The Hardie board siding is manufactured by James Hardie Industries Ltd. It is a fiber-cement product which is considered one of the best siding materials in the world. The Hardie board siding is constructed of low maintenance, durable material that can be used for any home. It has been in the market for a long period of time now. There are numerous benefits in using Hardie board siding for your home, and some of the most important are highlighted below.

1. The appearance of the Hardie board siding can mimic any other elegant material for that matter. Cedar shingles, wood shake siding and wood lap boards are quite identical to the Hardie siding. The color options are virtually unlimited with a 15-20 year warranty on the finish.  

2. The fiber-cement siding consists of 90% sand and cement, which makes it a good fire resistant material. There was a case reported in St. Paul Minnesota, where a house caught fire torching two trucks that was parked 60-feet away. But the house next door, which was constructed with fiber-cement siding remained unscathed. The distance between the two houses was only 50 feet.

3. Most of the Hardie board siding will come with a 50-year limited warranty. This type of siding is 100% insect and rot resistant. It can withstand any corrosive or salty environment and would be ideal for houses situated near the ocean. 

4. Fiber-cement siding is proven to withstand any type of storm whether it be the next Katrina or a summer hailstorm, without sustaining much damage. 


The Hardie board siding has to be re-painted periodically in order to extend its lifespan. Even though the life of the Hardie board is guaranteed for 50 years, the paint will be able to live only for 15-20 years. Re-painting the board will enhance its longevity.  The Hardie board will cost approximately $10 per square foot. It is one of the best choices for home siding.