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Bringing together the best of the outdoor and urban worlds, the Shakespeare festival in Boise, always draws in hundreds, if not thousands of Boiseians every year.  Seated on Boise River, Boise also provides great grounds for fly fishing and hundreds of anglers can always be seen angling along the river at dawn especially when fishing season is at its prime. The city boasts a unique quality of life and has been considered one of the best places to raise a family, establish a business and for recreation. Property and home prices in Boise range from as little as $100,000 to as high as over $1,000,000.


Over the last decade, Boise has transformed from the simple agricultural dependent community that used to grow onions and potatoes with average and reasonably priced homes to a more complex center with corporate headquarters and outstanding properties spread throughout Treasure valley.


At the same time, this great city boasts all the essential amenities, recreational facilities and institutions required for it to thrive. For instance, Boise is home to Lucky Peak reservoir, the Idaho Historical Museum, Boise State University, The Idaho Botanical Garden, Bogus Basin Ski Resort, and the Boise Green Belt amongst other notable areas, facilities and centers.


Often, many searching for homes in Idaho over the Internet are surprised by the thousands of home listings that are displayed in the results. However, it is important to note that not too much information could be misleading and is most often not good. On our comprehensive Idaho Homes website, we strive to provide the best ways to make simple your search for a house or houses on sale in Idaho. Our solutions will help you narrow down your search to the specific area, zip code, neighborhood, walk score and even MLS number. 


No matter where you are from, we will help you pick the best home amongst the thousands of Boise homes for sale- a home that will befit you. Great thing is that Boise boasts a wide variety of homes to choose from. Get to peruse through different homes and choose the one that will suite you; be it a home with a small yard but with plenty of space or a home with plenty of space and a small yard, or whatever design and style you would love- they are all there!


If you love being near the city, there are properties and homes situated in and around the city’s vicinity. However, if you love serenity, peace and space, there are plenty of small town communities located a short distance from the city.  Great thing about Boise Homes is that most of them are conveniently situated with access to all essential amenities and facilities. National forests, parks and recreational grounds are all easily accessible. All the natural beauty that surrounds Boise makes it a great place to find your ideal Idaho home. For the best Idaho homes on sale, start your search here.