Keys to a Successful Open House

April is open house month so it’s time to get your house ready to be seen by some potential buyers. Here are some keys to a successful open house.

Plan/Schedule – Plan for the open house. Make sure that everyone is available, that you give plenty of time to advertise, and market the open house properly. Be sure NOT to plan around holidays and community events that could keep possible homebuyers from attending the open house. Be certain to invite current potential homebuyers that you know.

Stage/Setup – Stage the home before the day of the open house. De-clutter the rooms, remove unnecessary furniture, and rearrange furniture if necessary to have an appealing and welcoming feel in each room.  When setting up for the open house, make certain that documents are readily accessible, that rooms are well lit, toys and extras are removed from the yard, and everything has a clean and fresh scent and appearance.

Be Ready – Be certain to have plenty of paperwork, brochures, and snacks for everyone that may attend. Be prepared with offer paperwork as well. Having appraisal documents and comparable sales available to potential homebuyers is also important. Have everything accessible on a table. If there are blueprints, homeowners association information, or recent repairs and renovations to highlight, have this paperwork readily available as well.

Attitude – Make sure that you have the best attitude on the day of the open house. Be approachable and cheery.  Having a positive attitude and being able to be spoken to is important. If you have a real estate agent that is handling your open house, have a positive attitude and let your agent do his or her job.

Selling your house is an exciting time and an open house can be a great way to get prospective homebuyers looking at your home. You never know when that right buyer is going to come along.