Lots of places besides above map for starting a business.

Everyone has their own definition on what success is all about. My definition of success is to be happy working on something that I am highly passionate about. Below highlighted are six important steps that I use to achieve success according to my definition of it.

Freedom - The first step is to live in a country where you have the freedom to pursue a living as you see it fit. If not, you will not be able to achieve my definition of success. I am thankful to be living in a country that provides me the freedom to choosing my living according to my wish. Many people in the world are not free to follow their own passion. First of all, you must be free to succeed in business.

Persistence - An idea is just that an idea. In fact, an idea with no motion is better off never born. No one will know about your idea until it is brought to motion. A goal could be accomplished only if you move towards the goal. To continue to move towards the goal even when the going gets tough is what is known as persistence. Persistence is a vital step if you are to succeed in business. 

Vision - Your goal should be seen ahead of you. You should visualize the success of your business. If not, you will never know even if you have found it.

Inspiration - Inspiration is required to have a vision for your goals. If you are not excited about your goals, you cannot be happy when you have reached them. If your sole inspiration is money, you may be profitable at business but unhappy all the way long. You need to keep your inspiration alive to succeed in business. 

Planning - Once you set a goal and committed to achieve it, you need to device a plan to reach the goal. If you don't have a map to get from point A to point B, you could end up in point C. A business plan is actually a list of things required to achieve your goal. Your plan may consistently change along the way and this is quite OK. 

Discipline - Even the best plan in the world is useless if it requires 40-hours of work per week and only 2-hours are put into it. The discipline to keep going at the right pace is vital to achieve success.

The aforementioned simple steps illustrate a larger way of looking at life. You need to breakdown goals, obstacles and problems into tiny pieces. Even though moving a mountain seems impossible, breaking down a task into little pieces will make it possible. This principle of running a business will definitely put you on your way to success.