Staging a home is one of the most daunting tasks of selling a home today. Even though it is quite possible to hire professional staggers who are trained to showcase the strong points of your home, you can stage your home yourself with a little time and effort on your part. The first thing is to distance your self from your home on an emotional level. Even though this seems easier said than done, it is mandatory for a successful staging of your home.

An excellent idea is to start with the most visual part of your home which is the exterior. Clean up the facade of your home first of all. Ensure that you trim and mow the lawns. Rough edges along the walkway or driveway should be cleared. Weed the garden while planting new flowers on it. The entrance to your home should be made as welcoming as possible. This is the first thing a prospective buyer would see when they look at your home. First impressions count here too. 

Now to the interior. First and foremost is to clear the clutter. All homes have some form of clutter which should be removed before showcasing the home. You will have to spend sometime going over what you don't require. A minimalist approach is the best idea to showcase your home. When your home is cluttered, it may be difficult for the buyer to visualize their possessions in the right areas. Try this yourself when you are at a friend's home. Look around and see what could be moved or changed. It sure would be difficult if that particular house is cluttered. Clean out all the cupboards and closets. Buyers would definitely look into every nook and corner of your home even into the closets. In fact, they would make sure that there is enough space for their things.

Your buyer would have a great viewing experience at your home when you follow a few guidelines. Lighting is one area which could set a great mood in your home. There should be appropriate lighting for the time of the day. Temperature should be set to amiable conditions as buyers would not explore a cold home. Light the fireplace if there is one. It would showcase one of the most popular assets of a home. The whole point of staging is to make your buyer feel welcome at your home. It is best to provide some refreshments and snacks if possible. This could go a long way in the success of staging your home. It is up to you as to how far you will go in staging your home successfully. Always remember, the more effort you put into staging your home, the better your home will show. The above tips will no doubt help you to stage your home quite successfully while allowing you to sell it for the highest amount of money.