Is the Housing Crisis Finally Ending?

In the article entitled Housing Crisis to End in 2012 as Banks Loosen Credit Standards published by, the housing crisis is finally ending.  How do they predict this long –awaited ending? Many experts’ feels that the lending trends are what indicate how the market is finally on the rise again.

During the house crisis, most lending requirements were increased.  This means that Loan-to-Value ratios were higher, credit scores necessary to qualify for loans were higher, and amount of loan to borrowers earning has increased. Though not back to the pre-crisis numbers, lending is opening up for more potential borrowers making it easier to get loans, buy homes, and maybe see an end to the troubling numbers of foreclosures and excessively vacant homes.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you have been holding out for a good time to buy a home, you may finally be in a position to do so. As lenders loosen the constraints of home loans, more people will finally be able to qualify for a mortgage and be on their way to home ownership.

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