boise-meridian-bankowned Homes in Boise, Idaho - How Do They Affect the Market

Many people, even real estate experts, have predicted that the excessive number of foreclosures will eventually cause issues with the market, leading it to a possible crash. This would be due to the number of foreclosures or potential foreclosures on the market, or simply the number of bank owned homes or homes that will be owned by the banks. As the real estate market continues to be laden with vacant properties, economists and real estate professionals continue to predict the decline of the real estate market.

But why do bank owned homes in Boise, Idaho have such an impact on the Boise area real estate market as a whole? Because as a home is vacant, waiting to be foreclosed-upon and become a bank-owned home, they slowly deteriorate subsequently driving the eventual sales price lower. This becomes a concern for all involved as real estate agents and real estate appraisers find the average price of a neighborhood go down with each distressed, bank-owned home that comes available on the market.

Experts have coined the phrase ‘shadow inventory’ to describe these vacant homes that have not been foreclosed upon but are moving through the process and will eventually become bank owned homes in Boise, Idaho. Many feel that ‘shadow inventory’ will be the driving force behind an inevitable real estate market crash.  However, there are real estate experts that feel this will only be the case in specific areas in the US.  Areas where there has been limited movement of foreclosed properties.  Fortunately, this may not be a big concern in the Boise market.

Bank owned homes in Boise, Idaho have continued to move over the years. Since over half of the properties that were in foreclosure over the past few years have been settled and sold, the Boise market indicates little effect by the ‘shadow inventory.’ This is a positive note for the Boise market overall.

2012 is showing fewer foreclosures than in the past few years and many experts believe that this is indicative of a slow market recovery.  With a recovery in mind, it is only fitting to see home prices to begin to stabilize and even begin to climb back up.  This is a good sign for the real estate economy and, in economies like Boise, Idaho, many real estate professionals believe that ‘shadow inventory,’ as mentioned above, will have little to no effect on the market as bank owned homes in Boise, Idaho continue to sell, improving the overall real estate market for the area.

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