boise Parks and Recreation Areas

Boise, Idaho is active in maintaining and promoting its parks and natural recreation centers and is doing a pretty good job at that. Taking care of around 850 acres of parks and green areas is no easy feat but the city of Boise, Idaho makes sure it is top priority. The city has lots of scenic foothills and residents get access to more than 130 miles of trails that weave in and out of the city, you will forget that you are actually living in an urban area.

The residents of Boise know how important it is to stay active and healthy and the city promotes just that. Those seeking for Boise Idaho real estate will know that among the best things to say about the city are the easy access to parks and recreational areas. This makes it easier to go walking, riding bikes and basically staying active. There are truly many trees and plants surrounding the areas of Boise, Meridian and Nampa so it isn’t surprising why the Treasure Valley is among the most preferred places to live in the country.

The Shocking Truth

Statistics show very startling figures: about two thirds of those living in the largest cities in the US do not actually have access to nearby parks or open spaces. In the city of Los Angeles, only 30 percent are living within walking distance of a park. However, if you decide to get any of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho – or in Boise or Meridian – the figures will not make sense because everyone just has access to an open space, playground or park wherever you might be living in the Treasure Valley. Even if you do not have a park for a next door neighbor, you are sure to be able to reach it within just a few minutes.

Those who do have the chance to live within close proximity to a park know the great benefits that living there can give in terms of lifestyle and business. Nowadays, home seekers are opting for places that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle – living in Boise makes it much easier for them to take out their walking shoes or their bikes and helmets. When you look at the real estate industry, you will realize that those houses that are close to green spaces, parks and recreational areas have the best resale value among any other.

The Green Spot near Boise River

It can get pretty easy to get lost in the beautiful greens and huge trees that surround the capital city of Idaho. The Boise River makes its away around the center of the town so enjoying nature is possible even at the city center. Almost all corners of Boise have trees and green areas; a short walk can give you a view of manmade ponds, parks, pathways and playgrounds or even the view of the foothills found outside the city. One can easily get awestruck at the fact that all these amenities are so close to an urban area.

We love how Treasure Valley is able to put together a beautiful city where an urban and outdoor lifestyle is able to coexist. This is definitely one of the main strong points why you should look into Boise Idaho real estate opportunities right now.

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