Create a Focal Point

To create a focal point in your living room, the first step to take is to figure out which corner is the most visible and then add a large plant to that spot. Often, silk trees work very well. It is also nice to set up a spotlight from behind the plant so that the leaves will be backlit, producing a cool shadow on the wall. This will really help if the room is in need of more lighting and it will add to the feeling of space in the room. To create a relaxed feeling, you can add a big, colorful rug.

Set Up a Chat Room

When setting up the room, it is good to put the living room furniture into an arrangement that will be good for conversation as well as for entertainment. When a potential buyer sees the room, they should be able to easily picture themselves having a conversation where they does not have to turn around or move a chair to see the other person.


Get Rid of Carpet Dents

Make sure to remove furniture indentations in the carpet. A great way to pull up the indentation is to put a medium-sized ice cube over the dent. When it melts, the carpet that was pushed down will expand and the indentations will go away. Another way to get rid of it is to put a vacuum cleaner over the spot for a little while because this will cause the carpet to expand and that will remove the dent.

Accent Special Features

Make good use of the special features in the room by accenting them well. If you have a fireplace, it is a great idea to put a nice plant nearby. Or, if you would like to suggest that different areas of the home can be separated, a couple of tall palms might be placed to direct the buyer in the direction you would like them to go. This also will help make sure someone enters the home often to take care of it. Another tip is that you can make an empty space lively by using plants with many colorful flowers.

Invoke the Outdoors

I always like to bring some nature into each room. It is a great idea to create a nice flow through the whole home using fresh and dried flowers and cuttings throughout. Sometimes, a very simple idea is to use twigs to spell a word or maybe a small cutting that is tied with raffia on a pillow and then put on a bed. This will help draw the eye into the room without being overpowering. On occasion, I have used a cutting of a branch to create a “tree” in a corner of a room that was too empty. This will work no matter whether the theme of the home is modern or traditional. By using a bit of nature in each room, you will create a continuing theme throughout the house. One important hint: Always make sure you have checked the cuttings for bugs!


Bring Your Own Bed

A really easy way to put a bed into an empty bedroom is to arrange several moving boxes so it is shaped like a bed. Then, use special bedding to give it that dressed up look. You will be able to use the bedding to create whatever mood you would like to convey for the room. For example, you might want to give the master bedroom a romantic feel while creating a fun vibe in a kids bedroom! It is always good to help a potential buyer to be able to envision themselves in that space.

Another quick way to add a bed is to buy an air mattress that is inexpensive and has a folding frame that is off the floor. After you finish staging it, no one will be able to tell that it is not a real bed. And, of course, after the house sells, the new owner will only have to deflate the bed, fold it and pack it away.