Look for an Increase in Short Sales in Boise, Idaho This Summer

With a $25 million settlement between the government and five of the biggest mortgage lenders reported, short sales in Boise, Idaho may be on the agenda for the real estate market this summer. 

Though it is not expected that the settlement will help a large number of homeowners, it is expected to assist the overall real estate market in the area.  By moving vacant homes and boise-meridian-bankowned homes, the real estate market may find itself in much better shape as banks accept lower offers and vacant homes are moved more quickly through the foreclosure process. This will likely increase the acceptance of short sales in Boise, Idaho, which, in turn, increases the property movement.

Read  about the settlement and its predicted effect on the real estate market as a whole here

All current short sale homes in Boise Idaho furnished by IDX/MLS.  Any homes listed below are current as of the morning you are reading this blog.