Getting the Most Out of the Sale of Your House

As the real estate market continues to climb, many potential sellers have decided to tread the uncertain waters of the market and set out to sell their homes.  The sale of your house is a process and one that needs to be navigated carefully. Using some of these strategies will help you prepare for the sale of your house and help ensure your home is desirable to potential buyers.

Listing/Marketing – It is important to get the marketing right. You want to hire a good realtor that has an Internet presence and uses sophisticated marketing techniques to ensure as many potential buyers as possible see your home.

Photos – A snapshot of your home last Christmas, covered in snow and twinkle-lights, is not the best choice for a sales brochure. Make certain you have professional photos of your home available for your listing and marketing brochures.

Staging – Ask your realtor about staging or hire a professional real estate stager. Having your home staged for photos and showings can make a big difference. Staging will help your rooms appear larger, roomier and more appealing to potential buyers. Be prepared to clean out closets and clear out clutter and don’t forget to let in the light. A dark home is not one that is appealing to most buyers.

Pricing – As the market continues to be a buyers’ market, pricing has everything to do with a successful sale. Being greedy and asking for the higher amounts than your area is pricing will only drive away potential buyers. When determining your listing price, you will want to consider comparable pricing or under pricing to help with the sale of your house.

Financing – With many buyers recovering from financial issues over the past few years, homes offering financial incentives will attract potential buyers. Consider picking up some of the closing costs or pre-paying property taxes. These simply incentives, advertised up-front, can make your home much more appealing to all potential buyers. You may even want to consider seller financing if it is something with which you are comfortable. This is a great way to help attract buyers than do not have the typical 20% down payment required by many lenders.

Preparing for the sale of your house can take some work. Ensuring you have a great realtor on your side and offering an appealing home through innovative marketing can help ensure your home is on the top of many potential buyers’ must-see lists.

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