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One Weekend To Remodel Your Bathroom - Step Four Of Four

by Randy Gridley

Wall Tiling

The tiling is easier to do before the installation of the vanity unit.  If you do the tiling first, there will be no need to cut the tiles to fit around the vanity unit.  If you want to save money, you can choose not to tile behind the mirror and the vanity cabinet.  All that is required is that you extend the tiling a bit beyond the mirror and cabinet outlines.  You also do not have to cut the tiles to fit exactly around the electrical boxes as long as you ensure that the light fixture will cover the area of the missing tiles.

Instead of using thin-set mortar as tile adhesive, a sticky mat called Bondera can be used.  This tile adhesive offers you a few benefits compared to using thin-set, particularly if you are using a similar glass mosaic tiles to our demonstration.  By using the sticky mat, you can commence the grouting straight away, unlike the thin-set where you have to wait for it to set.  The other advantage is that you do not have to be concerned about the thin-set oozing into your grouting spaces from behind the tiles.

Do not assume that Bondera adhesive is perfect.  It costs more than thin-set.  The repositioning of the tile sheets can become quite tricky.  Although they do not slide about like it would on thin-set, you have to place them carefully onto the mat and not secure it until you are sure that it is aligned properly.  If you have not pressed down too hard, you will have the opportunity to remove the sheet of tile and reposition it if necessary.  To ensure that the job is a success, you should follow the instructions which are included with the Bondera adhesive.  Alternatively, you can visit www.bonderatilematset.com where you can view an installation video and read further instructions.

If you are not tiling the entire area, you should ensure that the tile placement is accurate as you go around the blank area.  To do this, run the tiles up one side to the top of the cabinet space and across the bottom area.  While doing this, ensure that the side follows the line of your layout and the bottom is completely level.  Extend lines from the two points with a spirit level.  At all times, you should keep in mind not too press down on the tile until you are sure that is level.  Once the tile has been lined up perfectly, you should place it in the mat by tapping it with a grout float.  Once the tiling has been completed, you can start mixing your grouting and fill the spaces 

The grout should be mixed to a consistency similar to toothpaste and left for around 15 minutes.  Thereafter, you should remix it and add a small amount of water if it has thickened.  You can view the grout section for more instructions and tips.

Mounting Vanity Unit

The cabinets will need assembly, but this should not be too difficult to do.  Once you have assembled the cabinet, you should mount it on the wall by using temporary blocks to hold it in place.  If you do not have studs where the mounting brackets are, you can use toggle bits.  Irrespective of the type of cabinet installation, you should first find the studs.  Drive 3-inch washer head screws through the hanging rail of the cabinets, into the studs which will secure it.

The next steps are the installation and mounting of the faucets to the top of the sink, and the assembly of the faucet connections and drain.  In cases where you decide to replace a single faucet with two faucets, you should connect both the faucets to the shut off valves that are there, by the addition of a tee.  Faucets normally include supply tubes with 1/2-inch pipe thread fitting at the end.  

However, your faucets may differ from this.  If this is the case, you should take your faucet, along with the included tubes to the hardware store or home center.  This will allow you to assemble it in-store to make sure that you find the correct parts to allow you to complete the job without any problems.

Once you have mounted the faucets and assembled the parts of the drain, you can install the sink.  To do this, spread a small amount of silicone caulk to the top cabinet edge and lower the sink top onto it carefully.  Allow the caulk to set for a few hours before you connect the plumbing.  The job can now be completed by marking and cutting the tailpiece and connecting the required supply lines.  Once you have completed all the steps and you are happy, you should run the water and check for leaks.

One Weekend Bathroom Remodel - Steps 3 Of 4

by Randy Gridley


Step 3 - Draw pencil outlines on the Wall

Mark where the new fixtures should go by outlining them on the wall.  Decide where you would like the new light fittings to go and outline these as well.  It is best to have all the new items on site at this time. A full scale plan of the new layout drawn on the wall will give you a good visual of how things will fit in and save you a lot of problems when you find out that you are a few inches out with a light fitting or a fixture, and it doesn't fit.  Center the light fittings between the mirror and the tile border.

Another time saving tip is to dry fit the drain parts in order to know exactly where to position the new cabinet.  Bathroom cabinets from Home Depot or Lowe's Cabinet include custom made drain assembly fixtures that need to be centered exactly on the existing drain parts.  Traditional cabinets are more flexible.
Plan the tile layout by laying a row of tiles on the floor to determine the exact height and width of the area to be tiled, and mark this on the wall as well.  

Double check your layout to ensure that everything is correct, then prepare for the wiring.

Step 3A Wiring for the new sconces

To re-route electrical lines, cut a hole in the wall large enough to mount the new junction box and drill holes for the wiring.  The hole will be covered by the mirror so there is not need to patch it.

Once again, because each bathroom is different, there may be a few challenges:

-    If you already have sconces but need to relocate them to fit into the new layout, keep in mind the requirements of the National Electrical Code that every electrical box has to be accessible.  This means that you cannot cover wires in a junction box with drywall or a fixed mirror.  

-    You can, however, place the junction box behind a mirror which is not permanently attached.  This allows you a certain amount of flexibility when the old wires don't reach the new location, as you can extend the wires and add a junction box.

In our case, it was a straightforward job of connecting a single cable from the switch to the original light fitting.  We nailed the new junction box to the stud and ran the old wires into the box.  New holes were cut for the new remodeling boxes and holes drilled through the studs for the new cable to be run from the junction box to each light fixture location. Re-modelling boxes simplify the exact placement of the boxes and avoids extra patching.

All that needs to be done now is to clean up and discard the old materials, and you have a remodeled bathroom that looks brand new.

Weekend Bathroom Makeover - Steps 1 and 2 of Four

by Randy Gridley

Transform your bathroom in a weekend and give it a fresh new look without any major reconstruction by replacing worn out cabinets and adding a few new fixtures and fittings.   With a little clever planning and a few creative ideas you can design and fit out your bathroom to look like new.  In this article we will show you step by step how to go about remodeling a bathroom in a couple of days, and a few tips on how to save time and money by speeding up the job.

This 70's-era bathroom was outdated and needed a radical change without costing too much.  At Home Depot or Lowe's, we found a range of suitable cabinets and fixtures that were modern, easy to install and reasonably priced.  For an added touch of luxury, we spent a few hundred dollars on glass tiles.  The overall cost for the project came to $1,300.

Before you start shopping for a cabinet to use for your project, you want to make sure that the existing flooring extends all the way to the wall under the basin.  If you have a vanity cabinet, you may need to get down on the floor and inspect the intersection between the wall and the cabinet.  If there is no flooring, you will have to find a cabinet with the same or larger size than the existing one, or find a matching floor patch, which is highly unlikely.  If all else fails, you may have to replace the flooring.

Step 1 - Remove the old vanity cabinet.

Turn off the shut-off valves for the water supply to the faucet and disconnect the plumbing.  Pry off the old top and remove the old cabinet.

Because every bathroom is different, this stage may be easy and quick to accomplish, or you may come across a few challenges.

-    If the vanity top is plastic laminate, the screws underneath the top will have to be removed first.

-    Cultured marble tops are held on by caulk which needs to be pried off first before removing the vanity top.

-    If there are tiles surrounding the vanity top they will have to be removed as well.

-    If the plumbing is of the old steel type, you will save yourself a lot of problems by replacing the trap assembly with the modern PVC parts that are available now.  A standard 1 and 1/4 inch PVC trap kit can be purchased at a hardware store or your local home center.  

-    Remove all the screws that hold the cabinet to the wall and remove the cabinet from the wall.  

-    If there is a mirror or medicine cabinet above the basin, complete the tear out by removing it all.

-    If there are light fittings above the basin, turn off the power for the bathroom lights on the main electrical panel.  Use a voltage sniffer to double check that the power is off before disconnecting the light fittings.

Steps 3 and 4 will continue in the next blog.  See you there.

A Classic Cottage Kitchen Make Over Creates A Homey Feel

by Randy Gridley

Classic Cottage Kitchen

The warm and inviting cottage style kitchen on the left was designed by Jim Strickland. A pale blue ceiling creates visual interest, while the positioning of the cabinets against the charming windows makes a small space feel bright and airy.

Make Over Details

Quirky Light Fixtures: Pendant lights are used to enhance the cottage feel. To create a more informal and relaxed design, different but complementary fixtures are used for the ceiling and the task lighting over the sink. 

Metal Stove Guard: The owner took the unusual step of installing Galvalume, a metal sheet used for roofing, behind the stove. The material gives a unique and eye catching appearance to the wall, whilst offering good protection against cooking splatters.

Creating A Cottage Feel

Heather Chadduck perfectly complemented her traditional bead board cabinets with a rustic style clock and quirky lampshade, to enhance the authentic cottage feel. Her dinnerware is displayed with pride in an open hutch, which also allowed her to remove the upper wall cabinets for a more open feel.

Cottage Details

Drawer Pulls: Reproduction antique drawer pulls help to maintain the traditional feel of the kitchen.

Creative Countertops: A stylish poured concrete countertop is perfectly offset by a marble backsplash. To save on costs, the backsplash was created from 12 inch square tiles which have been cut in half. This creates a high end look for a fraction of what it would have cost for a single slab of marble.

A Chic And Colorful Kitchen

Sally Craven created a colorful and welcoming kitchen on a budget. The biggest changes were a country style butcher block countertop and an eye catching white and red linoleum floor. A complementary yellow paint on the cabinets and floors, along with pretty red accessories, pulls together the look.

Further Details

Bringing In The Old: A reconditioned 1940s Wedgewood stove looks perfect in this cozy family kitchen, while adding a dash of style.

Checkerboard Linoleum: The bright and fun checkerboard floor was created by laying two colors of tile over the floor. The diagonal pattern gives the illusion of the room being more spacious.

Cottage Style Kitchen Remodel

by Randy Gridley

Lovely Cottage Kitchen

The kitchen shown above was designed by Jim Strickland to impart the relaxing, down-home atmosphere of the traditional cottage style. Blue ceilings bring to mind a cozy porch setting and abundant light flows in from the windows.

Country Cottage Design Points

Eclectic lighting is a hallmark of the cottage style and can be seen here in the use of the hanging lights that illuminate the work space, the simple pendant lamp above the sink and the individually selected wall sconces. The excellent placement of the task lighting makes this space both functional and a beautiful example of the cottage design style. 

Galvalume roofing metal was selected as a quirky stove surrounding piece, instead of more commonly used materials such as tile or stainless steal. The roofing metal will serve as excellent protection for walls. As an added bonus, Galvalume metal requires no painting.

Real Cottage Elements

Bead board was used on a section of the cabinets for an authentic cottage design touch while other elements capture a more personal style. Heather Chadduck, the homeowner, requested that the upper parts of the cabinets be opened to create a spacious look and feel. A vintage clock and antique light fixture impart even more individual style. 

Other Cottage Style Points

You can also request a custom countertop treatment. One style would be poured concrete trimmed with a back splash of marble. The marble back splash is made up of two sets of 12 inch tiles that are cut in two and pieced together in a pleasing design. The design proved to be economical, just a fraction of what a marble slab would cost.

Vintage reproduction hardware for the cabinets were another cost-effective element incorporated into this cozy cottage design.

Money saving Cottage Accents

The mixture of vintage, antique inspired and new pieces makes for cost-cutting savings. In this case, enough money was saved to recondition a Westwood stove from the 1940's to lend an authenticity to the room. Two colors of tile were cut and laid on the diagonal for more genuine cottage style. If you are looking for comfort and plenty of room for individual expression, cottage style will work perfectly for your next project.


Homes and Property for Sale in Idaho | Idaho Real Estate

by Randy Gridley

Looking for an easy, fast and powerful way to find real estate, homes and properties for sale in Idaho? Welcome to Idaho's best home search resource, where finding your dream Idaho home or property becomes reality. With a comprehensive list of Idaho real estate, IdahoHomeRunTeam.com is one of the most up-to-date real estate website Idaho has. With advanced search technology, the site allows visitors to search for, and view hundreds, if not thousands, of Idaho properties, homes and real estate. 

IdahoHomeRunTeam.com lets you sort your search by either school boundary, neighborhood, MLS numbers,or even zip codes. All available properties and homes in Idaho are exhibited in tons of vibrant and extensive photos. Using ID MLS Maps, an innovative photo search system that uses radius and polygon search, zoom in or out of any Idaho home, land or property you are interested in without having to actually go there.

Idaho is a diverse place that offers diverse real estate and properties options. Here, you will find all sorts of real estate in different varied settings- from exquisite properties set in the pristine wilderness of Idaho to the metropolitan homes and condominiums in the city center, Boise. 

The interesting thing about Boise, and it is something that astonishes many new visitors, is the warmth and welcoming nature of its people. With over 200,000 residents calling Boise home, this city stands out because of its friendly residents, secure neighborhoods, clean parks and well maintained streets. For newcomers, there are plenty of Boise homes that are located along well established, quiet and tree line streets that they could choose from. At the same time, there are plenty of new properties in newly established neighborhoods and which offer pristine living standards and classy amenities.

IdahoHomeRunTeam.com offers you the chance to search for Idaho real estate in a way like never before done. Get a glimpse of Boise property foreclosures, short sale properties and boise-meridian-bankowned properties in a range of prices. We also provide Idaho land listing, real estate and housing information for many communities in and around the state. These areas include: Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa and Caldwell. So, no matter what your real estate needs are, IdahoHomeRunTeam.com is the site to visit for  advanced home search solutions by Silvercreek Realty Group located in Meridian, Idaho.

Real Estate For Sale In Idaho | Homes And Properties

by Randy Gridley

With services that are powerful, fast, and easy, we are your #1 resource for finding a home or other real estate options in Idaho. Here at IdahoHomerunTeam.com, we have a comprehensive, powerful search engine that will let you search for real estate based on any parameter you desire: neighborhood, zip code, school boundaries, walk-score, builder and architect, MLS numbers and just about anything else you desire. We guarantee that every search result comes with large and vibrant photographs, and you can even use our ID MLS Map Search function to zoom in on the actual home you want to look at more closely.

The wonderful thing about Idaho is that we have it all. You can buy a cabin in the beautiful wild, or have a high-rise condo in downtown Boise city center. Whether it's rural or metro, we have got you covered on your Idaho real estate needs.

If you're looking for Idaho real estate, you're probably wanting to check out Boise, a bustling metro are of over 200,000 people. Visitors are often astonished at how warm and friendly a city of this size still manages to be. Clean streets, countless parks, beautiful streets, and many municipal amenities make Boise a wonderful place to live.  

Here at our site you can meet all of your real estate searching needs. Find foreclosures, boise-meridian-bankowned and short notice properties, commercial properties, homes, zoned properties, in any price range you need. Find what you need in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell, Kuna, Nampa, and in all surrounding areas. IdahoHomeRunTeam.com will make sure you find what you want, and fast. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make your future real estate dreams come true. Find us, The Idaho Home Run Team, a member of Silvercreek Realty Group, right here in Meridian, Idaho today. We'll get you what you need.

Real-Estate & Homes-Search/Meridian-ID

by Randy Gridley

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