If your home is taking too long to sell, take some time to implement new ways of increasing its value and appearance to attract more customers. This can be done in several ways as discussed below. 

You first have to be ready for the buyer’s visit. This means you need to prepare the home to be appealing and sell itself to the buyer.  Inspect the house carefully to see what is missing, what needs to be replaced or redone to fit a buyer’s needs. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and most of these factors will come into light. Both the interior and exterior should be at their best. 

The Interior

A clean home attracts more people that a dirty one. This is the reason why you should have every room deep cleaned and arranged to capture the buyer’s eye.  Everything needs to be cleaned and dusted to bring out the home’s best appearance. 

Once all the cleaning exercise is done with, take some time to reorganize closets, shelves and counters. Any old and unnecessary materials should be done away with to create more room.  Most buyers will look out for spacious houses, and creating some extra space might win their attention and preference. 

Any personal items such as pictures, art, or trophies should be cleared off the house.  Any pet within the house should be moved to a separate home (a friend’s home would be nice), and the rooms vacuumed for fur and other dirt.  This should be done as you can’t be sure whether the buyer loves pets or not. Any Pet food, house or playing items should also be done away with too.  

Next, take note of any areas that need repairing, servicing or replacing. Broken door hinges, window screens, wall cracks and any nail holes should be handled and fixed before any buyer can come to view the house.   Taps and HVACs should be working perfectly and the house in order a day before the first buyer checks in. If you are always busy, you can hire a valuation and inspection analyst to inspect your home and make recommendations on what should be repaired to increase the home’s value. Some of these repairs can be handled a day or two before the prospecting buyer comes to inspect the house.  Most buyers take renovations as a great gesture that indicates you want to give them value for their money. 

If the wall paintings are too personalized, make a point of having them repainted in a neutral color. This is because everyone has his/her favorite colors, and painting the house with a neutral color gives them an opportunity to repaint the house in whatever color they’d be interested in. 

Staging your home is the next most important thing you need to do. This should however be done after all repairs, painting and cleaning has been done.  You can have an interior designer help out with staging the home, or even borrow some ideas from online sites that deal with home decorations.  The home should be staged to suit many people and not on one’s personalized view.  It is due to this reason why using a professional home stager help improve how your home looks. 

 A homes lighting plays a big role on how potential buyers will react when they come to see your house.  The lighting appliances used, where they are placed or availability of natural sunlight will dictate whether the potential buyer will be impressed or not.  Make sure all the bulbs are working perfectly before the buyer comes in. 

These renovations should improve your home’s appearance and look. 

The home’s exterior matters a lot to buyers and should be welcoming. 

Handling the home’s Exterior

Take some time to see what should be done or repaired to improve the home’s presence. 

The buyer should be impressed by the home’s exterior.  A lot of landscaping may be required to improve the home’s exterior appearance and especially the yard and garden (if any).  The lawn should be perfectly groomed to desired height and shape, the flowerbed well attended to, and any bushes along the driveway trimmed to perfection. A landscaper can help you handle any landscaping needs to improve its overall looks.  A well groomed lawn and driveway can entice the buyer into buying the home even if there are a few flaws with the house that can’t be fixed. Be sure to sweep away any leaves along the driveway, as well as have garbage collected prior to the house viewing. 

Advertise online

Advertising your home online increases the number of prospecting buyers.  It is estimated that more than 92% of all homeowners found their dream home online, making it a reason enough for you to advertise in this media. You can use the Hughes Real Estate Group to advertise your home in Idaho. Advertising with these experts increases chances of high potential customers coming your way. This involves having high definition pictures and an explainer video about your home taken and posted on the company website. This makes it possible for buyers to get first glimpse of the house online from the comfort of their offices or home, then decide on a day to come for viewing. 

The best way to attract more customers is by listing your home with its current market value, or a price lower than that.  Overpricing the house will only push potential customers away, and this will force you to wait for months or even years before a customer can contact you. 

If your home has been listed within the advertiser’s page for more than a month, consider relisting it again with new prices and pictures.   You can also increase visibility by employing Google Ads to market your home to all customers within and around the world. 

Handling interior renovations, exterior landscaping and advertising online will increase the home’s potential of getting a customer sooner than you expected.