Listing Your Boise Home? Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid!

Disclosure Signatures

Disclosing material facts that might affect your Boise property’s value is a fair obligation that’s understood by everyone.  Idaho Association of Realtors sellers’ property condition report is not a warranty of any kind by the seller(s) or by any agent representing the seller in their transaction. Sellers’ condition report is not a substitute for any inspection.  Buyers are encouraged to acquire his or hers own professional inspections.

Earnest Money 

Ah — the thrill of getting the first offer! After readying the property and listing your home, when an offer comes quickly, you’ll be tempted to say, “Where do I sign?” But slow up: getting a great offer is just the first step. Part of being a prudent seller is scrutinizing the offer and buyer to gauge the likelihood that the deal will close. The amount of earnest money should demonstrate the prospect’s sincere intent to buy…not just their desire to tie up the house while they make up their mind!


Want to watch warm feelings ice up in a hurry? Try surprising your buyer with the last-minute news that you intend to take your coveted attached draperies (or heirloom chandelier, or custom closet system) with you because you forgot to exclude them. Its part of my job as your agent to go over the more obvious items when listing your home in Boise, but even so, it’s ultimately up to you to make sure your intent is known. Trust me - I’ve seen more than one sale go south in the eleventh hour over some unbelievably minor items.

Coming next, I’ll flesh out more of these most common pitfalls. Of course, listing your home with me means you won’t need to worry: I make it may job to keep an eye out for all of them. If you’re thinking of listing your home in Boise, Idaho or surrounding cities this spring, call me today