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More Things To Do At Yellowstone

by Randy Gridley

Interesting Facts About Yellowstone

As you check out Meridian Idaho real estate, learn a little more about the state you are moving to. There is no question that when it comes to extraordinary scenic beauty, Idaho offers a lot. In addition to browsing homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, keep in mind that there is much to see and do in the state. A great example of this would unquestionably be Yellowstone National Park. America certainly loves its national parks. One of the best in the entire country is definitely Yellowstone. If you’re planning a move to Idaho, you should certainly make some time for this amazing destination.

About Yellowstone

While you should still focus your energy primarily on Meridian Idaho real estate, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the area. Yellowstone is one of the most famous things to do in Idaho, and it’s not hard to understand why. For unique, natural beauty, there is really nothing else that’s quite like it. Beyond homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, it’s a good idea to learn more about this place. It will serve to give you a nice idea of why Idaho is so celebrated for its natural wonders.

One of the first things people associate with Yellowstone is Old Faithful. You’ll find that eruptions at Old Faithful occur at a rate of every ninety-one minutes or so. While this element to the park is definitely a significant aspect to the park, it is far from the only thing you can do there.  Yellowstone is home to more than forty waterfalls and Yellowstone park was established before Idaho even had statehood.

Sightseeing is definitely a major part of the Yellowstone attraction. At the same time, there are a variety of other things you can do with your time there. Beyond sightseeing from your car, or from one of the many boardwalks available at the park, you’ll find a huge range of opportunities. Whether you like exploring, boating, or simply touring a historical site full of wonders, Yellowstone can accommodate you nicely.

How To Explore Yellowstone

When you’re shopping for Meridian Idaho real estate, keep somewhat of an open mind. The same can be said for exploring Yellowstone. The backcountry of the area is definitely one of the major highlights. There are over three hundred campsites available. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors on your own, or if you are looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience that will appeal to the whole family, you can find something. With homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, you have options. The same can be said for Yellowstone camping sites. Keep in mind that reservations are not required.

Boating is another popular Yellowstone activity. Both Yellowstone and Lewis Lake come with certain restrictions, but you’ll find that you can boat on most of them. Yellowstone Lake offers a plethora of boats for rent. You can also find outfitters for a guided boat adventure, or perhaps a fishing trip. Keep in mind that you may only be allowed to use non-motorized boats. Make sure you know all of the restrictions for where you plan to fish beforehand.

Fishing remains another heavyweight attraction at Yellowstone. For over a century, people have enjoyed the relaxation inherent in fishing against such a scenic, gorgeous backdrop. There are certain regulations and restrictions to consider, so make sure you know the rules of the season before you plan a big trip.

As you continue to take a break from Meridian Idaho real estate, learn more about the fun things you can do at Yellowstone.

When you take a break from looking at homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, find out more about horseback riding at Yellowstone Park. Xanterra Parks and Resorts can help you to plan a great riding adventure, from horses, to wagon rides. There are also a number of backcountry adventures that are available. You should be able to bring along your own horses.

How about a picnic with some wildlife viewing? Both picnicking and wildlife viewing are two very popular activities at Yellowstone. You can do these things separately, but you may want to combine both of them, in order to enjoy something truly unique. If you do opt for wildlife viewing, make sure you follow all suggested safety precautions. You don’t want to get too close to the animals. The picnicking areas offer beautiful views, with everything you would presumably want from a picnicking area (such as fire grates). Bring along a nice lunch, your camera, and perhaps a good pair of binoculars. What you will then have is a wonderful opportunity to experience this park.

As you can see, Yellowstone has a lot to offer. This park is sixty-three miles long and fifty-four miles wide. Start exploring the wonder of Yellowstone today.

The State Capitol Building – Letting the Light Shine through Boise

by Randy Gridley

At over 200 feet, Idaho’s State Capitol Building can proudly be seen towering over the skyline of Boise. For more than a century, the Capitol Building, which serves as the seat of the state government, has become the foremost symbol of Idaho and American democracy. 

Nevertheless, there’s more to the Capitol Building than just being the government seat. This building, which has been standing since the 1900s, is a piece of history. Still, even while the building has been restored, updated, and modernized throughout the years to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the government, its history and character have been preserved. Thus, it serves as a most fitting monument of Idaho. 

People who are interested in Boise Idaho real estate should endeavor to learn a bit of Boise’s history as seen through the Capitol Building. 

Not the Original Capitol

Despite the hype, the Idaho State Capitol Building you see today is not the original Capitol. That’s because Boise isn’t the original capital of Idaho. 

At the time when Idaho was a flourishing center of business, trade, and mining, the known state capital was Lewiston. Eventually, though, the population shifted and turned their attention to Boise during the time that gold was discovered in the Boise Basin. When the majority of the population moved to Boise, the capital followed the people. Construction commenced for the Capitol Building in 1885. However, by 1905, the state legislation outgrew the building. As a result, construction for a new Capitol Building, the current one, was initiated that same year,  in 1905. 

The construction of the current Capitol underwent two phases, with the first phase focusing on the construction of the building’s central portion, the one with the dome, as well as abbreviated east and west wings. The second phase involved expanding both east and west wings. 

Improvement and Restoration of the Capitol

The Capitol has been remodeled twice ever since its construction in 1905 – first time was during the 1950s, and then during the 1970s. Remodeling was necessary to keep up with the demands of a steadily growing government, as well as the need to keep an aging building in tiptop shape. Sadly, the remodeling projects took the Capitol away from its original glory.

It’s a good thing that the government realized the historic significance of the Idaho State Capitol Building. Hence, in 2005, a restoration process was started. The restoration involved repairing the building, preserving what they could, updating the mechanical and electrical systems, and expanding the building to accommodate the needs of the government.

The Capitol of Light – Literally and Symbolically

History books would show that the Idaho State Capitol Building is otherwise known as “The Capitol of Light”. The term was coined in deference to the vision and design of its architect, John E. Tourtellotte. Tourtellotte held light in high esteem, and this was evident when he designed the Capitol Building. Throughout the Capitol, you’ll see light used as decoration and the building itself was created to utilize natural light as much as possible. 

This homage to light is apparent as soon as you set foot on the main area, which is underneath the dome. Light shines and illuminates the dome and the surrounding marble columns through a skylight. On the underside of the dome, you’ll see 43 stars that symbolize Idaho’s admission as the 43rd state of America. The entire building is lit up with light shafts that reflect off the marble, creating a bright and stunning view. Both the east and west wings are mostly illuminated by natural light that seeps through the skylights; thus, there’s little need for artificial lighting. Literally speaking, the building is, indeed, “The Capitol of Light”.

Nevertheless, as far as Tourtellotte’s design goes, there is more to light than meets the eye. More than the literal connotation of it, Tourtellotte’s use of light in the Capitol Building was metaphorical. For Tourtellote, light was a representation of the Idaho government’s enlightened state. It also symbolized the necessary moral state for a government to function properly. Tourtellotte believed that light was essential to achieve four symbolic things – to illuminate the seat of the government, to keep the government in the correct state of mind, to follow their morals, and to keep them enlightened.

When the Capitol Building was restored in 2005, Tourtellote’s principles were taken into consideration. Hence, the current building has refurbished and new skylights (especially in the expanded areas) and light shafts. Marble was also chosen as prime material for the columns, as it reflects light. Even the façade of the building reflects light and illuminates the building.

Idaho’s Light Shines Through

The lifestyle of Idaho is clearly seen through the Idaho State Capitol Building. It basks in the glow of natural light, sitting amidst gardens and nature. Overall, Idaho never forgets to pay homage to nature and history while incorporating its ideals into a modern urban setting. People looking for homes for sale in Boise Idaho can clearly see this influence everywhere. Truly, elements of nature and deference to Idaho’s history are apparent from building design to recreational activities that locals enjoy.

Boise North End’s Beautiful Parks

by Randy Gridley

Boise North End’s Beautiful Parks

North End is not just a historical community in the city of Boise because it certainly offers a whole lot more to tourists both local and foreign. North End basically has it all – attractions, historical and cultural centers, beautiful architecture and ready access to the great outdoors. Those looking for Boise Idaho real estate will find it very alluring that one can easily have the best of urban life and nature. When it comes to the latter, North End provides the best that nature and the outdoors has to offer. In fact, getting outside and simply strolling around the many parks around the community is perfectly doable.

The Popular Camel’s Back Park

Perhaps the most popular park in Boise, Idaho is Camel’s Back Park, which is also where the Hyde Park Street Fair is held. During the Street Fair, everyone is catered to multiple days filled with entertainment, music, food and great company.

Located in West Heron Street, the 11-acre Camel’s Back Park is also the best place to go to watch fireworks and other astronomical events. On regular days, it is frequented by those who love flying kites and, in the winter, is the best place to go for sledding in Boise.

There really isn’t a shortage in things to do at Camel’s Back Park because it also features tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and lots of playgrounds. There are plenty of trails for hiking and biking and areas for sitting around to enjoy picnic also abound. It is even possible to reserve the park to hold big gatherings.

Elm Grove Park

Elm Grove is among the best spots in Boise Idaho to hold a picnic mostly because it is lined with lots of large and shady trees. The park is divided by an irrigation flume which features paved bike and walking trails, perfect for anyone wanting a leisurely stroll or ride while enjoying what nature has to offer.

Many local and foreign tourists love flocking Elm Grove Park to hold picnics. However, those wanting to do a bit of sports may do so at the several basketball courts, tennis courts and playground that the park has to offer. If you just want to let the day pass without doing anything – or perhaps accompanied by a good book – you can perfectly do this under the shade of any of the huge, beautiful trees found at the park.

Just a block away from Elm Grove is a rather interesting neighbor, the old Governor’s mansion, which has been used as the official residence for many decades.

Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park

At the north of the Boise River is an undeveloped park which features a huge 22-acre pond. Even so, it is still being flocked by people wanting to do some paddle sports during their leisure time: canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and so much more. There are plenty of rentals available around the area so you can take on any of these activities any time of the day. If you get tired of paddle sports, you can always head on to the picnic area, the small beach or the docks near the Greenbelt.

The Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park has a lot of potential and there certainly are plans to improve the place – it is one of the many reasons why homes for sale in Boise, Idaho are extremely popular. The Boise River Park continues to expand and this riverside park will become part of this project in the future. A new waterway is also underway which will include two Simplot Site ponds and the Bernardine Quinn pond. Not only are locals given more ways to spend their leisure time, the city of Boise is also doing steps to help improve the environment for their wildlife as well as the quality of the water in the city.

C.W. Moore Park

Unlike most parks, this beautiful park shows many different buildings and architecture that play a significant role in the history of Boise. The park showcases displays such as an original Boise canal water wheel, old arches and stonework coming from historical buildings. The C.W. Moore Park certainly gets you into a wonderful journey to the past, featuring the old buildings, architecture and engraved stones in the city.

Memorial Park

Originally called the Union Park, the place went through a lot of name change before finally settling for Memorial Park. Although it is the second largest park in the city, it is pretty peaceful and is in very close proximity to the Federal Building and the Military Reserve. With its beautiful trees, playgrounds and picnic areas, spending a day here is definitely worthwhile.

Outdoors in North End

Boise’s North End features plenty of parks and recreational areas to enjoy. If you want a more comprehensive list, you can always visit North End’s website for more details. You can even check out other features and attractions as well as the history of North End in the site.

Truly, North End has plenty to offer and folks who are looking for Boise, Idaho real estate that will take them close to nature will find this community a haven. There is a lot to do and fits both the urbanite and the outdoor enthusiast perfectly. Whether its sight-seeing and going on picnics, biking or hiking, North End offers all the types of adventure that you are looking for.

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Accomplishing Home Improvements with a Budget Less than $1000

by Randy Gridley

Getting improvements done in the home is usually never cheap. Were you ever able to do a home renovation project that got completed on time or within the budget? We all know that the home is the biggest and most expensive investment a person could ever make in their life so it would not be surprising if updating a few areas in it would cost a huge fraction of money as well.

However, getting any improvement done in your home does not always have to be crazy expensive – you can actually do simple things that can improve the value of your home. Simple maintenance works such as replacing furnace filters or broken appliances to more energy efficient ones can make a lot of difference. There are even more things you can do around the house that will cost you less than a hundred bucks and it will make your house look several thousands more expensive than it used to.

Accomplishing Home Improvements

Lighting Can Make a Huge Difference

Old chandeliers, lamps that belong to the previous decade or wall sconces will make your home’s interiors look old and cramped. The proper lighting can do wonders in making your house look much bigger than it does and it will feel airy and bright. Updating the lighting fixtures inside the home can usually run up to around $200 but there are also better samples and deals available if you simply look around.

Changing lighting fixtures are often an easy fix and most of the times will not need the help of an electrician. However, if you have no knowledge on electrical wirings or are unsure of what you are doing, it would be much safer to hire one to do the work for you. You can also opt to swap out table lamps instead or change the shades or paintings of the ones you currently have.

It is also recommended to get the new LED or CFL light bulbs because even if they are more costly when it comes to upfront fees, they can give bigger savings in the long run making it worth the money. You do not even have to get new fixtures for the home because these bulbs are often enough to give your home a brighter look.

Replace Your Front Doors

Front doors can make or break the value of your home. The type of front door that your house has can add or lessen your curb appeal. Remember that the door is among the first things that visitors get to see when coming into your home so you would want to make sure that you get one that makes a statement and is memorable. Not only do front doors provide a decorative value, it also make sure that your home stays safe and secure.

If security is your biggest concern, the best way to ensure that is to get a steel door for your home. However, it isn’t always the best choice for your budget since they usually cost more than $1000 although it can get a little higher or lower depending on where you live. You may have to weigh down this option – steel doors do offer a 101% return on investment so it could be worth every penny.

However, if you are keen on staying within the budget, simply applying a fresh coat of paint or even adding new hardware such as doorbells or light fixtures can make a huge difference. Finishing off the look with a pretty door mat or a pot of flowers at the sides can help adding to your house’s curb appeal.

Kitchen Updates

A $1000 budget can only go so far in the kitchen but you just might be surprised at exactly what you can do given the very limited resources. You definitely will not be getting any granite counter tops but you certainly can afford new drawers or cabinet hardware. Even adding updating the pulls of your cabinet can do wonders in changing the entire kitchen’s look.

A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets and drawers or fixing a leaky faucet can also help add value to your kitchen. There are quite a lot of minor fixes that you can do around that will make your kitchen look brand new but without splurging on the money.

Another option that you can consider when updating your kitchen is to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliance. You should be able to get one below $1000 and you can save some money on your energy bills in the long run as well.

Doing Bathroom Renovations

Don’t think you can do anything much with a $1000 budget in your bathroom? Well you can’t do anything major but updates like a new shower curtain, light fixtures and other bathroom accessories can do wonders. You might even want to get a new toilet that is more water efficient so you do not only get a modern bathroom but you also save on your water bills as well.

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