Home to the Idaho State Capitol Building, the Boise State University and the Broncos, the city of Boise has plenty to offer to both locals and foreign tourists alike. Boise, Idaho offers a lot in culture and entertainment but it brings so much more even beyond the city.

The outdoors is a huge part in the life of every resident of Idaho. The Boise Foothills offers among the most breathtaking views there is in the whole state of Idaho and gives you a good glimpse of the city’s nature and wildlife. Boise can also be considered as a haven to many mountain biking enthusiasts considering that it has among the best biking trails in Treasure Valley.

Anyone who wants to have the perfect mix of the living the life in the city while being to spend as much time in the great outdoors will find great value in Boise Idaho real estate offers. If mountain biking is something you live and breathe in, Boise is the most ideal city for you to stay in.

Mountain Bikers Haven at Boise Foothills

Ready Access to the Great Outdoors

If you are looking for mountain biking trails to practice your skills on, the Boise Foothills offers a lot of them and they can go for miles and miles. It doesn’t matter what type of biking getaway you are out for: a quick ride after a long day at the office, a whole day affair through the wilderness or anything in between – you will find that the trails and loops in Boise will give you exactly what you want and maybe even more. The reason why homes for sale in Boise, Idaho is extremely popular for the outdoor enthusiast is that it offers a lot of different mountain biking trails catered to the seasoned outdoor enthusiast or simply for the weekend novice.

A Trip down the Oregon Trail Reserve

During the mid-1800s, the Oregon Trail was among the busiest and most visited paths for those people who sought for a new and better life. Today, the same trail can be used to explore the area a little bit more but this time while riding on a mountain bike. A lot of effort is being put together to connect various areas to trail such as the Bonneville Point, Barber Park and the Greenbelt Pathway. Riding through the trail will take you to a trip down history while you get to enjoy the beautiful views of Boise at the same time. Mountain bikers are asked to stick only to the designated trails and walk the bike across the Kelton Ramp to ensure that the historic area is preserved.

Military Reserve

The place got its name from Fort Boise as this 460-acre area was once the site of military maneuvers back in the 1860s to the 1940s. Back then, the area hosted various military activities including gunnery practice. Today, however, the city of Boise decided to preserve the land by converting it into a recreational and wildlife area. Those wanting to go on bike rides to explore the area may also do that by following the several paved trails looping around the reserve. There are also partially developed trails to give way to service vehicles and access to bad weather riding.

Camel’s Back/Hulls Gulch Reserve

Both of these areas are very popular not just among mountain bikers – it comes with challenging, steep climbs and amazing views – but also among those who simply love watching wildlife in the ponds. There were originally plans to develop the place but, in the 1990s, through the federal funding, the combined efforts of the citizens of Boise prevented it from being developed. Currently, projects are being undergone in order to restore and preserve the landmark to ensure that the local and rare plant life is protected as well.

Polecat Reserve

Compared to the other trails and green areas in Boise, Polecat Reserve is fairly new, having been developed only in 2007. The place features 7 miles of trails, mostly easy grades perfect for beginners, paired with stunning views that will make you forget that you are in very close proximity to the city. The area provides the best place to see the Treasure Valley and the Boise Ridgeline as well.

Shafer Butte Area

Those seeking more challenging trails will love trying out the 30-mile trail in this high elevation. The Shafer Butte Area allows one to bike through the forest and experience many types of trails as well. The trail will often require bikers to start with a climb then a descent when taken from above the road. Below the road, one will have to descend then end the trail with a climb.

Makes You Feel like You’re Living in Paradise

In case you are looking for homes for sale in Boise, Idaho, you should know that mountain biking is not the only activity that the city has to offer. The attractions around are pretty diverse and you can enjoy water sports, winter sports and other outdoor activities in between. Boise, Idaho real estate is quite attractive nowadays because you are sure to find plenty of opportunities for adventure, even right at your own backyard.

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