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Are you renting your home right now? Is it time to consider investing in your own real estate, rather than making your landlord’s mortgage payment for him? Prices on homes are less than you may think, and the broad supply of Boise foreclosures and distressed properties are partly responsible for today’s market conditions. If you do an analysis of the net cost of owning versus renting, you will discover that you will save many thousands of dollars in the first year alone, especially if you factor in the huge mortgage tax deduction and the inevitable rent increases that will hit you if you stay where you are.

Boise Foreclosures Mean Opportunity

Boise foreclosures are found across the price spectrum and in all neighborhoods, but are a special boon to first time home buyers who are hoping to escape the rental trap. Renters are acutely aware that if today’s market conditions change to higher prices and interest rates, they may be locked into renting for a long, long time. Investors are also taking advantage of Boise foreclosures by purchasing them at low prices for positive cash flow and future value.

Every Market Changes

Every market changes, and every market is different. This market is no exception. Will this opportunity last? The supply of Boise foreclosures and distressed property is declining, market times are shrinking, and prices have started to creep up in some locations. The inventory of Boise foreclosures has dropped because banks have discovered that they need to get these homes off of the books, and are now more willing to negotiate.

Closing Faster

In the past, Boise foreclosures seemed to take an eternity to close; it took a long time for the bank to make a decision, and it took a long time for them to get through the red tape. They still take longer to close than traditional listings, but now are generally taking 120 to 150 days at the most, and will take less time on cash deals.

Your Boise Foreclosures Expert

Foreclosure transactions are different from traditional sales, and each one is unique. I have seen every possible type of distressed property transaction, and can help you compose an offer and negotiate with the bank. My goal as your Boise foreclosures expert is to help you find the best value and experience the smoothest transaction possible. Call me for a free, personal consultation.