Energy Efficient Windows in New Boise Homes

There are so many things to think about when you finally find the home you want to purchase. From the home inspection to the final walk-through, you have several opportunities to go over the home’s features.

Take a look at those windows before you sign on the dotted line at the closing table. Take a good, long and close look. Keep in mind that 15 to 22 percent of heat loss occurs through a home’s windows.

If you’re selling a Boise home, consider this: the installation of vinyl windows makes your home far more attractive to homebuyers and you will recoup 67.5 percent of the cost of installing them in added home value, according to a study performed by Remodeling Magazine.

It’s obvious that energy efficient windows save money on utility bills and new vinyl windows almost pay for themselves with the value they add to the home. There are additional benefits as well. These include:

More Sunlight

The low-E windows reduce the amount of solar heat that enters the home while maintaining the amount of light that enters a room.


Because the frame, space and glazing materials resist heat conduction, condensation is reduced.

Protection from Fading

Plastic films and coatings reduce ultraviolet radiation, which causes fading of carpets and upholstery.

Tax Savings

While energy efficient windows installed in 2011 may qualify for a Federal tax credit, saving you even more on the cost of new windows. There is no credit for those put into service in 2012.

When shopping for new energy efficient windows you’ll find a variety of types and materials. Frames may be aluminum, wood, vinyl or wood clad in vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl windows provide a higher level of efficiency than the less-expensive aluminum windows.

The process of choosing new windows may be confusing, but the folks at the Efficient Windows Collaborative have recommendations for both new Boise homes and existing homes in the Boise area.