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Selling Your House Fast

by Randy Gridley


It's a fact that the houses fetching their asking prices are those that sell within the first five weeks of being on the market. Any Realtor will tell you that. It's also a sad fact that after those first two months you're going to feel pressured to know down your asking price. Go on even further, and you'll be throwing in incentives such as decorations and furniture in order to entice buyers. It doesn't matter if you don't have to sell quickly. If you want the full asking price, then you need to follow these following tips to make sure your house goes fast.

Get A Realtor

Want the best advice out there? Hire a professional to get the bonus of their expertise. Not only does a local Realtor have their own tricks up their sleeve, but they'll also know the quirks of your area. They'll know the best price to start asking for, as well as giving you insider tips and getting you into a Multiple Listing Service. A good Realtor will hold your hand through the entire process.

Be sure to choose someone carefully and listen to what they have to say. You want someone who knows how to sell your house, and will probably give you most of the tips below. 

Choose A Good Price

Any Realtor in the world will tell you that the best piece of advice is to immediately ask for the right price. Also, the most common mistake you can make is asking for too much out of the gate. Most realtors will tell you that you should start with the average price for your area and then adjust from there... not start with what you ultimately want to make. To get started, take a look at what other similar houses in your neighborhood sold for. Your realtor can tell you all of these prices as they have the access to them.

Don't have a Realtor? You can still get this information. Online home valuation services, deed registries, and a plethora of other sources will tell you what you need to know. You will need to adjust the price based on the condition of your house, any additions you have made, other amenities, etc. However, don't price much higher than what others have sold for in your area.

Spruce Up Your Property Before Listing It!

Home staging is one of the greatest benefits you can give your home before you put it up on the market. Staging is a well known tool to make any home sell faster than it would have otherwise. Make sure that your house looks it best from the get-go. Make the repairs that have been dangling for years. Spruce things up with some cleaning and rearranging. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn, give it a fresh coat of paint, clean everything as if everything rides on you selling this house tomorrow.

Continue To Keep The Place Immaculate After Listing It

The house should be ready for a showing at any moment. Get rid of the junk or at least pack it away somewhere a buyer would not see it. Too much junk in any room will distract the buyer and make the room seem smaller than it already is. For your home staging, use sparse furnishings that convey the function of the room but not so much that it's cluttered. 

Before you show your home, give it a thorough inspection. Wipe the windows and baseboards. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy. The bathroom should be spotless. And don't forget those nasty odors that can creep in at any time. You want your buyers to imagine moving in right away.

Don't Be Obtrusive

Being obtrusive is the worst thing you can do during a showing. It distracts the buyer and makes them think you're part of the package. Instead, be available to answer questions and give a good tour. Your buyers should be able to take in the house for themselves and do their own imagining. Even better, hire a Realtor and let the professional do all of the selling. 

Don't Be Afraid To Offer Incentives 

Is someone eyeing your house but isn't quite ready to commit? They may ask you to lower the asking price, but before you do that, consider adding some incentives instead. This is another area that experienced Realtor is handy. You can offer to cover the buyer's closing costs if you're dealing with a first-time buyer who may not be able to make the down payment AND closing costs. If you need tips for selling in a cooling market, go here.

Another common incentive is including appliances or furniture that did not originally come with the house. This is really attractive to buyers who don't have their own ready to move in.

Check To See If You Can Get Employer Assistance

Those who are relocating for work may want to see if their company offers relocation assistance plans. You may be able to sell your home to your employer or have them cover certain costs. It will depend on your circumstances.

That's it. With one of the hottest housing markets in recent history upon us, it only makes sense to start using these tips and tricks. Good luck!

Staging Bathrooms For Function

by Randy Gridley


Kitchens and Baths

That is what Realtors consider to be the most important areas in a homes resale value. Let's take a look at the potential for staging a homes bathroom for resale efforts.

Bathrooms can be summed up in two easy to understand words. Cleaning and updating. If clean and bright are the words for staging a kitchen, the same two words apply to a bath. The bathroom area should always be sparkling clean and well lit while not being too bright.

If you go a step further and add the word luxury to the motto, you'll win extra value points for any home buyer. Clean and bright and luxurious. These keys will help you to stage the bathroom area.

Here are some tips for helping stage your homes bathroom area. 

Update your fixtures by updating handles, spigots and the like. Replace them with such options as sleek and modern fixtures. Avoid brass as most people associate brass with the 1980s.

Get a set of high quality plush towels and set them out when the home is being viewed. It makes it look inviting and clean and will go far in helping to stage the home. Add in a nice rug and flower arrangement as well.

Fresh flowers will do a lot for any bath area. They are nice to look at and can lend a fresh smell to the bath.

Make sure to clean the bathroom until it looks brand new. You don't want a single speck of dust or dirt in there. Get rid of soap scum and remember that small details count in this room.

Take glass shower doors off and clean them outside with a solution of one part muriatic acid and 10 parts of water. You should wear goggles while mixing this product. Use steel wool and scrub it down completely and then rinse well. Put the door back on and remember to keep it clean and wiped down. Many homeowners also use Spot X to remove all the soap scum. Use a no scratch pad to clean with and scrub it down.

In a small bathroom and if you are able to afford it consider a pedestal sink. They are really popular in the housing market today.

Make Your Boise Idaho Home More Appealing At A Glance

by Randy Gridley

How to make your home look better at first sight

In most of the situations, homes on the market sell faster if the have a better curb appeal. Even if the interior is awesome and full of high tech features, it will still take more to sell than a home with makes an excellent first impression on the outside. This is why you need to take your time to enhance the curb appeal of your home before putting it on the market. Buyers will flock at your gate and they will step inside with a strong desire to own that house.

Let your friends help you

When you look at your own house, it may be hard to see its flaws. Everything looks very familiar to you, so it's much better to have some objective persons take a closer look and tell you what they think you could improve. If you want to sell the house quickly and for a good price, you need to fix all those problems that may make people think your property may not be in such a good shape. Ask your friends for their opinion and listen to it. An objective look is priceless, as it will enable you to counter many objections even before they are raised.

Enlisting your friends and acquaintances to help you is the best way to get some independent and honest opinions. You need those persons who don't come to your place often, people you meet outside your house, at work or at various other activities or sports you may be doing regularly. Ask those people to drive to your house and look at it from the outside as if they wanted to buy it. Then have them tell you their first impression. Did they feel like they wanted that house? Did they have the urge of seeing more? Did they picture themselves already living there, surrounded by their family?

It's best to ask them to give you their impressions in writing. This is how you can make sure you don't overlook or forget an important detail you need to fix to increase the curb appeal of your property. Ask them to describe specifically the biggest flaws of your home, in their opinion.

You need to ask those people to be as objective as possible. Tell them why you are doing this and make them feel comfortable with the idea of telling you the truth about your house. Don't take it personally, although this could be very difficult in some cases. The point is to have a more successful sale of your home and not to get rid of a few friends.

After you get the written opinions, look carefully over them and make a list of the best and the worst features of your home. The worst ones are the first to be fixed, so start making priorities and looking for effective solutions to get them sorted out.

Take photos of your house

Taking photos and watching them closely is also helpful in finding the possible drawbacks for your potential buyers. It's a good idea to take these photos in black and white, so that you don't get distracted by colors. When looking at monochrome images, flaws will become more visible, as your attention won't be focused on color combinations and effects anymore.

Develop and action plan to tackle problems on your list

With a list of problems already identified, it's time to fix them one by one, until your house gets a fresh, new look. After you get rid of all these problems, you can think about improvements, new functionality and other bells and whistles you may want to add for increasing the price of your property.

For instance, if you found mold and you ignore it, thinking that it won't be visible anymore after the renovation, you are going to  be sorry later on. Mold is a serious problem that may affect the health of people living in a house, so you need to remove it before painting the walls or doing any other type of renovation. Otherwise, it will appear again and you are going to realize you spent a lot of money for a painting job you need to redo. If you don't know how to remove the mold and mildew from your house, call a professional to help you.

Make sure the backyard and the surroundings of the building look neat and clean.

Don't leave clutter such as garden tools or other items you can't find a storage place for. Children's toys should also be removed and stored somewhere. The front of your property needs to be uncluttered and neat.

Dirty windows may scare the visitors away.

They can make even a beautiful house look ugly. Clean your windows very well, on both the inside and the outside before you get potential buyers coming to visit the property. Maintain the gutters clean at all times, remove all dead leaves, dirt and other debris that may be there. People like cleanliness, even if they don't say it specifically.

Your lawn should be very well maintained.

Trim it carefully, so that it doesn't grow over the sidewalk or driveway. All weeds should be removed, including those that grow in cracks or between the slabs.

Seal all cracks in the driveway before you put your house up for sale.

This will make it look newer and it will improve the first impression people get when they see your house for the first time.

Give your house exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Choose a natural color that goes well with the surroundings. If you paint your house in a crazy pink or dark purple, you may have a hard time finding people who share your taste in this matter.

Consider adding some decorative lights in front of the house and along the alleys and driveways. Every little fancy detail matters in creating a positive impression.

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