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Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Boise Home With These Creative Ideas

by Randy Gridley

Great Tips For Improving The Exterior Of Your Home In Boise Idaho

It is really very easy to give your home a face-lift. Just give it a little TLC with a bright coat of paint on the exterior trim and doors. This is a fast and easy improvement that really brightens your home's appearance and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. Having a full length storm door will allow your freshly painted door to be shown to its best advantage.

Change Out Old Hardware

You can change old hardware in a number of creative ways. You could replace your house numbers and/or put a new lock set on the front door. Install a wall mounted mail box for charm and appeal. Overhead lighting adds an exciting new element to your exterior. Use these creative ideas for a quick and easy update to your home. It doesn't have to be expensive to install matched or well coordinated pieces that will quickly increase your home's curb appeal. For contemporary homes, try installing brushed nickel fixtures. For traditional homes, oiled bronze is best.

Make the front of your home look more symmetrical for a pleasing appearance. Installing lighting fixtures on either side of your front door is one good way.

Create Instant Appeal In The Garden

Set up a container garden to brighten your front porch and your pathways. Beautiful flowers add interest and excitement to your entryway. You can buy containers at your garden center or make your own. Create a unique arrangement by placing them in an asymmetrical or staggered manner.

Bring Out The Best In Your Mailbox

Your mailbox only seems dull and boring. A coat of paint will perk it right up. Be sure not to neglect it when you paint your door and trim. Remember to put a planter full of flowers next to your mailbox for a friendly appearance.

Freshen Up Your Planter Beds

Get your garden beds ready with a good pruning. Pull out the weeds and plant a few pretty flowers. Mulch over the soil for a uniform and attractive color. Add brick or stone borders, and be sure to keep the nice and clean. If you have old concrete walkways, upgrade them to make them look better.

Create A Very Grand Entryway

When prospective buyers walk up your walk, they will see your front door right away. Make it look its best with fresh paint and molding. An offsetting color or a nice shade of white will make your door stand out nicely. Paint and molding are the home exterior equivalent of eye makeup. They bring out the best in your home.

Add Accent Trim and/or Shutters

For a very finished look, accent trim and shutters are a nice touch. People feel welcomed by this homey and charming addition. Functional shutters can also help protect your home from the damaging rays of the sun while allowing ventilation. They are also a nice security addition. Shutters can be made of vinyl, fiberglass, composite, aluminum or wood. They can be painted, and they are very affordable.

Plant A New Garden

Is your old planting bed tired and worn? Why not redo it? A nice planting bed adds a charming touch along the drive or walkway or at the corner of your lot. Be sure to coordinate your planting colors with the exterior of your home. Use pre-cast concrete blocks as edging to create beds around the home to frame it and help  it look its best. Plant taller plants in the back of the beds and shorter ones in the front for the most visual appeal.

Pay Attention To Your Downspouts And Your Gutters

Replace faulty old gutter systems. They are usually an eyesore with rust and peeling paint. When you replace them with modern, snap-fit vinyl gutters, you will be surprised by the improvement in the appearance of your home. This is an easy task with not special tools required. These gutters will never rust or need to be painted. On the high end, you may want to select copper gutters, which are very classy indeed.

Exterior Paint Can Work Wonders

Once you paint the trim and doors, you may not be able to stop. Go ahead and paint the siding, too for a complete transformation. Be sure to repair dents, dings and defects before painting. Have a look at your roof while you're at it. Replacing damaged shingles can really make your home look great!

Tile Your Doorstep

A tiled doorstep presents a permanent welcome mat. You can use standard tile or create a nice design. Your unique creation will surely impress visitors and show just how creative you really are.

Help Your Driveway Look Its Best

If your driveway is stained and cracked, it will make your house look bad. This is especially true if weeds are growing up through cracks. You should definitely fix that! Use a weed killer to kill off the growth, then repair the cracks and clean up any stains. If your drive is made of stone, brick or pavers, replace damaged ones.

Create New Paths

Your front path brings your visitor to your doorstep. Give your home an warm, inviting look with a lovely path. Use brick or stone for a very dramatic appearance. Colored concrete edged with stone or brick is also very nice. Pavers are also a great choice for a natural looking landscape.

Repair Your Railings

Be sure your porch and stoop railings are safe and attractive. You can replace old railings with modern, easy care materials. Some examples include metal and vinyl. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. Coordinating with your lovely new trim will further enhance the appearance of your home.

Add A Stone Veneer

Your home will look very classy with a well done stone veneer. You can dress up your exterior very nicely in this manner. A good stone facade makes your home look very classy and expensive. You don't have to do the whole house. You can do  smaller focal points using either natural or manufactured stones. This is inexpensive and adds a lovely touch. This sort of accent makes your house look good and shows that you take pride in ownership. It increases the value of your home for resale and for your own enjoyment.

Simple, Easy, Effective Ways To Update The Decor Of Your Home

by Randy Gridley

There are lots of simple and easy ways to change the appearance of your home without spending a ton of money or exhausting yourself with back breaking labor. You'd be surprised by how much you can change the appearance of a room with a new set of curtains and some simple accessories. Just rearranging the furnishings and placing a new throw over your sofa and/or chairs can make a big difference. In this article, we will share five fast and easy home makeovers that you can do all on your own. Read on to learn more. 

1. Paint a single wall! 

Painting is quick, easy and effective. It can completely change the look of a room even if you only paint one wall. When you have a wall painted in a contrasting or enhancing color, it is called an accent wall. It can really brighten up your room for only a few dollars and a few hours of your time. 

Before you begin, think about what sort of atmosphere you hope to create. Choose your colors accordingly. For example, if you want to make the room seem larger, try a combination of greens, purples and blues. These colors add an air of spaciousness, and they are very calming. 

If you want a more vibrant atmosphere, go with yellows, reds and shades of orange. ` These bright colors draw the viewer's attention and will really make your accent wall stand out. They will make the room seem warmer. Be aware that these bright color will also make your room seem smaller. 

2. Move your furniture around! 

Moving your furniture is a very cheap and easy home makeover. You can just move an object of art or create a "conversation pit" with your existing furniture. You'll be surprised by how much this changes the appearance and feel of your home. Be sure you understand the ways in which proportion and scale combine to define your living area. This will help you find the most effective furniture placement. 

First, you must take all the furniture out of the room and clean the floors thoroughly. In this way, you can prevent moving your dust around along with your furniture. Look at the empty space carefully. Arrange your furnishings so that everyone in the room will feel included. You can use your furniture to create conversation groupings. Use props, such as plants to create separations between areas in large spaces. 

Avoid placing your furniture right up against the wall. Instead, use larger furnishings to create dividers between individual spaces. Make certain you leave enough room for the free flow of traffic through the room. 

3. Put the focus on your coffee table. 

Your coffee table is probably right at the center of the room anyway, so why not make it interesting? If your coffee table is entirely glass, you could put an interesting sculpture or other object of art underneath. If your coffee table is glass-topped, there are many eye-catching things you can do. If the glass is protecting wood underneath, you can put photos and artwork under the glass for easy, safe display. This is also a wonderful way to display holiday cards, birthday cards and so on. 

If you just have a plain coffee table without a glass top, it's a simple matter to have a piece of glass cut to fit it. You are sure to be delighted with the many decorating options this simple addition will provide you. 

4. Add new fixtures. 

It is fairly quick, easy and affordable to put new faucets in your bathroom and kitchen. You can also put in new light fixtures and/or ceiling fans. This kind of simple change can really make a big difference, especially if your fixtures are quite old. New, modern fixtures can add elegant touches that completely transform the look of your rooms. 

Most hardware and home improvement stores carry a nice selection of faucets and fixtures at very affordable prices. The clerks in  the stores are usually knowledgeable and able to help you make smart selections and answer your questions about installation. Before shopping, envision the look you hope to achieve. Cut some pictures out of magazines to take along. This will help you explain your  vision and make wise selections. 

When choosing new fixtures, you may encounter the following choices: 

* Waterfall
* Chromed
* Bronzed
* No-touch
* One or two handles

It's smart to read up on these choices in home design magazines and online before  venturing forth to the home improvement store. 

You are sure to be surprised by how easy it is to change or add a ceiling fan. The difference it makes in your living space is remarkable. There are many different kinds of ceiling fans to choose from. They come in all sorts of materials and a wide variety of colors and designs. Fan blades may be customized to really enhance the ambiance of a room. 

When purchasing any sort of fixtures, you should pay close attention to the craftsmanship and quality of the items. Some sorts of materials are far superior to others. The better the materials, the longer your new fixtures will last. Naturally, you will want to select fixtures that will blend with your existing decor or match the decor you plan. 

5. Beautify your light switches. 

You only need to know how to use a screwdriver to change out your switch plates. You can buy switch plates in a vast array of colors, designs, shapes and styles. Match your wallpaper border or your trim. Select a switch plate that represents your favorite sport or depicts your favorite work of art. 

You can even design your own switch plates by covering plain ones with wallpaper or decorating them with fabric, ribbons and other artistic and crafty materials. 

So there you have it. Five easy little projects that can help you transform the appearance of your home. Take a look around your house and think about the small changes you can make that will add up to big improvements.

Add More Living Space To Your Home By Upgrading Your Attic

by Randy Gridley


The average homeowner has an unfinished attic above their usual living space where they store things that are not used often. In most cases, it's a dark and sometimes hot area of the home, and many people prefer to spend very little time there. If the attic portion of your home seems like wasted space, you have come to the right place. Have you ever thought about the possibilities with your attic, but you just haven't had any idea where to start or exactly how to do something about it? Or perhaps because it's out of sight, it has also been out of mind? Either way, you can upgrade your attic to add extra living space to your home. Continue reading to learn some easy-to-understand tips that any homeowner can use to fix up an attic. 

First, take some time to get up in the attic and consider the space well. If it is very cluttered with storage items, pull those items out and assess the entire attic carefully. Take a notepad, writing utensil and a measuring tape up there with you so that you can measure the height of the room, look for air vents, understand where the wiring is located and note the lighting, if any. When you're done, call someone who is an expert in construction to discuss the attic and the notes you made. While it may be tempting to handle everything on your own, you still need to talk to a pro about whether anything special needs to be done to your attic so that it will be safe and bear weight properly if you were to use it as a room.

Once you have the answers you need from a professional and you have learned that you can proceed, you can then start planning what you want to do. Remember that the plans you have for the room need to be made based on the size of the attic. If you have ample room with a lot of room to stand up and walk around in, there will be so many things you can do. But if the area is quite small, you will need to get creative with how you use the space. The following info will discuss some things that you may need to do to help upgrade your attic.

- Insulation Installation

Many attics do not have insulation like the rest of the house does, and even if you think you live in a temperate area where it won't get too cold or hot up there, you will want to install insulation anyway. If you plan on making it a sleeping area, you don't want to go up there on any given night and suddenly find that it's too hot or cold up there. If you are not experienced with insulation, call a pro to come help you.

- Floor Boards And Floor Covering

You will need to have secure flooring in the attic, and this can be done by laying out plywood to fit the space and securing it with the right type of nails. Because walking around in the attic can cause creaking and other noises, find out what you need to do to keep that from happening. You should get expert advice if necessary. You won't want to stop with simply laying down plywood for flooring, so think about what you want to cover it with. Carpeting may be a good idea because of the basic plywood flooring. Look for specials at the various companies that do carpet installation in your area. 

- Putting Up Sheetrock

Once you have put your insulation and flooring in, you can now work on putting sheetrock up over the insulation. Putting up sheetrock is pretty simple to do yourself, even if you are new to it. You can find it at most big box hardware stores. 

- Adding Color And Style To The Walls

Once you have the drywall finished, you can now start to have fun with designs and colors for your walls. Make sure to cover all areas of the room that you don't want to splatter paint on, if you will be painting the room.  

Once you're done with the walls, you can begin getting started on furnishing and decorating the room further. If you've thought of simply making the room a spot to hang out to watch movies, bring up a TV and a couch or comfortable chairs. If it will be a sleeping area, take a bed, bedding and maybe even a dresser up there. Remember that you should have spoken with a professional at the beginning of this journey to see just how much weight the room can bear before you actually take heavy furniture into the attic. 

The safety of everyone in your home is of the utmost importance. An expert can point out things that you may miss if you don't have much experience, including whether the space you will be making will be safe for humans when it comes to regulations for building and fire safety. Safety comes first, and then the fun of making your own extra space in your home should come afterward. Look around online to find photos of upgraded attic space to get ideas for colors, designs and much more.


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