Those big high-end bathrooms you come across in home improvement magazines are just to die for! For the longest time, you have been envious of such bathroom as you wonder what to do about your pint-sized bathroom. Here are some design ideas that may seem big but will be what you need to transform that small bath into something luxurious.

Older homes tend to have a bathroom that measure 5X8 feet, which is almost like a structural norm. Scaling down on some of the bathroom items will help to deal with that illusion of claustrophobia. You can do a pedestal sink instead of doing a skin that have a long counter space and cabinets. For lighting, work with tiles that have a light hue, and the same applies to the paint; it will create an illusion of more space.

Your choice of color will influence the décor design. For instance, you can do an Asian theme that allows you to play around with dark and light colors. You can do a Japanese feel for the powder room vanity, which will give your room to play around with modern elements complimented by old world designs. Do less of dark hue; taking away that chocolate layout and giving it a new sparkle of beige, light blue or white colors.

As small as you might see your bathroom might be, the available space is its strength; therefore, leverage the space without adding clutter. A touch of vanity lighting complement by light colors on the walls creates the illusion of more space. A light oak finish, more so in the bathroom furniture and storage options, can be an excellent way of creating an alluring contrast in hues.

The modern bathroom design works with horizontal tiles to that aid in creating more space in baths that have limited space. You can pair this with a frameless mirror. Stick to the vanity design concept for the ceiling and walls to stay in line with the creation of more space. You might consider including a curbless shower pairing it with a sizable toilet to make the bath look and feel bigger and luxurious

Leveraging the available space with all its limitations is possible if you work with an efficient vanity working with a light vanity for dark wall and dark vanity for light walls. A vanity with drawers under the sink for storage options for your accessories will be a good way of maximizing your storage space options.

If you have an empty wall space, do not cover it instead, think Zen. A good option would be a horizontal dark-framed mirror; it will help to stretch the wall space while creating an illusion of more space in the bathroom.

Do not rush to paint the room even if it can help add a feeling of more space. You can opt to use marble tiles instead of paint and use other things such as frameless mirrors to create that illusion of space. Do not put in a tub; rather, install a glass door shower paired with a cabinet system that stretches from the floor to the ceiling.

Now you know. Your little bathroom can be just as elegant as those high-end baths. Tearing down the bath for expansion is not always the best route. It just comes with extra costs. Just know how to leverage the available space as you master how to incorporate light and dark color option to achieve that feeling of more space.