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How To Make Small Baths Look Larger Using Great Design Ideas

by Randy Gridley


If you have desired the high end bathrooms we often see on the home improvement magazines, you are probably not alone. If at all the size of your bathroom leaves something to be desired, then you might not know what to do. However, the following design ideas can turn your bathroom into the luxurious room you have always wanted.

Older homes usually suffer from having small bathrooms that measure approximately 8 by 5 feet. In order to overcome the extreme fear of confined places, you should scale down the size of the objects in the bathrooms. You can begin by installing a pedestal sink instead of those that come with cabinets and large counter space which will just limit you. Also, choose light tiles and bright paint to create a feeling of space as darker colors tend to make the room feel more confined.

You can employ an Asian inspired design in your bathroom to enhance the play of light in addition to dark colors. A powder bathroom that has a Japanese feel to it will enable you to mix old world designs with the modern features. Also, avoid an all brown layout as it can make the bathroom feel more cramped. You can switch the deep brown and chocolate colors with a beige and white splash.  

Take advantage of all your bathrooms space, but do not make it feel too confined. Employ some light wall colors and some vanity lighting to enhance the feeling of the room being more spacious. If necessary, you can incorporate some oak finish to expand your bath and storage.

If you envy a more modern look to your bathroom, you can go with the horizontal tiles and a frameless mirror which essentially creates an illusion of extra space. You can also use the wall and ceiling vanity to supplement your bathroom space and lead the eye seamlessly around the room. Finally, install a cube less shower in addition to a small toilet which will save on space and at the same time create a luxurious feel and a larger appeal.

You can also take advantage of your bathroom by going with a small but effective vanity. This calls for a dark colored vanity for the light walls and ideally light vanity for the dark walls. You can also increase the storage space by buying a vanity that has drawers under the sink where you can put your accessories.

If your bathroom has too much wall space, and has nothing to conceal it, you can choose the Zen method of decoration by using a long horizontal mirror. This will help you stretch the wall space and create an illusion of a much larger room. In this regard, you can go with a dark framed mirror that has thick framing.

Painting the bathroom might not be enough to make a confined space look or feel larger. But you can complement the illusion by using frameless mirrors and marble tiles which all work together to create a feeling of more space.

There is no reason why a small bathroom can’t be luxurious or stylish. Most homeowners opt for expanding their bathrooms at an extra cost but that is not really necessary. You can use light and dark colors to enhance the feeling of a more spacious bathroom.

Do-It-Yourself Home Projects That Make You Feel Good

by Randy Gridley


Many people who work from home know the importance of how their homes look in enhancing their moods. A pleasant home can make you feel good and help you work more efficiently. You will find yourself in an upbeat mood and your family will love you for that. This article provides some important tips to turn your home into an amazing place. You will really enjoy such a home that can truly be called a "home."

First, take a walk in your house and notice anything that really annoys you. Even though you can ask your spouse to accompany you, it is best if you do it alone. If you find a portion in your house that can be changed according to your wishes, think of the best way to change it. Remember that it is of utmost importance to upgrade your home so that it makes you feel good when you are at home.

If your space is filled to the point where you have no room to move about, there really is a problem with your home. Your house is cluttered so much that it can affect your relaxation. A cluttered home breeds a cluttered mind. Your mind will not relax with all the clutter in your home. Think of remodeling your home so that you open up more space.

A recreational item like a tennis court or pool can make your home a fun place to live in. They will help you get some good exercises while spending quality time with your loved ones. A fitness room is also a good idea to relieve stress and maintain your fitness levels. Such additions can surely increase the resale value of your home.

Changing the lighting fixtures in your home can make a quick impact on the aesthetics of your home. Modern lighting fixtures are affordable, and you will be really surprised by how much of a difference they will make in your home. Improving the exterior of your home is one of the most effective ways to enhance its esthetic value as well as the resale value. A new coat of paint and a new roof are the best ways to achieve this result.

An organic green garden will really help you relax when you are at home. It will definitely enhance your mood. If you don't have much of a green garden, hire a professional to see how you can obtain the benefits of a garden. You can choose to grow flowers or vegetables depending on your preference.

Many homeowners overlook the windows when remodeling their homes. Old windows can dampen the scenery and your mood as well. It is an obstruction to your garden too. Why not consider putting in new windows, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home?

The aforementioned tips will definitely help improve your home as well as your mood. The efforts put into improving your home is well-worth after all. It will definitely help improve how you feel while at home. Your productivity and efficiency will improve as a result. All this will finally have an effect on the quality of how you interact with your loved ones.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2




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