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Selling Your Home in the Off-Season

by Randy Gridley

Selling Your Home in the Off-Season | How You Can Make Fall or Winter Work For You


Spring and summer bustle in every respect, and it can seem like the perfect time to sell your home. Yet putting your house on the market in the fall or winter, the so-called off-season, could be to your advantage. If you are worried about this time of year spooking potential buyers, don't worry. Here's what you can do.

Off-Season Selling

There is a common misconception that selling your home in the off-season means lower prices. That doesn't have to be the case. With fewer homes likely to be on the market, buyers' attention may be focused on your property. While there may not be as many people looking for a new home as in the warmer months of the year, the ones that are may be sufficiently motivated, so you can keep asking prices in your favor. Familiarize yourself with home prices and trends in your area. This last month, homes have been selling in Nutley, NJ, for $395K on average. Those are still very decent prices, and they demonstrate that you can make a profit no matter the time of year.

Maintain The Landscape

Fall and winter bring with them a magical ambiance. Beautiful colors, fallen leaves, and snow in some areas add allure to any region. However, that may undermine curb appeal. This is a time to bring out the shovel or leaf blower, and not only for your driveway. Keeping your landscape maintained shows you are still invested in the property, and helps viewers during showings see your home in its best light. Add to your home's curb appeal by decorating your yard with fall-friendly plants, such as mums and kale. You could even add some autumnal décor, like wreaths and garlands, as charming touches.

Freshen Things Up

Selling is the opportune time to update fixtures and furnishings. Go through your home and identify anything in need of replacement or repair. Do you have tattered carpets, scuffed flooring, or walls in need of a fresh coat of paint? Spruce up anything that needs attention, and deep clean your rooms so that everything is sparkling for when showings pop up. Remember, prospective buyers will be going through every part of your home and will be on the lookout for flaws. Cooler temperatures will mean greater use of electricity and heating, so also make sure that everything is in working condition. A broken boiler could easily be a deal breaker once a buyer learns about it.

Make Use Of Lighting

These seasons do not just bring with them colder temperatures. The nights draw in earlier, but that can be to your advantage. By getting creative with lighting, you can brighten up the darker months and add more dazzle to your home. There are various types to choose from, including wall and pendant lighting. These can be relaxing ways to introduce extra warmth to your home. As an added touch, you could use lamps outside to illuminate walkways and add pretty borders to your landscape to give your home an evocative quality.

Create An Inviting Environment

Atmosphere can be an influential way to shape the perception of prospective buyers and help stage a property for showings. You want buyers to feel welcome and be able to project their own vision onto your home. Set scenes that will capture attention. This could be a lit fireplace, or pops of color with decorative pillows and blankets. Adding scents may also help nurture a calming, seasonal ambiance. Fragrant candles or even baked cookies can bring life into a home without undermining the neutrality of an open house.

With a concerted strategy in place, you can make any time of year work for you. Know what the trends are in your immediate area, and keep your home looking immaculate and inviting. Whether you sell in fall or winter, your selling price does not have to suffer. Your goals can be realized now.


Suzie Wilson is an interior designer with more than 20 years experience. What started as a hobby (and often, a favor to friends) turned into a passion for creating soothing spaces in homes of every size and style. While her goal always includes making homes look beautiful, her true focus is on fashioning them into serene, stress-free environments that inspire tranquility in all who enter. The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House is filled with tips, tricks and other advice based on Suzie’s years of experience in interior home design that will set you up for success.

Image Courtesy of Pexels.com

Real Estate For Sale Boise ID

by Randy Gridley


Connect to the newest Boise ID homes and all real estate opportunities currently on the market. We’ll make it easy to keep up with the Southwest Idaho Multiple Listing System MLS. Whether you want to find a new home, a luxury home, a townhouse, a condo, or anything else, we can help. If you want to learn more about how to buy a home for the first time, we can help with that. If you’re curious about short sales or foreclosure properties, we can discuss that with you, as well. Our Boise ID real estate agents and realtors are ready to help you find the best Boise ID match possible. 

Boise Idaho Real Estate | Advice for first time home buyers

by Randy Gridley

Important Advice For First-Time Home Buyers

Boise Idaho real estate is in good shape these days. Even better, there is no reason to believe that Boise real estate is not going to continue improving over the next several years. What this means for you is that the time is definitely right to at least consider the notion of homes for sale in Boise Idaho.

However, if you are a first-time buyer, it can be easy enough to feel overwhelmed by everything. This is one of the great commitments of your adult life.

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

As a first-time buyer browsing the Boise Idaho real estate market for homes for sale in Boise Idaho, there are a number of things you can do that will make things easier. Obstacles and challenges are sometimes unavoidable with buying a home, but there are lots of things you can do to minimize the headaches:


  • Know exactly what you can afford: Things like monthly payments, property tax, insurance premium rates, insurance costs, and other elements will define how much this venture is going to cost you over the long term. Determine what you can honestly afford, keeping these things in mind, and then conduct your search accordingly.
  • Understand down payments: 20% of the purchase price as a down payment is considered to be the normal mode of transaction. However, if you are unable to make the 20%, there are a variety of loan options you can consider. Just keep in mind that the terms of these loans can wind up adding to your monthly costs.
  • Connect with a Boise Idaho real estate agent: It is important to find someone who not only works in the area in Boise, Meridian, or Eagle, but to also find someone who has a ton of experience with homes for sale in Boise Idaho. This agent should be able to show you houses, tell you about the schools and other features of the area, and even bring you up to speed on taxes and similar areas of interest.
  • Learn about the neighborhood: Make it a point to visit the neighborhood on your own.
  • Get your credit in order: Get a detailed, up-to-date credit report. Deal with any discrepancies before moving forward.
  • Step away from large credit purchases for a little while: If you’re serious about buying a house, avoid other loans, or anything that may add to your current credit debt.

Buying a home for the first time can indeed prove to be a thrilling experience.

Building Wealth By Purchasing One House at a Time

by Randy Gridley


Just looking at a house will not make you rich in any way. You need to buy the house first and then see if you are able to make money out of it. One very important thing to remember is that you have the potential to make thousands of dollars in profits every time you purchase a house that someone else would love to rent or own.

Real Estate is Your Best Investment -

With more than 49-years of experience in investments, I still prefer to buy houses rather than shopping complexes or apartments. Why? Houses are definitely going to make me more money.  A common misconception within the business circles are that commercial buildings and apartments contain less work and you gain more profit. This simply is not true. I have owned both of these properties. Tenants in commercial buildings and apartments would often come and go. The property would need refurbishing as soon as the tenant leaves it. As the owner, you will have to undertake trouble finding new tenants to occupy these buildings. Apartments and commercial buildings require lots of on-going work. If a dispute should arise once you have rented out a commercial building, it will definitely cost a lot of money including lawyer's fees and other dues. Tenants of these commercial buildings have accountants and lawyers, and they can afford to drag such disputes out for a long time. Also, if you rent your building to a tenant with a "big name", you will definitely get a lower rental because they have a name and you want to entice them to rent out your building.

If by chance, your tenant should file for bankruptcy, you will have a client who doesn't pay the rent on-time or one who renegotiates for a much lower rate. If the tenant doesn't pay the rent, you can definitely hire a lawyer and sue him or her, but if they are bankrupt, you will not get paid anyway.

You will have to attract good tenants that will look-after your building and pay the rent on time. You will have to purchase a property that you can rent to someone who is not a good negotiator, and someone who would need you more than you need him or her. As a side benefit of purchasing and managing houses, you can help other people sell their houses too. A licensed Realtor in Idaho, which is where I reside, can definitely earn some extra cash by doing this. This may differ according to the state where you reside, and you can check with your own state authorities about the laws and regulations regarding selling other people's houses. First, you can rent houses to people who need a place to live. And when you decide to sell, you can help these people buy their first home. You will be able to solve a big problem of a person by purchasing a house that an owner can't afford and a house that is ruining that person's credit. You can sell that house for a profit and help a family to own their first house of their life. These are just some of the rewarding and profitable experiences in buying and selling homes.

The Issue With Most Investment Property -

Usually, the buyers of investment properties are other investors. Like you, they also want to purchase for less than the property is worth and with a low down payment. Unfortunately, most banks will lend only 60-70% of the total selling amount.  For this reason, the buyer will not have enough for the down payment, and the deal could very well fall apart. If not, the seller must agree to finance part of the price. Investment property can experience large increases and decreases in value as the economy changes. An empty office building or commercial building can sell for a small fraction of what it costs to build it. A well-located house will appreciate at a greater rate than an average property. It may not suffer dramatic drops in value that are common to commercial properties during business recessions.

Homes are Different -

The value of commercial buildings and apartments will depend on the amount of income it produces. If you lease an apartment for below the market rate, it will be worth less money in no time. But a vacant home will have the same value as an occupied home.

Investing in houses is safer for several reasons. First, there is less money involved since you can buy a house with a small down payment. The less risk you will have because of this. Lenders will finance more for a house than any other real estate. Next, there are more buyers for houses than there are for bigger properties. You can sell a house in a hurry, if offered at a competitive price. Third, the house could be rented faster and with fewer vacancies. Apartment vacancies often would run 10-20% while house vacancies rarely exceed 5%. Commercial properties can sit empty for months and years at a time between tenants.

Dealing with an Anxious Seller -

When you buy a house, you are mostly dealing with a homeowner who is in a hurry to sell. If the homeowner is in a hurry to sell, you can get the house for a lower rate than usual. This is a great bargain on your part. The lesson is to never sell in a hurry even if you decide to buy a house that is sold on a hurry by someone else. Your negotiation experience will count a lot when buying and selling houses. You should be able to negotiate better than the other person when buying or selling houses. 

The Idaho Home Run Team | Real Estate Agents in Boise, Idaho

by Randy Gridley

If you are interested in real estate, you have come to the right place. The Idaho Home Run Team is happy to help you. This website offers information for people who are looking to buy or sell a home in the Boise, Idaho area. Our real estate agents are on hand to offer you help and advice and we hope that you will choose us for your real estate requirements.


Whether you are looking to buy a property, or want to sell your property for the best possible price, our knowledgeable, focused and friendly real estate professionals have your best interests at the forefront of their minds.


We operate throughout Treasure Valley, serving the Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Emmett, Garden Valley, Kuna, Middleton, Mount, and Star areas.  Our team has a lot of local knowledge, and also know about building processes, so we can help families that are looking to build a new home in the Treasure Valley area.

The Idaho Home Run team is made up of two most diligent Boise Idaho Real Estate Agents. We are constantly searching the MLS in a quest to find properties that will suit our customers. We aim to help those who want to relocate to Boise, as well as those who are moving within the area. We want to make your move as pleasant and stress free as possible!


Why not take advantage of our Real Estate Tours and let us show you around the Treasure Valley and let you investigate schools, current developments, employment, weather, and even entertainment options and city demographics. We want to help you have as much fun as possible and find the perfect part of Boise or surrounding area to live in, whether you are retiring, a young professional, a couple starting a family, or a someone just getting on the property ladder for the first time.


Treasure Valley has everything from small condo’s and family homes to luxury properties and even commercial real estate. We are the real estate professionals that have expertise in all of these areas. So whether you want to buy land, a farm, a commercial property or a home, we can help you. Contact us today for more information about Idaho Home Run team!

Tips to Help Sell Your Boise Idaho Home Fast

by Randy Gridley

If your home is taking too long to sell, take some time to implement new ways of increasing its value and appearance to attract more customers. This can be done in several ways as discussed below. 

You first have to be ready for the buyer’s visit. This means you need to prepare the home to be appealing and sell itself to the buyer.  Inspect the house carefully to see what is missing, what needs to be replaced or redone to fit a buyer’s needs. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and most of these factors will come into light. Both the interior and exterior should be at their best. 

The Interior

A clean home attracts more people that a dirty one. This is the reason why you should have every room deep cleaned and arranged to capture the buyer’s eye.  Everything needs to be cleaned and dusted to bring out the home’s best appearance. 

Once all the cleaning exercise is done with, take some time to reorganize closets, shelves and counters. Any old and unnecessary materials should be done away with to create more room.  Most buyers will look out for spacious houses, and creating some extra space might win their attention and preference. 

Any personal items such as pictures, art, or trophies should be cleared off the house.  Any pet within the house should be moved to a separate home (a friend’s home would be nice), and the rooms vacuumed for fur and other dirt.  This should be done as you can’t be sure whether the buyer loves pets or not. Any Pet food, house or playing items should also be done away with too.  

Next, take note of any areas that need repairing, servicing or replacing. Broken door hinges, window screens, wall cracks and any nail holes should be handled and fixed before any buyer can come to view the house.   Taps and HVACs should be working perfectly and the house in order a day before the first buyer checks in. If you are always busy, you can hire a valuation and inspection analyst to inspect your home and make recommendations on what should be repaired to increase the home’s value. Some of these repairs can be handled a day or two before the prospecting buyer comes to inspect the house.  Most buyers take renovations as a great gesture that indicates you want to give them value for their money. 

If the wall paintings are too personalized, make a point of having them repainted in a neutral color. This is because everyone has his/her favorite colors, and painting the house with a neutral color gives them an opportunity to repaint the house in whatever color they’d be interested in. 

Staging your home is the next most important thing you need to do. This should however be done after all repairs, painting and cleaning has been done.  You can have an interior designer help out with staging the home, or even borrow some ideas from online sites that deal with home decorations.  The home should be staged to suit many people and not on one’s personalized view.  It is due to this reason why using a professional home stager help improve how your home looks. 

 A homes lighting plays a big role on how potential buyers will react when they come to see your house.  The lighting appliances used, where they are placed or availability of natural sunlight will dictate whether the potential buyer will be impressed or not.  Make sure all the bulbs are working perfectly before the buyer comes in. 

These renovations should improve your home’s appearance and look. 

The home’s exterior matters a lot to buyers and should be welcoming. 

Handling the home’s Exterior

Take some time to see what should be done or repaired to improve the home’s presence. 

The buyer should be impressed by the home’s exterior.  A lot of landscaping may be required to improve the home’s exterior appearance and especially the yard and garden (if any).  The lawn should be perfectly groomed to desired height and shape, the flowerbed well attended to, and any bushes along the driveway trimmed to perfection. A landscaper can help you handle any landscaping needs to improve its overall looks.  A well groomed lawn and driveway can entice the buyer into buying the home even if there are a few flaws with the house that can’t be fixed. Be sure to sweep away any leaves along the driveway, as well as have garbage collected prior to the house viewing. 

Advertise online

Advertising your home online increases the number of prospecting buyers.  It is estimated that more than 92% of all homeowners found their dream home online, making it a reason enough for you to advertise in this media. You can use the Hughes Real Estate Group to advertise your home in Idaho. Advertising with these experts increases chances of high potential customers coming your way. This involves having high definition pictures and an explainer video about your home taken and posted on the company website. This makes it possible for buyers to get first glimpse of the house online from the comfort of their offices or home, then decide on a day to come for viewing. 

The best way to attract more customers is by listing your home with its current market value, or a price lower than that.  Overpricing the house will only push potential customers away, and this will force you to wait for months or even years before a customer can contact you. 

If your home has been listed within the advertiser’s page for more than a month, consider relisting it again with new prices and pictures.   You can also increase visibility by employing Google Ads to market your home to all customers within and around the world. 

Handling interior renovations, exterior landscaping and advertising online will increase the home’s potential of getting a customer sooner than you expected.

House Super-sizing: Homes Are Getting Bigger In Boise, Idaho

by Randy Gridley

According to research conducted by the United States Census Bureau in 2013, it has been noted that home buyers are showing an inclination to larger homes.  The preliminary data showed that a new record had been set stating that homes are in fact becoming larger in comparison to previous years.

Nowadays, the typical new home is approximately 50% larger than the 1973 counterpart, according to the Census Bureau who began data recording in the mid-1970s. It seems that the size of new homes are on the increase moving from an average of 2,362 square feet in 2009 to a staggering 2,579 square feet in 2013 - that's a while 300 square feet difference!  This was evidenced in a report done by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The NAHB also states that in order to meet the size demands of these larger homes, the number of bedrooms is also on the rise.  It has been seen that of all homes build, a minimum of 48% presented with four bedrooms in 2013; whereas only 34% of all homes had four bedrooms or more in 2009.  It's also been suggested that the traditional three-bedroom house will be traded up for a bigger size due to the growing bigger home trend.

Additionally, the number of bathrooms has increased over the past few years with 35% of homes boasting three full bathrooms in 2013.  A full 13% rise from the 23% in 2010.  Garages for three or more cars have also been on the rise from 16% in 2010 to 22% in 2013.

Why are the homes becoming larger?  The answer may lie in new home owners having greater credit scores and higher incomes than in previous years, making the average home sale price approximately $318,000 in comparison to $248,000 in 2009.

Additionally, recent research by the NAHB on new home buyer characteristics indicate that first-time buyers will purchase smaller homes at lower prices then trade up.  However, these first-time home buyers who represent 40% of the market are steadily eliminated from the market due to tightening credit rules and mortgage rates.  This could further explain the increase in the average home size.

4 Options You Can Use For Your Upcoming Boise Idaho Move

by Randy Gridley

As the time for your big move gets closer and closer, you might be looking at all your precious belongings and wondering how you are going to get everything moved from your old house to your new house.  Fortunately, locating a good moving company does not have to be a huge and stressful ordeal.  There are in fact many different options for each type of moving situation.

Are you moving across town or clear across the country?  Is it just your stuff that needs to get moved or do you have a large family?  These different factors all help to determine the specific kind of moving help that is best for your move.  So, before you start panicking over your big overstuffed couch and piles of moving boxes, take a few minutes to become familiar with what kinds of help are available for your move.

1.  Moving Help Companies

If you are someone who can efficiently and quickly pack up all of your belongings in a small and confined space, then you can skip this step.  If not, you might want to consider hiring a moving help company.  These are services that specialize in packing and shipping household items out to the new location.  Even if you are good at packing, if you are short on time you might want to consider this service.  Just do a search online to find companies that offer these services.

2.  Professional Moving Companies

For a long distance move, especially one that involves moving your whole family, hiring a crew of professional movers could be the best choice for your situation.  Although this does tend to be one of the most expensive moving options, having professional movers who know how to efficiently pack belongings, properly load and unload the moving truck and get your household items transported safely to your new home, can definitely be well worth the price.

3.  Truck Rental Companies

If you are just moving to another part of town or a different city close by, you might want to think about hiring a truck rental company.  For a small move, you can rent a moving truck for a couple of days.  This can be a much less expensive option than hiring a team of professional movers.  You can also hire a few hourly laborers to help with the heavy lifting, which again is going to cost a lot less than professional movers.

4.  Shipping Containers

A shipping container or pod can be a very versatile option that you may want to consider for your upcoming move.  Moving pods can offer a good solution for moving your belongings when you might need to keep your items in storage for a period of time.  The moving pod is dropped at your house, and then you pack it when you are ready.  After you are finished, the pod will be retrieved by the moving company.  It will then be shipped either to your new house or put into storage until you are ready for your belongings at your new residence.

Before your big moving day, make sure you take the time to evaluate all of the different moving options that are available to you to help ensure you use the best solution to meet your specific situation and needs.  Also, be sure to get quotes from any moving company or other service that you are considering so that you can compare them and get the best deal.  Good luck with your move!

Boise Houses For Sale

by Randy Gridley

Tired of browsing the internet for homes to view then set up your search criteria that is directly pulled through the MLS by IDX Broker to be sent automatically to your Email inbox daily new listings


Houses for sale in Boise and other real estate can be found by searching MLS

After you find your home or many homes to compare then check out the value through Smart Zip just sign up and input the address and the homes value will be sent immediately to your Email inbox...



Enjoy a few MLS listings below provided by IDX Broker updated daily Monday through Friday.



You can search for Boise condos, houses, single-family homes and town-homes by price and location. Our extensive MLS IDX database of real estate listings in Boise provide the most comprehensive property details such as home values via smart zip - www.myboiseidhomevalue.com - Just input your address and receive instant market analysis on any home for free. Get it via your email now. For local schools go to: www.boiseschools.org or www.meridianschools.org/Pages/Home.aspx For neighborhood information search http://idx.idahohomerunteam.com/idx/search/advanced. This will help you to have all the facts about the surroundings of your home within your fingertips.

Do you need a closer look at analyzing about other properties available in Boise? Also, you can search for our listings on Open Houses in Boise, Boise Homes with Price Reductions and Newest Boise Home Listings Right Now. 

Boise is one of the most sought after communities in Idaho. It is located in the heart of the Treasure Valley and filled with exciting things to watch and do. It has a myriad of opportunities for houses and offers a huge variety in style, location, price and age. With so many opportunities to choose from, it is imperative to get help from an expert real estate agent in finding the right property for you. Boise is in possession of several varieties of houses such as exceptional houses in the historic North End, luxury homes of multiple acres in the foothills, newer subdivisions near Meridian, modest starter homes in the suburbs and everything in between. The Idaho home run team would take great pleasure in assisting you in your search. 

The houses for sale in Boise would differ according to the size and price. Hence why must you search for Boise houses for sale when you can search for Boise houses for sale with the number of rooms, right price and other important features? http://idx.idahohomerunteam.com/idx/search/advanced can help you find the right home, so start your search right now.

You can narrow down your search for Boise houses for sale by inputting the special features that you are looking for in the house. The number of rooms in the house, price of the property that you are looking for, and other important features can be entered into the website, which will help to find the exact house that you are searching for. Our comprehensive MLS IDX listings will make your search for Boise houses and properties much easier. You can find property details, maps, pictures, community information and school information on www.boiseschools.org or www.meridianschools.org/Pages/Home.aspx . When you are ready to make the move, you can find my contact information on the website and call me for a consultation.



North Boise Home | 1900 N 28th Street

by Randy Gridley

Stunning completely new two story contemporary style North Boise home  located at 1900 N. 28th Street, Boise Idaho  Of course with Tradewinds Construction building this home it will have hardwood floors, tile, slab granite countertops in kitchen, upgraded cabinets, covered patio, master bedroom on the main level with lovely master bath with walk-n-closet.  You can also view renderings of main and upper floor plans in which rooms have inside dimensions.  Click on this link to view the front elevation.

Existing home will be torn down and removed from property to make room for all new construction.

Check out the value of any home through Smart Zip and this value will be sent to your Email inbox immediately all you have to do is input the home address it's that easy...



Maybe you are tired of browsing the internet for homes is so then sign up today for home listings brought to you by IDX Broker pulled directly from the MLS.






















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