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The Vacant House Problem | Ada County, Idaho

by Randy Gridley

If you are a home seller in Ada County, Idaho you might like to know that when you list your house for sale in the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (MLS), your agent fills in certain data. 

This data informs other agents about the protocol you have requested agents to follow when showing your home to potential buyers. 

The data can include with sellers permission there name as the occupant, contact information for appointment to show and the best times for showing the house, as well as the advance notice you requested. After completing this information, the agent hopes that other agents will comply with your wishes. 

An agent's favorite occupant when working with buyers is "Vacant". 

Showing a vacant house means being able to take clients to see it when it suits the buyers, instead of having to coordinate the seller's and buyers' schedules. A great relief for the agent. In addition, you have the extra bonus of being able to open every cabinet and closet door without the feeling of invading the seller's personal space. 

However, some buyers have weird responses when viewing a vacant house. They find vacant houses either spooky, sketchy or stuffy. 

The Spooky Vacant House: Waling into this one, you can immediately tell that it has been empty without anyone living there for a very long time. You know by the fact that there is no food in the kitchen; no toiletries in the shower. 

However, there are still clothes hanging in the closet, and the sprinklers are still working on the automatic timer. And a vintage car is parked in the garage. 

Indicators like these will frequently spark the spooky response in prospective buyers. This response makes buyers ask the agent why the last occupants left. When did they leave? Who were they? Do they ever come back? How long has this property been on the market? 

None of these questions will inspire the typical buyer to make an offer immediately. 

The Sketchy Vacant House: This house is the one with a key chain that is sharing the kitchen counter with a key chain and a bunch of ripe bananas. The refrigerator contains fresh food, and there is an iPad on charge in an outlet next to a blow-up mattress on the floor of the bedroom. 

These indicators prompt buyers to ask: Is someone here? I thought this one was vacant! Do you hear something? Can I open the bathroom door?
I think the shower is running! I think I just saw someone. Is it safe here? 

The Stuffy Vacant House: This house greets you with a stuffy, acrid, stale smell as soon as you open the front door. 

The buyers are hanging back and hiding behind you for protection. Then, they start with the questions: How long has this house been on the market? When was the last time someone was in the house? When did they move out? What was that? I'm allergic to rats! How long does a human body take to decompose?

Naturally, these questions do nothing to move a buyer to make an offer on your vacant property. 

It may be time to reconsider how you have positioned your vacant house. If you are hoping to sell it for the price you want - or at all, you may want to consider staging it. Or at least using a squirt or two of Fa-breeze.

Boise Houses For Sale

by Randy Gridley

Tired of browsing the internet for homes to view then set up your search criteria that is directly pulled through the MLS by IDX Broker to be sent automatically to your Email inbox daily new listings


Houses for sale in Boise and other real estate can be found by searching MLS

After you find your home or many homes to compare then check out the value through Smart Zip just sign up and input the address and the homes value will be sent immediately to your Email inbox...



Enjoy a few MLS listings below provided by IDX Broker updated daily Monday through Friday.



You can search for Boise condos, houses, single-family homes and town-homes by price and location. Our extensive MLS IDX database of real estate listings in Boise provide the most comprehensive property details such as home values via smart zip - www.myboiseidhomevalue.com - Just input your address and receive instant market analysis on any home for free. Get it via your email now. For local schools go to: www.boiseschools.org or www.meridianschools.org/Pages/Home.aspx For neighborhood information search http://idx.idahohomerunteam.com/idx/search/advanced. This will help you to have all the facts about the surroundings of your home within your fingertips.

Do you need a closer look at analyzing about other properties available in Boise? Also, you can search for our listings on Open Houses in Boise, Boise Homes with Price Reductions and Newest Boise Home Listings Right Now. 

Boise is one of the most sought after communities in Idaho. It is located in the heart of the Treasure Valley and filled with exciting things to watch and do. It has a myriad of opportunities for houses and offers a huge variety in style, location, price and age. With so many opportunities to choose from, it is imperative to get help from an expert real estate agent in finding the right property for you. Boise is in possession of several varieties of houses such as exceptional houses in the historic North End, luxury homes of multiple acres in the foothills, newer subdivisions near Meridian, modest starter homes in the suburbs and everything in between. The Idaho home run team would take great pleasure in assisting you in your search. 

The houses for sale in Boise would differ according to the size and price. Hence why must you search for Boise houses for sale when you can search for Boise houses for sale with the number of rooms, right price and other important features? http://idx.idahohomerunteam.com/idx/search/advanced can help you find the right home, so start your search right now.

You can narrow down your search for Boise houses for sale by inputting the special features that you are looking for in the house. The number of rooms in the house, price of the property that you are looking for, and other important features can be entered into the website, which will help to find the exact house that you are searching for. Our comprehensive MLS IDX listings will make your search for Boise houses and properties much easier. You can find property details, maps, pictures, community information and school information on www.boiseschools.org or www.meridianschools.org/Pages/Home.aspx . When you are ready to make the move, you can find my contact information on the website and call me for a consultation.




A Boise Foreclosure Can Be a Great Buy — Or

 While it makes sense to assume that a foreclosure in Boise should be more affordable than a non-foreclosure, not everyone can find a great bargain. If your goal is to land your next residence,  a worthwhile way to gauge the value of any foreclosure is to look at it from an investor’s point of view:  how much return will the property yield?  To determine that will involve using some common benchmarks.  Below you will find some of the leading factors that contribute to making a great foreclosure evaluation:

How much did other houses sell for in the Boise local market?

Sometimes the price of a property you are looking at may seem affordable.  However, it may or may not represent the true value. That will only be apparent when compared with recent Boise market trends. According to Calculated Risk, the discount foreclosure buyers are now finding, have begun “to drop to pre-crisis levels.” That is lining up with other evidence that the foreclosure market is stabilizing as underlying home values and inventories rise. Always be sure to have your agent provide comps for similar properties sold in the Boise area.

How many houses are vacant in the neighborhood you are looking at?

You will find that some neighborhoods have a considerably higher foreclosure rate than others will have. If the neighborhood you are evaluating incorporates a high number of vacant properties, than the price should reflect that. Those areas tend to be unattractive to other buyers for a number of reasons. Even if you have no intention of reselling or renting out the foreclosure you are considering, you must factor the character of the neighborhood into your final decision. 

What is the cost to renovate?

It is hardly unusual for a foreclosure in Boise to need at least some work done to the property.   The cost can make or break your decision and your pocket book.  You must be very decisive. Make sure and contact an appraiser to go over the property. A good appraiser will be able to give you a close approximation of the extent of renovation you should expect.

There are great deals to be found in the most unexpected places – sometimes it just takes the help of a great and caring agent to uncover those deals.  If you are considering buying a Boise home in the near future- foreclosure or not – I hope you will give me a call!

Here are a few homes that are available in Boise under $200.000 listed in ther last 4 days that are active and updated daily except weekends and holidays furnished by IDX/IMLS:

What Home Buyers Want | Boise Idaho Real Esate

by Randy Gridley

Energy efficient homes on the market in Ada and Canyon Counties furnished by IDX/IMLS.  Click on the home below to view existing listings. Homes are updated daily early each morning.

Homes on the market 3 days or less in Ada and Canyon Counties.

Negotiating an Offer to Purchase a House with the Seller

You have found the house of your dreams and you are ready to make an offer. Even if you have a stellar realtor on your side, you will want to have a general understanding on how your offer should be done and what types of negotiations may go on when you make an offer on a house.

When negotiating with a seller you will need to keep in mind that, even though the seller is selling their home, it is their home and therefore they are likely to be vested emotionally in the property. Remembering this can carry you a long way in having successful negotiations with a seller.  Here are some things to remember when you begin negotiations with your seller.

  • Be Reasonable – Negotiations are inevitable but be reasonable. Low-balling or expecting improvements, not repairs, to a home before purchase is unreasonable and likely a deal breaker.
  • Be Personal – Know why the seller is selling and let the seller know why you are interested in buying their house. It is also important to know how long the property has been for sale and what the time frame in which the seller is trying to sell the home. These can be helpful when negotiating.
  • Be Knowledgeable – Know the market and what comparable properties in the area are selling for before you make an offer. You want to be able to explain why you are negotiating with the buyer. 
  • Be Flexible – In the end, be flexible with the negotiations. If you want repairs done on the home, be willing to pay a little less for the house and do the repairs yourself. If you want to pay less money for the house, consider keeping the selling price the same but asking the seller to include some home furnishings or cover some of the closing costs.

Having a plan before negotiating with a seller is a good idea. It will make your offer well received and possibly help you get what you are looking for out of the negotiations. Negotiating a home sale can be tricky. Enlisting the assistance of a qualified Realtor is the best way to make certain you get the best deal on the house you plan to purchase.

Homes for sale in Ada County between $140,000 through $150,000 provided by IDX/IMLS that are current no matter which date you click on the listings below.

The Best Time to Buy Boise Real Estate - Short Sale Homes in Boise

by Randy Gridley

The Best Time to Buy Boise Real Estate - Short Sale Homes in Boise

View some of the short sale listings in Boise Idaho.  These listings are current and active since they are updated daily via IDX/IMLS:

Boise real estate offers buying opportunities that may not present themselves again for generations. You can currently buy quality homes at low prices and at a low mortgage interest rate. There are many established homes for sale due to the distressed economic conditions across the entire nation.

Short sale homes in Boise are a great way to invest in something tangible that is surely to get rented, with 25% down rental income should make payments including property taxes, interest, and some maintenance. What other investment opportunities can you say that about these days?

All Boise Idaho short sale homes that are active current and updated daily provided by IDX/IMLS:

Great Investment Values in Boise Real Estate Short Sales


For many years, homes were inflated in price because of the supply and demand due to being able to acquire mortgages without even having to prove you could pay for them and that artificial worth increased each year.
Boise real estate prices have dropped substantially, but declines in prices are slowly bottoming out and in some places in the Boise area have had homes with modest increases in value. Short sale homes in Boise are not as plentiful as they once were, but there remain many homes of great investment value on the real estate market. Investors are now picking up homes since the rental market is so great at this moment in time.

The Right Time to Buy Boise Real Estate


There is one thing that has always been the case regarding Boise real estate and still is, and that is change. The good deals on short sale homes in Boise will eventually subdue.  Interest rates will not remain at the current historically low rates. Experts including myself do not know exactly when home prices or interest rates will begin to rise again, but Hennessey appraisals has gathered data from IMLS and shows distressed sales in Ada and Canyon County which include data on short sale homes, REO's, HUD , Corporate.  You can check out Hennessey's website every month for a detailed look at what is happening in all areas of Ada and Canyon County.

First time homebuyers are benefiting more from the conditions in Boise real estate because there will never be a better time to purchase short sale homes in Boise. The margin between  the cost to rent and that of owning a home is very slight, and based on tax incentives for ownership, there are advantages to buying short sale homes in Boise.

Varied Selection in Boise Real Estate


Selection in Boise real estate is so varied, too. Foreclosures have affected every income level, so there are homes available in almost every neighborhood and price range. If you are looking for short sale homes in Boise, there are many choices on the market that will suit your buying budget.

Keep in mind that the clock is ticking and you will only be able to pick and choose opportunities this incredible for a short time into the future. Foreclosures have slowed, and that equates to less properties on the Boise real estate market at such low prices.

Banks have less inventory on their books and will slowly become less willing to negotiate on existing short sale homes in Boise. Now is the time to shop for incredible Boise real estate deals.

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