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6 Reasons why Home Buyers should Join our Daily Email Listing Alerts and get a free list of homes for sale.

This example below is what I could set up... for you... to automatically receive a current daily list of boise-meridian-bankowned homes from Boise real estate IDX/MLS listings via your email within your search criteria.


See all of current Boise real estate MLS/IDX listings.


Home buying is not always easy.  The search for the perfect home can be quite frustrating for home buyers.

Imagine, as a potential home buyer, what it must feel like to set out on the search for the home of your dreams.  Imagine searching listing after listing and then one day finally driving by a home that not only has the right features, but is set at the right price and in the right location.

How exciting that must feel, until you discover that an offer has already been accepted – and even worse, that you only missed by mere hours.

Or, try this scenario, you find the perfect home and are actually able to place an offer, but because you were unaware of market changes in the area, you placed an offer that was too low, and got out bid by another buyer by just a few thousand dollars – another missed opportunity.

This happens more frequently than not.  But it can be minimized.

New listings of  homes go up for sale every day. Realtors in most Multiple Listing Services (MLS) areas like mine are willing to share their updated list of homes within your search criteria.

So, if you’re searching for a new or pre-existing home, join me to get daily listing alert emails:

  • Get access to the most up to date list of homes for sale in the Ada Country, Canyon County which include all communities surrounding Boise, Idaho.  Never miss a home buying opportunity again.
  • Get comprehensive information on bank-owned homes.
  • Get comprehensive information on short sale homes.
  • Receive free home buying and selling information and tips that will make the process go smoother.
  • Get guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced realtor.
  • Receive our free Home Buyers Handbook.

These are just a few benefits – let us help you find a home you’ll love for years to come.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for information purposes only.  You should always seek independent counsel such as certified public accountant and or real estate attorney pertaining to sale of your home, your credit report, land and or real property in the matters of state and federal taxes and legal issues especially in foreclosure or short sale situations.

Boise Idaho Short Sales

by Randy Gridley

Its a poorly kept secret that Boise real estate prices are a bit soft, and Boise Idaho short sales have driven them downward. Boise Idaho short sales and other lender-mediated listings are helping to put a downward pressure on average home sales prices, thanks to aggressive pricing by banks who are now showing a willingness to negotiate. In many cases, lenders have “pre-approved” short sales, meaning they have already agreed to take anything above a agreed-upon price that is less than what is owned on the property.

See all Boise short sale MLS/IDX listings.


Boise Short Sales Create Buyer Opportunity

Right now, the Idaho short sales market is brimming with opportunity for first time home buyers and real estate investors alike. How long will this window of opportunity remain open? No one knows how many more Idaho short sales listings will hit the MLS in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain; as this type of inventory begins to dwindle, prices will inevitably go up. They very well might go up anyway, as real estate in Boise has proven itself to be an excellent long term investment, thanks to a beautiful location, great schools, and the high quality of life that residents enjoy.

Boise Idaho Short Sales: A Viable Option for Home Sellers

How will you know when to short sale your home? Making the decision to short sale your home is not one that is meant to be taken lightly. As a Boise Idaho short sales expert, my goal is to ensure that you have enough information to make the best decision. I have had extensive experience with Idaho short sales, but I am more interested helping you make your decision, and not to rush you into short-selling your house.

Boise Idaho Short Sales and the Economy

Home ownership usually is one of your biggest responsibilities or investments. Most home buyers enter enthusiastically into a mortgage with every intention to pay on time, every month. In past times, Boise Idaho short sales were the exception rather than the rule; it was hard to imagine that home values would not continue to soar and the economy would not grow. However, the recent economic downturn has created market conditions that are creating Boise short sales listings.

Personal Factors

But then something happens that causes turmoil in your life. For instance...after years of employment, your company suddenly goes bankrupt leaving families without a source of income. Or possible an accident that leaves a husband disabled and unable to earn a decent income to support his family. Many Idaho short sales have resulted from catastrophic personal events. 

One of the worse scenarios: What happens when the major bread-winner of a family dies suddenly?

The bills begin to pile up rapidly and before a person realizes it, they’ve missed one, then two payments with no way to bring the account current. What happens when catching up is virtually impossible? Does that make foreclosure inevitable? Not necessarily. There are other options. Many home owners in these sorts of situations are considering Boise Idaho short sales as viable alternatives. How will you know when to short sale a home? If you’ve experienced an extreme financial hardship or if you or a spouse has lost a job or your financial situation has drastically changed since you signed your mortgage, it may be time to call us and ask about how the Boise Idaho short sales process works. Recap of when to short sale your Boise Idaho home:

• When your income no longer supports your mortgage payments.

• When you’ve missed several payments and can’t afford to bring the account current.

• When you owe more than the market value of your home, need to sell and have no money to make up difference.

These are just a few scenarios that have turned many home owners to turn to our Boise Idaho short sales but the point is to do something before it’s too late. Don’t wait until foreclosure proceedings have begun before you do something about it. Foreclosure is a serious consequence that can have lasting effects on your credit and even your ability to get a job. Take action right away; contact me if you’d like to know more about the Boise Idaho short sales process.

Your Boise Idaho Short Sales Specialist

As your Boise short sales specialist, you can expect prompt, courteous service, due diligence, and an agent who stays “on top” of developments in the transaction. My goal is to ensure that bankers and listers are doing their jobs, especially considering that there are so many people working with Boise short sales who have little experience. My communications are timely, thorough, and exceptional to all parties involved

As a Boise short sales expert, I will help you determine value of subject properties by providing a comprehensive market analysis so you offer the right price. I can also help you avoid common pitfalls associated with short sales, such as tax liens, mechanics liens, and other untoward surprises.

Call me for a free consultation regarding buying or selling Boise Idaho short sales. I am looking forward to your call.

------ Disclaimer: This information is provided for information purposes only.  You should always seek independent counsel such as certified public accountant and or real estate attorney pertaining to sale of your home, land and or real property in the matters of state and federal taxes and legal issues. Get expert legal advice when considering our Boise Idaho short sales listing program.

What is a MLS? And why you'll want customized report

by Randy Gridley

What is a MLS? And why you’ll want customized report

See some current boise-meridian-bankowned homes in Boise real estate from IDX/MLS below:



An MLS is an abbreviation for Multiple Listing Service.  When Realtors list a home in our MLS area it is 99% plus sure to be placed on this list. This list contains all the information about a particular property including the address, photos, year it was built, size, bedrooms, baths, and even the school district it’s situated within.

This information is shared among real estate agents and the potential home buyers can get access to most of this information  through a real estate agent within their MLS.

This example below is for current Boise MLS/IDX short sale listings.

Another example is you may want to see all current bank ownedMLS /IDX listings in Boise Idaho.


Why You’ll Want a Customized Report

Looking for a home can be complicated, especially when there are specific features and amenities in mind.  Real estate agents can create a customized report based on your criteria.  As new listings are added, you can receive an up-to-date report via email almost daily.  Getting this list will ensure that you won’t miss out on the perfect home that you’ve been waiting for.

There are lots of ways to customize your list.  Of course, the more specifics you have, the shorter your report may be, but it will eliminate a lot of unnecessary visits to homes that don’t have the features you really want.

You can get a list customized by city, zip code, or even a specific street or subdivision.  You can narrow your search by price, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, acreage, garages, etc.

A real estate agent can work with you and help you prioritize your search criteria.  They can help you decide which features are most important and which ones can be considered bonus options that can be omitted, if necessary.

Customizing your report can dramatically reduce your home search time and make finding your dream home so much easier. 

Contact us right away if you’d like help creating a customized MLS report.

How to get a customized MLS report

by Randy Gridley

How to get a customized MLS report

An example of a customized MLS/IDX in Boise with search criteria between $100,000 to $750,000, minimum 2000 square feet three bedroom two bath:

See all MLS/IDX listings in Boise between $100,000 to $750,000 with a minimum of 1150 square feet, three bedroom, two bath.

See all current IDX/MLS listings between $100,000 through $150,000 with minimum three bedrooms plus, two bathrooms plus,1150 square feet plus, and on the market under 30 days in Boise real estate area.

Without a customized MLS report the search for a new home can become quite tedious and frustrating.  Potential homebuyers may find themselves running from one home viewing to the next for weeks on end without ever finding the perfect home.

Every time buyers go to view a home, they get out of the car energetically and excited only to be disappointed moments later when they realize the home doesn’t match their list of preferred features.

One home may have the perfect exterior, but the interior may have the wrong floor plan.  Another home may have the right size and number of bedrooms, but it’s placement on a busy street makes it unsafe for small children.  And yet, another has the perfect house, but the extremely small lot size leaves no room for gardening hobbies.

These are the types of issues home buyers discover along the away that leave them discouraged and feeling as if they’ll never find the right home.

The good news is that with the help of an experienced real estate agent, home buyers can get a customized list of homes that already meets their criteria.  That means that before they even get to a property, they’ll already know what to expect.  Then it’s just a matter of fine-tuning to find the perfect match.

Here’s what you can do to get a customized list that will dramatically increase your chances of finding the right home:

Be specific, but be flexible – You want a list that has the important items that you must have, such as the right price, number of bedrooms, and location.  This will ensure that you get a nice list to choose from that will meet your basic needs.  A list with too many specifics can narrow your results and could potentially exclude great homes you might have enjoyed.

Let your agent know which features are a must and which ones are optional.  That way you get a more thorough list.

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