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Don’t Fall Into These Common Traps When Buying Your Next Home

by Randy Gridley

Avoid Mistakes When Buying Your Next Home

Can you still remember how you felt when you purchased your first house? It was as terrifying just as it was exciting, right? Well, it isn’t surprising considering that purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime – unless you get another one, of course. It gets you in stressful situations at times mostly because you want to make sure you have done the right thing and you have gotten the best deal. Most of the times, your emotions can get the best of you so you have to best prepare yourself for the situation.

But, whether it is your first or tenth time to buy a home, there are many common mistakes that people often fall trap for. Get to know them so you do not have to be one of these people. Once you know the common mistakes they usually do, you should be able to make a better decision and become better, if not completely, prepared to buy your next – or first – home.

Mistake 1: Do Not Get Mortgage Pre-Approved

Mortgages require a lot of documents and important information from buyers so you need to have it pre-approved even before you start looking for a house to buy. Doing so will get you one step ahead of everybody else because a pre-approval often gives you an edge when you decide to make an offer on a property. Pre-approvals will let sellers know that you already have financing and you and your agent will know exactly how much it is that you can afford. Budgets, after all, are very important when you purchase a home because agents will want to have an idea on what types of houses they can show you and you will know what to expect in terms of your monthly payments. Sellers also often prefer those who have already been pre-approved because they do not have to wait out to see if you can even get a loan or not.

Mistake 2: Not Knowing What You Need and Want

Just like in grocery shopping, it can be so easy to pay so much for so many unnecessary items when you have no clear idea of what you actually want to buy. When looking for a house, you should first know what you need and cannot live without and what you want, as a bonus. Know that no single house will allow you to tick off every box in your wish list so you should know on which features to compromise. Fall in love with a house that is actually able to meet most of your needs and that will allow you to grow in it.

Mistake 3: Not Working Together with Your Co-Buyer

When you are purchasing your house with a partner or spouse, it is important that the two of you work together during the process. Do not go buying a property that only one will love and certainly do not let just one person go through the painstaking process of a house purchase. You will both be living in the house so you have to make sure that the two of you actually love it. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time and the agent’s time.

Mistake 4: Not Getting the House Inspected

Purchasing a house but not having it inspected prior to the purchase is a huge mistake with a terrible consequence. For all you know, there could be a major fixing that needs to be done somewhere in the house but you could no longer let the seller do the repairs for you because you have already sealed the deal. Knowing the actual condition of the entire house will allow you to renegotiate the price with your seller – perhaps you can even lower it if you decide to do the repairs yourself.

Mistake 5: Waiting Out on Home Insurance

With all the excitement of owning a house, it can be easy to forget to secure home insurance – but you shouldn’t. Remember that lenders will not close your loan if you cannot provide home insurance or if the property cannot be insured for some reason. These policies will help protect your home – and lenders will want to make sure that their investments have protection of some sort. Make sure to get a policy long before you close the deal on the house.

Mistake 6: Waiting for the Perfect Timing       

Many people would love to get a house but are hesitant because they want to make sure that they are doing it at the best time. Interest changes continue to fluctuate and so can home prices. When you decide to purchase a house, your number one factor that should affect your decision should be if you can actually afford the purchase or not. Do not wait out to see if it is the best time in the market to purchase one.

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There’s Plenty of Parks and Gardens to See near Boise River

by Randy Gridley

Among the best reasons one would want to stay in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or Nampa is that there are just plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature with its spacious, natural green spaces and urban parks. Truly, living within close proximity to a park has its many benefits – you would know that if you are actively searching for homes for sale in Boise Idaho or in other nearby cities – and being so close to nature adds a lot of aesthetic value to any home.

Parks and Gardens in Boise City

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors easily also proves to be extremely beneficial to a person’s psychological and social well being as well. Well maintained parks help ensure that communities continue to stay in livable conditions for years to come. So, whether it is a park or a garden, the need to preserve the natural environment is extremely important. Treasure Valley seems to be the best example for this as the natural green areas surrounding the place ensures that both animals and people have a safe place to live in for a very long time.

The city of Boise makes sure to promote health and well being among their residents by giving them the easiest and closest access to outdoor amenities wherever they maybe in the city. Men’s Health has, in fact, ranked the place with an A in health and quality of life and a B in fitness. The average commute is pretty short so residents in the city can spend it on more important things such as sleeping and exercising. Boise has among the most active cycling community owing to the fact that it has more than 220 miles of street bike lanes.

Boise Parks and Recreation Areas

Boise, Idaho is active in maintaining and promoting its parks and natural recreation centers and is doing a pretty good job at that. Taking care of around 850 acres of parks and green areas is no easy feat but the city of Boise, Idaho makes sure it is top priority. The city has lots of scenic foothills and residents get access to more than 130 miles of trails that weave in and out of the city, you will forget that you are actually living in an urban area.

The residents of Boise know how important it is to stay active and healthy and the city promotes just that. Those seeking for Boise Idaho real estate will know that among the best things to say about the city are the easy access to parks and recreational areas. This makes it easier to go walking, riding bikes and basically staying active. There are truly many trees and plants surrounding the areas of Boise, Meridian and Nampa so it isn’t surprising why the Treasure Valley is among the most preferred places to live in the country.

The Shocking Truth

Statistics show very startling figures: about two thirds of those living in the largest cities in the US do not actually have access to nearby parks or open spaces. In the city of Los Angeles, only 30 percent are living within walking distance of a park. However, if you decide to get any of the homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho – or in Boise or Meridian – the figures will not make sense because everyone just has access to an open space, playground or park wherever you might be living in the Treasure Valley. Even if you do not have a park for a next door neighbor, you are sure to be able to reach it within just a few minutes.

Those who do have the chance to live within close proximity to a park know the great benefits that living there can give in terms of lifestyle and business. Nowadays, home seekers are opting for places that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle – living in Boise makes it much easier for them to take out their walking shoes or their bikes and helmets. When you look at the real estate industry, you will realize that those houses that are close to green spaces, parks and recreational areas have the best resale value among any other.

The Green Spot near Boise River

It can get pretty easy to get lost in the beautiful greens and huge trees that surround the capital city of Idaho. The Boise River makes its away around the center of the town so enjoying nature is possible even at the city center. Almost all corners of Boise have trees and green areas; a short walk can give you a view of manmade ponds, parks, pathways and playgrounds or even the view of the foothills found outside the city. One can easily get awestruck at the fact that all these amenities are so close to an urban area.

We love how Treasure Valley is able to put together a beautiful city where an urban and outdoor lifestyle is able to coexist. This is definitely one of the main strong points why you should look into Boise Idaho real estate opportunities right now.

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How to Find Your Perfect Neighborhood Right Away

by Randy Gridley

When it comes to relocating to a new city or neighborhood, among the biggest factors to consider is whether or not the new place is the right community to move into. You would definitely want to make sure that your new location is able to meet most, if not all, your different needs – peaceful and safe, close to work, close to school and so on. But, how exactly do you go about finding the perfect neighborhood for you – and at the quickest possible time, too?



Seek the Help of City Guides and Reviews

With the help of the Internet, information is right within your fingertips. You can take advantage of technology by looking into what others think about certain neighborhoods and communities. Travel websites are usually helpful during these cases and a lot of people are usually honest enough to leave all good and bad reviews about a place.


As its name suggests, this site is mostly for giving reviews down to a street level. Members of the website are able to rate and review neighborhoods – and these communities will then move up and down the rankings based from the reviews. If you have further questions about a particular place, you are always free to ask questions from people who are actually living within the area. It is the perfect way for getting to know the place even before you have decided to move there.


Travel websites are often the best resource when it comes to finding out what the real scope of a particular neighborhood or city. TripAdvisor offers plenty of reviews on restaurants and other places of interest in almost any city in the entire world so you know what kind of community you are looking into even before you decide to move. Aside from finding out local attractions and amenities, the site is also a great place to look for hotels around the area and other reviews about the neighborhood. TripAdvisor itself also offers guides and articles to help you get to know the area better. The site certainly does not just cater to tourists but also those who are planning to become a local of the area.

City Data

If numbers and raw data is something you are comfortable looking at then try this website. City Data usually lists statistics such as population, average ages, median household incomes and many more for a particular area. If you are considering moving into a particular city because of a job, you will certainly want to know the cost of living index before you decide to give it a go. Other neighborhood profiles such as city zip codes are also provided here. Another place you can also look into are the local forums where you can try to ask questions from people who are living or who have lived in the particular city or neighborhood that you are eyeing for.

Finding Other Detailed Information

Looking for a new neighborhood to relocate into isn’t just about what attractions and amenities it can offer. You would certainly want to know exactly how it is to be like in there. The cost of living is a very important factor that you will base your decision from as well as other details like local crime rate, housing prices and so on. If you have kids, you certainly want to look at data related to schools.

However, looking for the right neighborhood is tricky so you might also want to look into the other side of the coin. Do you know what you do not want in your new neighborhood? If you hate long commute, check if the new place will let you hate the place even more. You certainly would not want to live in an area that has all the things that you hate in a place, right?

Still, even with so much information available to you, simply doing an online search and reading off from people’s reviews and comments are not enough to make your judge a place. Sites like Neighborhood Scout certainly has a lot of information to offer but you certainly cannot beat an actual visit to the place. Doing so will give you a feel of the place; asking forum members even the right questions will not tell you if you will be having a noisy next-door neighbor or not. It certainly does not hurt to do some initial investigation online but you will definitely need to step foot in the city – or neighborhood – if you want to have a better idea about it.

When it comes to paying visits, a good local real estate agent should be your best friend and should show you around the pros and cons of your possibly-new city. Agents should not only help you find the perfect house but also the perfect neighborhood. Allow their vast knowledge and expertise to help you find the house and neighborhood of your dreams.

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Top Benefits of Choosing Quality Asphalt Roof Shingles

by Randy Gridley

Apparently, many homeowners desire a roof that has relatively easy installation, low cost compared to others, requires little or no maintenance, and lasts forever. However, most roofs are replaced – or at least repaired –every ten years. By carefully choosing your home’s roofing material, you can significantly reduce the cost of replacement. 

If you are looking for a plausible roofing solution that is pleasing to the eye yet does not leave functionality behind, your best bet would be asphalt roofing shingles. In a highly competitive residential roofing market saturated with numerous options, asphalt is by far one of the most popular choices. This article offers you some of the top benefits of choosing quality asphalt roof shingles.

Eye-catching and Impactful Appearance

An ideal roofing material ought to give your house a striking appearance. It should have a refined aesthetic beauty. Fortunately, with asphalt roof shingles, you can add a spice of stylishness to your home. In fact, asphalt roofing shingles stack favorably as one of the finest choices when to comes to great appearance.

Asphalt shingles are versatile. Unlike wood shake roofs that generally look the same, asphalt shingles come in various colors and texture. If you choose the right combination, you can significantly complement and improve the entire beauty of your house.


Asphalt shingles are not only come with the advantage of stylishness but also durability. They are built to withstand even the toughest and unforgiving weather conditions. When you choose asphalt roofing shingles, you don’t have to worry about maintenance because they require very little maintenance


Another key benefit of asphalt roofing shingles is their affordability. Due to this advantage, asphalt shingles would be an excellent option if you are on a slim budget.

Conclusively, apart from the above benefits, asphalt shingles are energy efficient, which helps in keeping your attic and the rest of your house cooler. Therefore, you should make a wise decision and choice asphalt roofing shingles.

Finding a Mountain Biker’s Haven at Boise Foothills

by Randy Gridley

Home to the Idaho State Capitol Building, the Boise State University and the Broncos, the city of Boise has plenty to offer to both locals and foreign tourists alike. Boise, Idaho offers a lot in culture and entertainment but it brings so much more even beyond the city.

The outdoors is a huge part in the life of every resident of Idaho. The Boise Foothills offers among the most breathtaking views there is in the whole state of Idaho and gives you a good glimpse of the city’s nature and wildlife. Boise can also be considered as a haven to many mountain biking enthusiasts considering that it has among the best biking trails in Treasure Valley.

Anyone who wants to have the perfect mix of the living the life in the city while being to spend as much time in the great outdoors will find great value in Boise Idaho real estate offers. If mountain biking is something you live and breathe in, Boise is the most ideal city for you to stay in.

Mountain Bikers Haven at Boise Foothills

Ready Access to the Great Outdoors

If you are looking for mountain biking trails to practice your skills on, the Boise Foothills offers a lot of them and they can go for miles and miles. It doesn’t matter what type of biking getaway you are out for: a quick ride after a long day at the office, a whole day affair through the wilderness or anything in between – you will find that the trails and loops in Boise will give you exactly what you want and maybe even more. The reason why homes for sale in Boise, Idaho is extremely popular for the outdoor enthusiast is that it offers a lot of different mountain biking trails catered to the seasoned outdoor enthusiast or simply for the weekend novice.

A Trip down the Oregon Trail Reserve

During the mid-1800s, the Oregon Trail was among the busiest and most visited paths for those people who sought for a new and better life. Today, the same trail can be used to explore the area a little bit more but this time while riding on a mountain bike. A lot of effort is being put together to connect various areas to trail such as the Bonneville Point, Barber Park and the Greenbelt Pathway. Riding through the trail will take you to a trip down history while you get to enjoy the beautiful views of Boise at the same time. Mountain bikers are asked to stick only to the designated trails and walk the bike across the Kelton Ramp to ensure that the historic area is preserved.

Military Reserve

The place got its name from Fort Boise as this 460-acre area was once the site of military maneuvers back in the 1860s to the 1940s. Back then, the area hosted various military activities including gunnery practice. Today, however, the city of Boise decided to preserve the land by converting it into a recreational and wildlife area. Those wanting to go on bike rides to explore the area may also do that by following the several paved trails looping around the reserve. There are also partially developed trails to give way to service vehicles and access to bad weather riding.

Camel’s Back/Hulls Gulch Reserve

Both of these areas are very popular not just among mountain bikers – it comes with challenging, steep climbs and amazing views – but also among those who simply love watching wildlife in the ponds. There were originally plans to develop the place but, in the 1990s, through the federal funding, the combined efforts of the citizens of Boise prevented it from being developed. Currently, projects are being undergone in order to restore and preserve the landmark to ensure that the local and rare plant life is protected as well.

Polecat Reserve

Compared to the other trails and green areas in Boise, Polecat Reserve is fairly new, having been developed only in 2007. The place features 7 miles of trails, mostly easy grades perfect for beginners, paired with stunning views that will make you forget that you are in very close proximity to the city. The area provides the best place to see the Treasure Valley and the Boise Ridgeline as well.

Shafer Butte Area

Those seeking more challenging trails will love trying out the 30-mile trail in this high elevation. The Shafer Butte Area allows one to bike through the forest and experience many types of trails as well. The trail will often require bikers to start with a climb then a descent when taken from above the road. Below the road, one will have to descend then end the trail with a climb.

Makes You Feel like You’re Living in Paradise

In case you are looking for homes for sale in Boise, Idaho, you should know that mountain biking is not the only activity that the city has to offer. The attractions around are pretty diverse and you can enjoy water sports, winter sports and other outdoor activities in between. Boise, Idaho real estate is quite attractive nowadays because you are sure to find plenty of opportunities for adventure, even right at your own backyard.

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