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Tips to Help Sell Your Boise Idaho Home Fast

by Randy Gridley

If your home is taking too long to sell, take some time to implement new ways of increasing its value and appearance to attract more customers. This can be done in several ways as discussed below. 

You first have to be ready for the buyer’s visit. This means you need to prepare the home to be appealing and sell itself to the buyer.  Inspect the house carefully to see what is missing, what needs to be replaced or redone to fit a buyer’s needs. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and most of these factors will come into light. Both the interior and exterior should be at their best. 

The Interior

A clean home attracts more people that a dirty one. This is the reason why you should have every room deep cleaned and arranged to capture the buyer’s eye.  Everything needs to be cleaned and dusted to bring out the home’s best appearance. 

Once all the cleaning exercise is done with, take some time to reorganize closets, shelves and counters. Any old and unnecessary materials should be done away with to create more room.  Most buyers will look out for spacious houses, and creating some extra space might win their attention and preference. 

Any personal items such as pictures, art, or trophies should be cleared off the house.  Any pet within the house should be moved to a separate home (a friend’s home would be nice), and the rooms vacuumed for fur and other dirt.  This should be done as you can’t be sure whether the buyer loves pets or not. Any Pet food, house or playing items should also be done away with too.  

Next, take note of any areas that need repairing, servicing or replacing. Broken door hinges, window screens, wall cracks and any nail holes should be handled and fixed before any buyer can come to view the house.   Taps and HVACs should be working perfectly and the house in order a day before the first buyer checks in. If you are always busy, you can hire a valuation and inspection analyst to inspect your home and make recommendations on what should be repaired to increase the home’s value. Some of these repairs can be handled a day or two before the prospecting buyer comes to inspect the house.  Most buyers take renovations as a great gesture that indicates you want to give them value for their money. 

If the wall paintings are too personalized, make a point of having them repainted in a neutral color. This is because everyone has his/her favorite colors, and painting the house with a neutral color gives them an opportunity to repaint the house in whatever color they’d be interested in. 

Staging your home is the next most important thing you need to do. This should however be done after all repairs, painting and cleaning has been done.  You can have an interior designer help out with staging the home, or even borrow some ideas from online sites that deal with home decorations.  The home should be staged to suit many people and not on one’s personalized view.  It is due to this reason why using a professional home stager help improve how your home looks. 

 A homes lighting plays a big role on how potential buyers will react when they come to see your house.  The lighting appliances used, where they are placed or availability of natural sunlight will dictate whether the potential buyer will be impressed or not.  Make sure all the bulbs are working perfectly before the buyer comes in. 

These renovations should improve your home’s appearance and look. 

The home’s exterior matters a lot to buyers and should be welcoming. 

Handling the home’s Exterior

Take some time to see what should be done or repaired to improve the home’s presence. 

The buyer should be impressed by the home’s exterior.  A lot of landscaping may be required to improve the home’s exterior appearance and especially the yard and garden (if any).  The lawn should be perfectly groomed to desired height and shape, the flowerbed well attended to, and any bushes along the driveway trimmed to perfection. A landscaper can help you handle any landscaping needs to improve its overall looks.  A well groomed lawn and driveway can entice the buyer into buying the home even if there are a few flaws with the house that can’t be fixed. Be sure to sweep away any leaves along the driveway, as well as have garbage collected prior to the house viewing. 

Advertise online

Advertising your home online increases the number of prospecting buyers.  It is estimated that more than 92% of all homeowners found their dream home online, making it a reason enough for you to advertise in this media. You can use the Hughes Real Estate Group to advertise your home in Idaho. Advertising with these experts increases chances of high potential customers coming your way. This involves having high definition pictures and an explainer video about your home taken and posted on the company website. This makes it possible for buyers to get first glimpse of the house online from the comfort of their offices or home, then decide on a day to come for viewing. 

The best way to attract more customers is by listing your home with its current market value, or a price lower than that.  Overpricing the house will only push potential customers away, and this will force you to wait for months or even years before a customer can contact you. 

If your home has been listed within the advertiser’s page for more than a month, consider relisting it again with new prices and pictures.   You can also increase visibility by employing Google Ads to market your home to all customers within and around the world. 

Handling interior renovations, exterior landscaping and advertising online will increase the home’s potential of getting a customer sooner than you expected.

House Super-sizing: Homes Are Getting Bigger In Boise, Idaho

by Randy Gridley

According to research conducted by the United States Census Bureau in 2013, it has been noted that home buyers are showing an inclination to larger homes.  The preliminary data showed that a new record had been set stating that homes are in fact becoming larger in comparison to previous years.

Nowadays, the typical new home is approximately 50% larger than the 1973 counterpart, according to the Census Bureau who began data recording in the mid-1970s. It seems that the size of new homes are on the increase moving from an average of 2,362 square feet in 2009 to a staggering 2,579 square feet in 2013 - that's a while 300 square feet difference!  This was evidenced in a report done by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The NAHB also states that in order to meet the size demands of these larger homes, the number of bedrooms is also on the rise.  It has been seen that of all homes build, a minimum of 48% presented with four bedrooms in 2013; whereas only 34% of all homes had four bedrooms or more in 2009.  It's also been suggested that the traditional three-bedroom house will be traded up for a bigger size due to the growing bigger home trend.

Additionally, the number of bathrooms has increased over the past few years with 35% of homes boasting three full bathrooms in 2013.  A full 13% rise from the 23% in 2010.  Garages for three or more cars have also been on the rise from 16% in 2010 to 22% in 2013.

Why are the homes becoming larger?  The answer may lie in new home owners having greater credit scores and higher incomes than in previous years, making the average home sale price approximately $318,000 in comparison to $248,000 in 2009.

Additionally, recent research by the NAHB on new home buyer characteristics indicate that first-time buyers will purchase smaller homes at lower prices then trade up.  However, these first-time home buyers who represent 40% of the market are steadily eliminated from the market due to tightening credit rules and mortgage rates.  This could further explain the increase in the average home size.

4 Options You Can Use For Your Upcoming Boise Idaho Move

by Randy Gridley

As the time for your big move gets closer and closer, you might be looking at all your precious belongings and wondering how you are going to get everything moved from your old house to your new house.  Fortunately, locating a good moving company does not have to be a huge and stressful ordeal.  There are in fact many different options for each type of moving situation.

Are you moving across town or clear across the country?  Is it just your stuff that needs to get moved or do you have a large family?  These different factors all help to determine the specific kind of moving help that is best for your move.  So, before you start panicking over your big overstuffed couch and piles of moving boxes, take a few minutes to become familiar with what kinds of help are available for your move.

1.  Moving Help Companies

If you are someone who can efficiently and quickly pack up all of your belongings in a small and confined space, then you can skip this step.  If not, you might want to consider hiring a moving help company.  These are services that specialize in packing and shipping household items out to the new location.  Even if you are good at packing, if you are short on time you might want to consider this service.  Just do a search online to find companies that offer these services.

2.  Professional Moving Companies

For a long distance move, especially one that involves moving your whole family, hiring a crew of professional movers could be the best choice for your situation.  Although this does tend to be one of the most expensive moving options, having professional movers who know how to efficiently pack belongings, properly load and unload the moving truck and get your household items transported safely to your new home, can definitely be well worth the price.

3.  Truck Rental Companies

If you are just moving to another part of town or a different city close by, you might want to think about hiring a truck rental company.  For a small move, you can rent a moving truck for a couple of days.  This can be a much less expensive option than hiring a team of professional movers.  You can also hire a few hourly laborers to help with the heavy lifting, which again is going to cost a lot less than professional movers.

4.  Shipping Containers

A shipping container or pod can be a very versatile option that you may want to consider for your upcoming move.  Moving pods can offer a good solution for moving your belongings when you might need to keep your items in storage for a period of time.  The moving pod is dropped at your house, and then you pack it when you are ready.  After you are finished, the pod will be retrieved by the moving company.  It will then be shipped either to your new house or put into storage until you are ready for your belongings at your new residence.

Before your big moving day, make sure you take the time to evaluate all of the different moving options that are available to you to help ensure you use the best solution to meet your specific situation and needs.  Also, be sure to get quotes from any moving company or other service that you are considering so that you can compare them and get the best deal.  Good luck with your move!


It is spring once again, and just like every other year when you trade your dull, heavy winter clothes for lighter and carefree attire as the days start to grow longer and warmer, you should do the exact same thing for your home.

The good news is, getting your home prepared for spring really doesn't have to take lots of time or money.  The work can all be done in one weekend, and you will only have a few inexpensive items to buy for the project.  Here are six fast and inexpensive ways to give your house that perfect spring makeover without spending a fortune:

1) Sheer Beauty Is Back In Style

Take those heavy winter drapes down and put up sheer curtains, panels or valences instead to provide a light and airy look.  For your design, consider lively items such as stripes, butterflies, swirling ivy vines or even polka dots.  These window treatments are very simple and can most likely work with your existing curtain rods.  For a nice change you could try using a wrought iron rod.  The ivory, cream or white tone from the sheer will provide the room with a brightening and airy effect that was once ensconced in heavy, warm winter fabrics.

2.  Add A Nice Zest To The House

All-natural ingredients can be used to infuse your house with an organic and fresh feel and smell to it.  Whenever you are looking to add a touch of spring to the room, add elements such as stones, pebbles, wood and fruit.  Add river stones to a glass vase for a textured and natural look.  Another idea is to fill a vase or bowl with bright yellow lemons or green shiny limes.  This natural and fresh decoration can be added to a dining table, coffee table or the mantel.

3.  Make A Bold Statement With New Hardware

One very quick yet inexpensive and effective upgrade is to add new hardware.  Just simply changing drawer pulls and knobs in the kitchen or in the bathroom can make a dramatic and eye-popping difference.  If your kitchen has traditional cherry cabinetry with brass hardware, you can always replace it by using a trendy brushed aluminum instead and knobs with interesting designs and shapes.  For a very fresh and light look you could select lightly tinted or clear multi-faceted knobs in the shape of squares or flowers.

4.  Wash Your Windows

To really get a fresh, new outlook, wash your windows from both the inside and the outside.  Not only will you wash away the winter grit, it will also allow you to look out on the blooming flowers and all the other wonders of spring.  The bright sunshine will enter the room and provide a nice warm glow to the walls, artwork and carpets.  Use newspapers or packing paper to wipe your windows down with.  The qualities and textures of the newsprint provides a streak-free finish to the glass.  This simple spring cleaning task will make a wonderful different to your home.

5.  The Power Of Flowers

It just won't feel like spring unless you have tons of pots filled up with beautiful, blooming flowers such as paper whites, tulips and hydrangeas.  You could just use the standby terra cotta pots.  However, you may want to look form something a little different.  Add daffodils to old fashioned country bowls and set them on the kitchen windowsill.  For a very elegant look, plant ivy topiaries inside a tall urn.

6.  Introduce Color And Texture With Wallpaper

Add a new color scheme or pattern to your room by adding wallpaper to the walls, or freestanding shelf or even an open-faced hutch.  You may want to choose a busy floral, lively stripe or something a little less dramatic.  To add the wallpaper to a piece of furniture, all your need is scissors and some glue to complete the project.

Taking a Hike On Boise's Table Rock

by Randy Gridley

So much attention has been directed to the different Foothills developments that Boiseans have had a tendency to ignore Table Rock, one of the city's greatest natural wonders.

Just watch for the White Cross.  It overlooks the city as well as the whole valley.  You easily can see more than 100 miles into Owyhee County and Oregon from Table Rock.

Similar to the Depot, which a majority of the time is closed to the public, Table Rock is literally a landmark hidden from plain view.  There should be directional signs all across the city to promote it.  This magnificent public area needs to be shared with both residents and visitors.  It is only open currently during daylight hours.  However, if there was enough public interest, I am sure we could get it changed.

To the Californians who all seem to be moving to Boise, you will appreciate the fact that there is a spot here that might rival San Francisco's Twin Peaks or Los Angeles' Griffith Park as a magnificent scenic overlook.

Sunsets at Table Rock are spectacular, and the Bogus Basin forested mountains appear to be so close you can touch them.  You actually look down at airplanes that land at Gowen Field.  For old and young people alike, it can provide you with a good map lesson to identify Capitol Building, the Depot and other Boise area landmarks.

Idaho Historical Society owns the land.  During daylight hours it is open to the public.  Towns in the Midwest would kill to have a view like this!  We believe either Boise City, the Foothills Preservation Committee or State Parks Department should properly develop the overlook.  Everyone should pitch in so that the road can be improved and safety railings can be put up around the sharp drop-offs.

To get a good sense of the solitude and spectacular view, just drive down Reserve Street in the back of St. Luke's Hospital.  Drive past the fire station, and then follow the road that winds up hill.  On Table Rock road, turn right.  You have missed the turn if you start to go downhill.  Be sure when you are going over the speed bumps that you drive slowly.

Eventually the road turns into gravel.  However, if you drive carefully you will reach the top safely.  Enjoy the view.  Make sure you send us photos along with your thoughts of the area.

One thing that people tend to notice right away when they are in downtown Boise looking to Table Rock is how close the peak is.  In fact it is less than three miles away.

With the exception of San Francisco's Twin Peaks and Phoenix's Camelback Mountain, there isn't a greater urban hiking experience that is so near a major city in all of the US.  At 3,652 feet, the peak doesn't rival Mt. Borah.  However, this unique geography is quite amazing in terms of its stunning views.

From the flat-topped mountain crest, on clear days there are vistas extending southwest and south to Owyhee Mountains, which is almost 50 miles away.  When you look to the north, the Boise mountain forested ridge line appears to be close enough that you could touch it.

Hikers can go on a 90-foot gain, four-mile loop hike.  By integrating multiple non-motorized trails, they can escape all the crowds.  There are a couple steep parts.  However, they last for only about a quarter of a mile.  The route weaves its way in between boulders, goes through sagebrush, before circling around Table Rock and then descending to an open hillside that offers spectacular views.  Try to plan your hike so that at sunset you are on the top of Table Rock.  This will provide you with an unforgettable experience as the sun is setting.

Ascend onto Tram Trail (No. 14), from the head of the trail, which is 1.2 miles to the Table Rock Quarry Trail (No. 17) junction.  Then keep going straight.  The trail will veer to the left and travel along the back of Table Rock, where it reaches a parking area close to the apex of the peak.  Go across this parking area and keep going northwest to the peak's edge, which is 1,000 feet above Boise's downtown skyline.  After you enjoy the incredible view, make your descent down Table Rock Trail (No. 15).  You will pass several placards that contain information on the area's geological history.

At Table Rock Trail (No. 16) turn left to the junction with Rock Garden Trail (No. 16A).  Make a right turn.  Immediately the trail splits.  You will want to go on the left fork (No. 16B).  Make your descent to return to Tram Trail.  Then make a right turn and hike half a mile back to the trail head.

There are numerous intersecting trails that are both signed and unsigned.  It can be kind of confusing.  Not all of the intersections are listed on the trail map for Ridge to Rivers.  However, it is hard to get lost due to all the open terrain.  Also, Table Rock is ever looming and provides a good reference for your location.  During the winter, avoid the trails.  When the temperature goes above freezing the trails will probably be muddy and they can get damaged very easily.

You reach the trail head from the Broadway and Warm Spring avenues interaction.  Drive east 2.1 miles on Warm Springs to Warm Springs Golf Course,  then turn right,  park in the big parking area.  On the other side of Warm Springs is the trail head.

Creative Ways To Increase Your Boise Home Curb Appeal

by Randy Gridley

Tips on Improving Boise Idaho Homes Curb Appeal

It's not difficult to update your home all over again. Simply give it some extra love by painting an exterior door a brilliant color, you'll get the most bang for your buck when you update this way and it readily updates your home for any future owners. Full length storm doors allow a freshly painted door to become a focal point of such a budget friendly makeover.

Replace Older Hardware

There are many creative ways to update older hardware. Consider replacing the house numbers, how about the lock set on the entry door? Wall mounted mailboxes add extra appeal and overhead light fixtures can easily add a new element to an otherwise boring exterior. If your exterior is out of date you can quickly update it with these creative ideas. Matching pieces don't have to cost a lot and they update the homes appeal quickly. Oiled bronze finishes suit many traditional homes and brushed nickel will suit a more contemporary home.

Symmetry is pleasing to the ey and very easy to create. Consider lighting fixtures and front door accents.

Instant Garden Appeal

Containers can add an instant garden to an otherwise boring exterior. Colorful flowers can brighten up any dull entry. Ready made containers form garden centers are ideal or create your own for a unique look. Staggered and asymmetrical arrangements work well to create a unique setting.

Mail Box Makeovers

Boring dull mail boxes can be brightened up by simply painting the wooden so it matches the exterior of the home. Surround it with some lovely flowers.

Renew Planter Beds

Ready your garden beds by simply pruning the growth, pulling out those weeds and planting some lovely flowers. Add in some mulch to restore the color that the sun has taken away and the harsh weather has attacked. Consider stone or brick borders but keep them cleaned so as not to detract form your garden. Upgrade the stone or decorative concrete if it's too aging and distracting.

Make a Grandiose Entry

Your front door is often the first thing that visitors see. Update it. Molding, paint and other tricks work like eye makeup for your home. A white or offsetting color will make your door "pop" when someone looks at it.

Consider Shutters and Accent Trim

Shutters as well as trim can look very inviting. This welcomes people to your home. Shutters also do dual jobs, they protect your home from brilliant sun and also can provide some ventilation. Another benefit is an added level of security. Made form wood, aluminum, composite, vinyl or even fiberglass they are reasonably priced and can be painted any color desired.

New Planting Beds

Tired of that old boring planting bed? Rip it out and create the planting bed of your dreams. Front yards, corners and other areas along walkways and driveways are ideal for featuring your favorite color schemes. You home can be framed in lovely flowers and if you add pre cast concrete blocks as edging you've added another dimension of uniqueness to your home. Use a variety of plant heights to give it a unique look.

Gutters and Downspouts

Older gutter systems often fail. Peeling paint, rusting and other issues can give them a sense of neglect. Replace them with new snap fitting vinyl gutters that will go together quickly and easily without a lot of tools required. You'll never need to paint them and they'll help protect your home. You can even go with a pricier style and choose copper.

Renew Paint, Siding and Your Trim

Consider updating your painting, siding and the trim of your home. This can instantly transform a home from dull to beautiful. Repair any defects and consider shingles or other unique roofing materials to set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Tiled Doorstep

How about a permanent welcome mat? You can tile or paint a clever or creative design that will contrast with the porch stoop. You'll have a unique one of a kind look that will not only impress visitors, it will show off your creative streak. 

Dress Up Your Driveway

Cracked stained driveways can be very detracting. Perhaps it even has vegetation sprouting out of it. It's time for a redo. Repair the cracks, make sure to kill off the weeds and then dress it up with stain or flagstones. Pavers, bricks and the like can give it a unique look with flair.

Build New Walkways

A walkway leads your visitor to your door. It can make your home feel warm and even inviting. If you're looking for a dramatic improvement consider a contoured walkway that is made of stone or brick. If you're seeking something less radical, you can go with colored concrete and edge it with bricks or stone. Pavers lend traditional beauty to any landscape.

Upgrade Railings

Railings on porches and stoops can often deteriorate. If you're unable to care for them properly and keep them maintained, find something that you can readily maintain. Quality woods, vinyl, metal components and the like are ideal for replacing rotting railings that could be potentially dangerous to your family and visitors. Make sure to keep them in the color scheme of the rest of your home and give them some special details to make them unique and safe for visitors.

Apply Stone Veneer

Nothing says class like a stone veneer. It's an ideal solution for dressing up your exterior. Similar to a concrete foundation, column footings and other classy masonry details, you'll find that your home looks more expensive and classy than others in the area. There are many natural and manufactured stones that can be expensive for large areas but are ideal for smaller areas as a focal point. Accents like this say a lot about the homeowner and the home itself. Go ahead and make your statement, you know you will appreciate it years down the road.

Boise Idaho Is Still Among The Best Places To Live

by Randy Gridley

“It is all about access for us," says David McCauley.  The 48-year-old IT professional is originally from the East coast.  He and his family moved to Boise 13 years ago.  "Skiing is only 45 minutes away.  I can fly fish or kayak in the Boise River.  Mountain biking literally is right out the door, even though we live downtown.  The kids ride their bikes everywhere.  We allow them to do things on their own, but they aren't ever really “alone.”

The Living:

To put things mildly, Boise has really been on a roll lately.  The core industries are still health care, education and government.  However, high-tech start up companies by the dozens have been moving into town, joining giant companies like Micron Technology and Hewlett-Packard.  Over the last 30 years the population of Boise has more than doubled.  Locals complain about the sprawl.  However, despite all of this, Boise has been able to impressively manage its growth.  The city boasts a 25-mile greenbelt and almost 2,000 acres in parks.  The outlying areas might have a bit of a bland feeling to them.  However, there is a Boulder vibe to the older neighborhoods with their prayer flags, farmers' markets and cruiser bikes.  The main difference is the homes are reasonably priced.

The Playground:

There is exceptional paddling, and it is only getting better, with runs on the Salmon and Payette with two hours driving distance, a couple of play waves within the city limits, and a white water park costing $6.7 million in the works.  The city has a vibrant road biking scene and robust triathlon community.  In the winter time, it's easy to get in some quick alpine or in-nordic skiing at the Bogus Baskin Ski Area, which is only 16 miles from Boise. (The climb also doubles as a classic road ride.)  Also, the brown hills that overlook the city are dotted with over 135 miles of mountain biking and hiking trails.  You will definitely need to get a larger Rocket Box.

The Neighborhood:

Idaho's finest is represented by the North end neighborhood.  Local coffee shops are within walking distance, there are bike baths to use to bike downtown, go to the end of the block and get on the single track, or perhaps plant some vegetables at their local community garden.

Boise Playground:

Boise is definitely all about their Greenbelt.  The parkway spans for 26 miles, bisecting downtown and lining the Boise River.  It is the lifeblood of the city, providing access to over 20 parks, an outdoor amphitheater, pedestrian bridges and multiple hiking and biking trails.

Simply put, everything in life here revolves around this river," Jeff Reynolds said.  Jeff is a co-owner of Rizen Creative, an Ad Agency.  This was a common sentiment.

Sarah Mello noted, "there is a whitewater park just minutes away from where we live.”  A local named Greg Sims said, "I rode my bike from home and in one hour was able to catch three salmon that were 30-plus inches.  Reynolds offered a dare to us: "I challenge you to try and find someone who lives in Boise that didn't kayak, SUP, play in, ride or walk along, fish or float in a river in the Boise area last year."In terms of off water activities, people discuss everything from the Rivers trail system to the nearby Ridge's 130 miles worth of single track, to the farmers' market to the free series of summer concerts called “Alive After Five.”

The mainly conservative climate will not be appealing to the left-leaning liberals.  Rob Love says, "I don't like Idaho politics, but oh how I love the city of Boise and the people here."

Boise State University is also here, adding a collegiate vibe to the city, as well as the trademark blue turf of the Boise State Broncos.

Best Saturday Itinerary:

According to Sky Theener, who owns landscape care business (Boise Best Lawns) says, "Tubing is great fun to enjoy after work on the Boise River.  You start at Barber Park and end at Ann Morrison Park."  Then afterwards you can enjoy many brew pubs, like Bardenays, TableRock or Highlands Hollow.

On The Town:

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, since 1977 during the summer, has staged plays.  A 770-seat amphitheater was constructed in 1998 right next to Boise River.

Gina Gridley, a work at home mom says, "One of the best ways you can enjoy Boise is to go to the Shakespeare Festival during the summer and have a picnic before the play while you enjoy your river view.  Feeling the cool air of the river as the sun is setting is truly magnificent."

What $199 Gets You:

What it buys you is a season pass for the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, which is only 16 miles out of town.  You also get a deep discount on the passes that are offered one week every February from the non-profit ski area of 2,600 acres.  It provides a nod to the recreation area's mission to provide affordable, accessible and fun mountain recreation.

Urban cool meets small town charm in downtown Boise.  It also earns bonus accessibility points for bikers and walkers, thanks to its 30-miles of path alongside the Boise River and well-maintained sidewalks.


Although over 3,900 individuals live in the downtown Boise area currently, the city projects that this will increase by 2025 to 13,686.  One group such as the Downtown Boise Association enhance the area and actively market their businesses.  Retail and office vacancy rates are some of the region's lowest.  There is a wide selection of entertainment options, including the zoo, three movie theaters, event center, museums and art galleries.


There are around 30,000 individuals working in the downtown Boise area.  There are over 300 service and retail businesses, including over 90 restaurants that are mainly locally owned.  There are six districts in the area, with the largest one being Central Downtown.  There are five covered garages with 2,000 total parking spaces available that offer free parking for one hour.  All downtown meters give 20 minutes worth of free parking.  During Boise State's home football games, there is a free shuttle taking riders to the stadium from downtown and back.

Don't Miss:

Zoo Boise, Roaring Springs, Knitting Factory or taking in concerts and Bittercreek Ale House for beverages.

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