One of the biggest uses of energy in the average home is heating and cooling the interior of the house. In the depths of winter or the heat of summer, the furnace or air conditioner has to run frequently to keep things comfortable inside the home. However, there are ways to keep your home pleasant that do not require running your heating and cooling system all the time.

Something as simple as purchasing a new set of energy efficient blinds or window treatments can dramatically reduce your energy usage. During the winter, these blinds can help keep your home warm by letting in natural sunlight. This sunlight can warm a room by several degrees, reducing the burden on your furnace.

Similarly, during the summer, blinds can be closed to keep the heat out of your home. Closing the blinds during the day can help to lower the temperature inside your home by several degrees. This means that your air conditioner will not have to run as frequently, thereby lowering your energy usage.

Look for reflective blinds that can be used to bounce sunlight back out of your home. By closing and lowering the blinds on your window, these blinds can reflect nearly 50 percent of the sunlight back out the window. This dramatically reduces the heating effect of the sun. During the summer, this can really help to keep things cool.

Similarly, in winter you can use these reflective blinds to bounce sunlight into your home. By angling the slats properly, you can make sure that the natural light comes into your home to help warm things up.

Finding ways to be more energy efficient is important if you want to save money and stay comfortable inside your house. A good set of energy efficient blinds is the way to go.