Use Fabrics

A great tip for staging is to create a fabric covering for an air mattress that has an old comforter on it. Put a large sheet over the comforter and then put a beautiful piece of fabric on the end or the middle of the bed. It will look like a high-end hotel room. You can also use fabric to cover TV stands to make them look like nightstands, pieces in the entryway or to decorate any table.

Add Luxurious, Affordable Touches

If youre doing a master bedroom that is boring, as is often the case, get the sellers to buy a gorgeous, luxury comforter set including throw pillow, matching valances and a bed skirt. Go all out! They could go to a place like Burlington Coat Factory which sells very rich-looking sets for about $100. This one trick can turn that bedroom into a suite in a luxury hotel.

Try a Dramatic Fabric Backdrop

Another great way to improve a bedroom that is dull is to use fabric, draperies or even sheer curtains on the wall in back of the bed. If you do this, its a good idea to take away the treatments from the windows so more light will come into the room. This backdrop for the bed serves as the headboard. It can make the ceilings appear to be higher and it will definitely add a feeling of luxury and style. It will cost very little, but the drama it will add is priceless.


Add Bathroom Elegance

In the bathroom, buy beautiful hand towels and tie them with a sheer ribbon. Then put them in all the bathrooms on the towel holders. You will be amazed by how much better your bathrooms will look. Another great addition is candles in modern colors and lovely dried flowers. This will add that dash of spice youre looking for and will bring your rooms to life.

Put a Lid on It

Throughout the home, whether it is empty or not, make sure you have closed everything. Close the drains on the sinks and the tubs. Definitely put down all toilet covers. Make sure closet doors are closed. Then let the warmth of the sun come in. This will immediately improve all of your rooms and it is free!

Make the Old New Again

Sometimes you will be working with a dated home. Not too long ago, I was staging a large home that was completed in 1979. The master bathroom had a sunken cultured marble tub and swirly 1970s brown matching vanity tops. On top of that, the shower tile was speckled white and gold. To bring this room up-to-date would have cost a fortune, but I was able to transform it anyway. We painted the shower stall and tub with a nice epoxy paint in white and made the marble tops a pleasant white with tiny tan specks. It all cost about $800 and the improvement was striking.