Stage the Lawn

Its very important to always have a well maintained lawn. In the spring and summer, you must make sure that it has been trimmed and mown. Your home will look much more inviting if you have clipped all the plants! In the fall, make sure you have raked all the leaves up and gotten rid of them. That way, your yard will always look well cared for. In the winter, in some parts of the country, you will have to make sure that all the snow on walks and the driveway is gone.  Always use a deicer or salt to keep new ice from forming. Dont let your clients walk up a slippery driveway. If you have pets, dont leave any poop on the lawn or on the snow! This looks really bad.

Frame a Local Scene

Buy an inexpensive local calendar, frame the pictures and put them all over the house. Try to find pictures that show local themes and the nature that is outside the door. Its not good for a buyer to wish they were in Aruba when they are in snowy northern Michigan!

Showcase Designer Bags

I love to create designs using designer bags that are colorful in several different shapes and sizes. Stagger them on the shelves in a master bedroom closet, a linen closet or in another closet. This will create a fun, visual vibe and people will love how clever and unique it is. The best part is that its free. All you need to do is let the stores know that you are staging a sellers home and would like to advertise their bags. Most stores will love the free publicity. To give the bags body, I usually fill them with wadded up tissue. Ive used bags from Chico, Pier 1, Neiman Marcus, Coach, Nordstrom, Victorias Secret and Crate & Barrel in this way. Best of all, their storage is easy since they will lie flat.

Customize the Art

Try buying a couple of nice easels and put them in several different rooms. Then, put a piece of art that has been framed on the easel. Or, you could put a nice mirror on it. The idea is to find something that will complement the colors of the floors or the walls. Another idea is to create a large poster filled with photos and other interesting information about the house and place it on the easel. This wont cost much money but it will provide a nice focal point for the room.

Redo the Doghouse

Pay attention to the pet areas of the house. Buy new beds and bowls so that it is obvious that this area is kept neat and fresh. Pick only one spot for the litter boxes and the pet beds. A good place might be in the utility room, the garage or the laundry. It should be out of the way of your clients.

Have Sellers Write a Letter

Another great idea is to have your sellers tell your clients just how great it has been to live in the house. I often ask sellers to write a simple one-page letter to possible buyers that tells them some of the less obvious advantages to living in the house. For example, let them know about the Easter egg hunt that happens every year on the cul-de-sac. Tell them about that amazing sunrise that you enjoy every morning from the window in the breakfast nook and the school bus that stops just down the street. I use pretty paper to showcase these letters and place them near the front of the property profile book that I put on the kitchen counter.

Make It Memorable

There are two more things you can do when you stage a home. First, put a welcoming wreath on the front door. This will stay there and the new buyers will love its warmth when they move in. Second, put a sexy black nightgown behind the master bedroom door. The husband who is buying will never forget that house!