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Using Inspiration From Model Homes

by Randy Gridley

Look Like a Model Home

When listing your home for sale, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.  Things like getting an appraisal, pre-packing, cleaning, inspections, and much more. It is extremely important that you take seriously depersonalizing your home.  This is a huge part of selling your home.

The idea is that you should eliminate all traces of you as the owner ever living in your home.  This will ensure that any buyer interested in buying your home can get a picture of them living in the home with all of their personal items.  When you do a good job of eliminating all traces that anyone lived in the home it makes it easier for the potential buyer.  This can be a very powerful tool to secure the sale of your home.

Our Homes Ourselves

It is so easy to accumulate allot of material things over the span of our life.  Family pictures and knick-knacks can really clutter our walls and our homes. Take a look around your home. It stands to reason that you have a number of heirlooms, knickknacks, unique furniture, and other items of note. How about that collection of vintage action figures in the living room? You might love them, but they may prove to be distracting to a potential buyer.

This is where depersonalization can become handy.

The Model Home Influence

The thing to remember about depersonalization is that it’s not really a commentary on your sense of style. Rather, it is the process of making it possible for potential buyers to impose their style on the room. You want a potential buyer to see themselves as an owner, and not merely as a guest. Making your home as neutral as possible can achieve this. A great place to get inspiration on decorating your home to sale is from model homes and hotels. The more neutral the space is, the more likely a buyer will work to imagine themselves living there.

Depersonalizing a space can be enormously effective. However, there are several things you will want to keep in mind, in order to get the most out of the experience.

Tips For Depersonalizing A Home

Before you change a single thing, ask yourself the following question: “Is there anything in my home that might annoy, offend, or distract a potential buyer?” You have to be ruthless in how you answer this question. If you have even the slightest doubt about leaving something out, then there’s a really good chance that it needs to be prepacked. These potential items can include furniture, clothing, art, your various collections, and much more. No one is saying you have to throw these things away. Simply put them away, or even prepack them, and keep them out of the sight of prospective buyers.

Once you’ve gotten rid of these things, you’re ready to begin the actual depersonalization process. Start looking for items that are centric to you, or centric to specific niche groups. While this can amount to a significant task, breaking things down can help:

Personal items: This list can include trophies, your collections, hobby items, work items, and similar things. For things you absolutely need to keep out, simply make sure they are as out of sight as possible. Clothing, toiletries, books, pets, and extras/doubles of anything are good examples of things that you will naturally want to keep, but will also need to put away during visits from potential buyers.

Pictures/paintings/artwork: Non-generic art/decorative items can distract potential buyers, since your taste may not be the same as theirs. Statues, busts, or figurines are additional items you may need to put away. Consult your agent for alternatives.

Wall colors/paint: This is one subject that some people would rather avoid having to deal with, since it can potentially involve making changes to the walls of your home. Unique patterns/colors tend to be off-putting to potential buyers, while neutral colors tend to make it easier for them to picture themselves in the space. Talk to your agent about the possibility of having your wall colors changed.

Whites: On the other hand, white can prove to be a little too bland. While white can work as a neutral color, in the event that your budget doesn’t really cover having the walls painted again, you may want to consider something else.

Heirlooms/keepsakes: Your heirlooms/keepsakes are enormously valuable to you. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be valuable to others. Unless you absolutely need them, you may want to go ahead and simply prepack them. Regardless, they should be out of site.

Odors: This is one aspect to depersonalization that many fail to take into account. However, real estate agents and other experts/professionals will tell you that when it comes to depersonalization, taking care of odors is right at the top of your list.  Air fresheners and neutral odor products can go a long way towards making the odors in the home as non-specific as possible. Keep in mind that even if you think the odors in the home are fine, potential buyers may not feel the same way.

Creating A Neutral Space

All of the above tips have one thing in common: Everything is designed to strip your current home down to the absolute essentials. While you are not required to do these things, you will find that selling your home is going to be a great deal easier, when you keep all of these tips in mind. These tips can be particularly useful to those who find themselves trying to sell in a crowded market place. In situations such as these, you’re going to find that every little bit helps. Depersonalizing your home can make it easy for potential buyers to imagine their own personalities being imprinted in the remarkable details that make up the home.

In the end, it is well worth discussing all of these possibilities with your real estate agent. Your agent can help you to make some of those tough depersonalization calls, while pointing you towards possibilities that may not have occurred to you beforehand. It can be a little taxing, but as you can probably tell by now, the benefits of taking depersonalization seriously can prove to be substantial.

Why Should I Use A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home?

by Randy Gridley

Use A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home

The question above is a common one. Lots of people are intimidated by the stress of selling their home. Several people even believe that real estate agents will even make things more stressful.

It is important for you to choose the best real estate professional to sell your home. The outcome will be a great benefit for you to keep the stress to a minimal.

Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent?

This is a very important question for you to ask yourself. The truth is that you can truly benefit from hiring a real estate agent that is experienced, due to the fact that they will have experience to help you with all the decisions that you will need to make.

Yes, you can sell your house on your own. However, take into account all the wisdom and problem solving that your real estate agent will have experience in. Then, you will quickly come to realize why it is a terrible idea to go it alone without using the help of a professional real estate agent. The benefits of using a real estate agent are simple: Not only will using a professional real estate agent help you save time and money but the most important thing is it will help you keep your sanity!

5 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent

If you still think you don't need a real estate agent, consider the following:

1) They will represent you: They know the market and the value of your home and they know what will help it to sell quicker. They know how to negotiate contracts so that you do not leave money on the table. They carry the load and stress of the back and forth bargaining over the offers so that you do not have to deal with the stress.

2) Real estate agents offer powerful market strategies: Great agents know the market in your area like the back of your hand. Most likely they have lived in the area for a long time. They will be able to steer you through the uncertainty, of the market as it presently stands.

3) Think of real estate agents as aggressive assistants: Scheduling appointments for qualified buyers to view your home can become a massive headache. When people ask “Why should I use a real estate agent to sell my home”, this is one of the areas people fail to appreciate. When you have a real estate agent on your side they will stay on top of everything and you will not need to worry.

4) Real estate agents have resources you do not have: In most cases, when you pay for the experience of a professional, you are paying for expertise that you do not have. With real estate agents, you will have the advantage of their resources such as phenomenal pictures, social media marketing, videographers, state of the art websites, and so much more.

5) Real estate agents work within a powerful network: Another great benefit you will be taking advantage of through your real estate agent is the powerful network that remains constantly at their disposal. They know lots of other agents. They know where to find the best buyers for your home.

These are just five of the benefits to keep in mind. Below you will find a few more?

Five More Benefits Of Using Real Estate Agents

You should have a pretty firm answer to the question of “Why should I use a real estate agent to sell my home.” If you need more convincing, keep the following things in mind:

1) You can also rely on real estate agents for assistance with the purchase of your next home: This is yet another benefit that first-time sellers fail to take in to account. When you make the decision to sell your home, usually you are also going to want to turn around and purchase a new home. If you haven’t already purchased a new home, you can definitely benefit from using your real estate agent. The agent who helped you sell your house has now gained your trust and they can turn around and help you purchase a new home.

2) They know lots of other professionals: Real estate agents have access to a powerful, network of individuals. That is one of the reason they can sell your home for the best possible price. If your home needs repairs, your real estate agent has knowledge of exceptional professionals to help with your repairs. Don’t forget that your home is going to need an inspection, in some cases your will need more than one inspection. You are going to love the fact that a good real estate agent can definitely lead you in the right direction.

3) They can give you focus: Staying focused is one of the hardest parts in selling your home. A real estate agent can help you get the most money possible for your house. They can also help keep you focused and aware of the goals you are trying to accomplish. Without a professional real estate agent, staying focused can prove to be extremely challenging at times.

4) They will get you through the closing part: When the time comes to close on the sale of your home, you will start to feel like it is just about over. While you should certainly be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel at this point, you are not completely finished with the sale of your home.. The real estate agent will help you fill out all of the forms and deal with all the complications that can arise at the last minute so that your house can close on time.

5) They can speed things up: With the question of “Why should I use a real estate agent to sell my home”, it really just comes down to money. Time is money! With the best real estate agents working for you, you are talking about the fastest route possible to the most amount of money you can get for your home.

Why You Need Professionals?

At the end of the day, you’re going to be glad you researched and hired the best real estate agent in your area. Take time to consider all of the reasons above. All of the reasons above touch upon some aspect of the entire process of buying or selling a home.

Sunrise on the City of Boise Idaho

Boise neighborhoods are without a doubt the best option for you if you’re currently looking for a good place to move in Idaho. Boise is the capital city of the state with 216,000 populations in 2015. However, the number of people living in the city continues to increase as the economy keeps on growing. For those who want to experience a fresh way of living, the City of Trees is the perfect choice.

Whether you want to live a fast-paced lifestyle in the heart of the city or you simply want to take advantage of our small-town environment, one of the perks of choosing Boise is you have the best of both worlds. The city provides everyone with affordable living while boasting low crime rates every year. With great educational choices for your children rest assured your child’s learning will be well taken care of.  Boise also has a thriving economy, ideal for couples who are starting their lives together. In fact, the median cost of a residence is only $216,000, more affordable than what other neighborhoods offer.

Choosing the Most Ideal Neighborhood

According to 2015 records, it only takes approximately 90 days to successfully sell a house. You can work with a professional real estate agent from Silvercreek Realty Group to help you make an informed decision before you buy your own property in our great city. The expertise and knowledge of a Boise real estate agent can provide you with exact details you need to know when buying a home.

Home in springtime in Boise Idaho

You will also be given helpful information to make sure that you are choosing the best neighborhood in the area. If you want to move to Boise, there are 5 wonderful areas you can choose from to find the best property to live with your family. Please take a look at the bullets below, to help you decide which of the following areas would best suit your lifestyle needs.

  • North End – this place is characterized by the tree-lined streets with classic houses built in every corner. There are also some properties constructed in 1900s that represent the historic architecture of old Boise. You can find the popular Harrison Boulevard in North End where you can enjoy the district’s nice-looking main road with plenty of homes registered at the National Register of Historic Places. Hyde Park will also give you another ideal area for residence. You can also enjoy Camel’s Back Park for a picturesque view.
  • East End – this is also called the Warm Springs Boulevard. Where you can discover a multitude of fine Victorian style homes. The schools available in the area will help you keep your standards high when it comes to child’s education. Also, this place is full of excellent opportunities to give you an enjoyable lifestyle. Residents take advantage of easy access to main attractions including the South Central Idaho Mountains, Boise River, and foothills. One of the most interesting aspects why Warm Springs is best chosen by residents is the hot springs running underground.
  • Southeast Boise – with the striking upscale areas located in southeast Boise, you can also witness the beauty of this neighborhood through Boise State University. It encompasses the entire area with happy residents due to premium outdoor amenities such as the Greenbelt, several parks, and the Boise River. Bown Crossing is a new subdivision in southeast Boise that features 92 units, attractive ponds, and 59,000ft2 of restaurant and retail space. Also, this area is popularly known as a peaceful neighborhood with 30-year-old constructed buildings. Occupants can also enjoy water sports and boating activities at Lucky Peak Reservoir.
  • Harris Ranch – this is located at the east end part of the city that offers a nice subdivision for residents. It was developed 3 years ago to ensure a better neighborhood for those who want to move in. Up to date, Harris Ranch constructs and develops more communities within the subdivision. The beautiful developments being made in the area help residents to level up their lifestyle without higher cost of living. You can enjoy the convenience of this place because it’s located near Highway 21.
  • Northwest Boise – in the northern part of the city where you can see the foothills, Northwest Boise is found. It is known as the city of Eagle with new and old subdivisions to choose from. This is another excellent choice due to the beautiful sceneries it offers such as the Lake Harbor and waterway attractions. You can also explore stunning outdoor trails here with some of the best areas to spend quality time with the whole family.

To give you more about the bench pockets at Idaho, here are some of the ideal areas you can still visit while choosing the best neighborhood in the state:

  • Glen Haven St. – this is literally a street haven where you can see various homes within 2 charming circles. However, it represents a very peaceful district in the central part of Boise. The properties boast 50-60s structural designs with mid-century finesse.
  • Roosevelt and Alpine – this will give you the charming side of Boise at which several parks and foothills view can be seen. The Alpine and Roosevelt’s dog park offers pet lovers a nice area to take their pets for a stroll. Homes here are affordable and new residents can expect a warm welcome from new neighbors eager to greet you.
  • Emerald – this is located between Garden Street and Houston Road. This street will give you incredible views of Boise along with several parks available around the area. You will find other fabulous roads in the area include Irving, Pike, Marshall, and Balsam.
  • Crescent Rim & Latah –features beautifully constructed buildings with 1950-1960s designs. The view will give you amazing experience while taking advantage of greater opportunities to buy your own property with fair market rates.

Now you have all the information you need to show you which part of our beautiful city best suits your needs and the needs of your entire family. Contact us today with any and all questions you may have! 

How To Add A Water Feature To Your Backyard

by Randy Gridley


As you browse Eagle Idaho real estate, it’s not hard to start envisioning what you might do with one property or another. In addition to looking over homes for sale in Eagle Idaho, you may want to consider improvements to the backyard. There are always things you can do that can increase the personal appeal and overall value of your property. Adding a water feature is definitely something you can do. While there are a few things about this possibility that you are going to want to keep in mind, it’s also something with a lot of attractions and options. You can easily come up with something that is going to appeal to your personal tastes.

The Benefits Of A Water Feature

There are a couple of benefits to adding a water feature to your backyard, as mentioned earlier. In the first place, you are adding something to your home that will truly emphasize rest and relaxation, not to mention luxury. Whether you are alone, one-half of a married couple, or the head of a family, you can come up with something that is going to delight everyone. At the same time, you’re also adding something that will definitely increase the value of your Eagle Idaho real estate purchase.

Furthermore, you’re also adding something that can potentially recreate nature, while also putting in something that is going to engage all of your senses. You can even use your water feature to attract various birds and other wildlife. Keep that last part in mind, since some people do not want to do anything that actively encourages the presence of animals.

Make sure that the homes for sale in Eagle Idaho can accommodate such a move. You should also understand exactly what you are adding to your home.

Let’s talk about the relaxation element a little bit more. When we think of lakes and rivers, we tend to think of relaxation. You can imagine the gentle sounds, the simple additions of small animals. You can very easily imagine a situation that truly emphasizes relaxing. There are a variety of water features that can help you to achieve this. It’s even possible to have a waterfall added. In other words, when it comes to water features, you are not simply limited to swimming pools and Jacuzzis. You have a wide variety of possibilities.

Another nice thing about water features are the maintenance requirements.  While swimming pools and hot tubs can have a large number of maintenance concerns, you can allay many of these concerns by simply staying on top of things. You can also opt for water features that are fairly minimal in maintenance requirements, which is something you can actually say for most water features. If you’re curious about adding one of these features to your Eagle Idaho real estate sale, make sure you’re going to be okay with the maintenance demands.

Additional Water Feature Elements To Consider

Most of the homes for sale in Eagle Idaho can take advantage of a water feature. Don’t forget that this can make for a nice investment into the home itself. Chances are, you’re planning to sell the house in a few years. While we’re not saying that you should start obsessing about that, it isn’t unreasonable to think about additions in terms of resale value. Water features can add a nice chunk of change to that resale value. Think about the various reasons as to why you would want to have a water feature added in the first place. Chances are, the same things that are motivating you are things that will motivate other people.

Don’t forget that the resale value component to water features is subject to a variety of factors. The neighborhood and current real estate market will both play significant factors in how much your house is going to be worth later on. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the future to some degree.

You should also make it a point to familiarize yourself with some of the water features available to you. Water gardens,  waterfalls,  rock wall waterfalls, bubbling rock fountains, and column fountains are just a few of your popular possibilities. Further additions to any of the homes for sale in Eagle Idaho can come in the form of vase fountains, copper tree fountains, swimming pools, hot tubs, basalt columns, and the classic garden fountain.

In Conclusion

As you continue looking over Eagle Idaho real estate, don’t be afraid to continue imagining your potential water feature. You’re going to want to keep in mind things like the costs involved, as well as the wishes of the rest of your family. Nonetheless, you’re going to find that this is a fairly flexible idea. Imagine the end result. Picture yourself relaxing in supreme comfort and style. Choose the water feature that will help you achieve this.

Simple Tips for Selling Your Home in Meridian Idaho

by Randy Gridley

Tips for Selling Your Home in Meridian Idaho

In addition to looking over Meridian Idaho real estate, you’re also going to want to know everything that will be expected of you, in terms of selling your previous home. When you take certain measures to ensure a painless selling process with your home, you’ll be able to focus on homes for sale in Meridian Idaho much more easily. You’ll be able to shop for your new home with the full comfort of knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure a straightforward selling process.

Tips For Selling Your Home

One of the first things you are going to want to understand is that you are almost certainly competing with other homes on the market. In the same sense that you have plenty of options with Meridian Idaho real estate, there are likely a number of listings in your area. In the same way that homes for sale in Meridian Idaho want to do everything possible to distinguish themselves, there are a number of things you can do to make your own listing as attractive as possible.

Here are some straightforward tips to get you started:

  • Don’t overestimate the value: It’s easier than you think to price yourself out of the market. Work with your agent to know what your home is currently valued at, and price the house accordingly.
  • Understand that you get what you pay for: When it comes to marketing Meridian Idaho real estate, experts will tell you that with marketing, you get what you pay for. The same is true for your listing, regardless of your location. Assume the costs involved with having high-quality photos taken, as well as the costs associated with hosting an open house. Ultimately, these little extras make the difference.
  • Get an agent: Chances are, you’re not an expert on selling a house. That’s not meant to insult you. It’s just that when you’re looking at homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, you’re probably utilizing the experience of an agent for the buying process. The same should hold true for the selling. Trust the experience and dedication of a professional agent to help you to sell your home at a good price.

These are just three things you’re going to want to keep in mind. At the end of the day, there are still more things you’ll want to do, if you’re serious about selling your home in a time-efficient manner, and for a price you’ll be pleased with.

Ideas For Selling Your Home

Here are a few more tips to help you sell your house:

  • If it’s broken, fix it. If there is anything in your home that is broken, you have two options. You can either pay to have the broken item or items fixed, or you can simply settle for a lower price. The choice is yours to make. Keep in mind that when you’re browsing Meridian Idaho real estate, you wouldn’t want to inherit a bunch of broken items.
  • Try not to get too emotional: Think about the homes for sale in Meridian Idaho that you’ve seen so far. They were really houses, rather than homes, which tend to reflect the history and tastes of the owner. When showing the house off to potential buyers, consider getting rid of family photos, and think about having the home painted in a neutral color. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine seeing themselves in the home.
  • Speaking of clutter: Take advantage of the fact that you’re moving anyway so start packing away some of your personal things. You want to leave a home as bare as possible, so that your potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living there. Get rid of the clutter, and start packing things up.

Final Tips For Selling Your Home

At this point, you should be in pretty good shape to focus on Meridian Idaho real estate. However, there’s a couple of other things you should keep in mind. In the first place, don’t let a low offer get you down. Buyers want the lowest price possible. You want the highest price possible. At the end of the day, you’re probably going to have to settle for something in the middle. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, and don’t be tempted to go for the first offer you get out of desperation.

At the same time, don’t let your negotiation process be undone by pettiness. If you get a good offer, and the buyers perhaps want you to leave something behind, consider giving it to them. Unless it is truly valuable to you, it might make things easier to simply give them what they want.

Selling your home can actually be an enjoyable experience. When you take the above measures, you’re ensuring a formidable peace of mind. You’re guaranteeing a process that will sell your home as quickly as the market allows.

All About Idaho

by Randy Gridley

As you look into Boise Idaho real estate, don’t be afraid to learn more about Idaho itself. This is a state that is well known for its love of all things potatoes. However, as you look at homes for sale in Boise, Idaho, keep in mind that you’re actually moving to a very unique, multifaceted state. There are a number of things about this state that serves to define it as a singular entity.

Fascinating Facts About Idaho

Ask someone about Idaho. Unless they live in the state, or really love trivia, you’re not going to get a lot of information. People know potatoes are a big deal in the state, but that’s really about it. However, as you continue to check out all the great examples of Boise Idaho real estate, brush up on your knowledge of the state. There are a number of things about Idaho that will unquestionably surprise you.

For example, did you know that Hemmingway spent his last few years in Idaho? Did you know that Idaho is responsible for nearly 50% of all trout sales in the United States? While it’s true that Idaho loves things like potatoes, football, and features some of the most beautiful forests in the country, the truth of the matter is that there is a lot more to this state than it gets credit for. You’ll find tons of homes for sale in Boise, Idaho. At the same time, you’ll find a great deal about the state in general that is certain to impress you.

Further Facts About Idaho

Idaho is home to a number of famous features and more. When you visit Idaho, you’re going to find beautiful mountains and lots of farm land. However, you’re also going to find things like sand dunes. In fact, Idaho is home to the biggest sand dune in North America. Bruneau State Dunes Park features one dune in particular that reaches a height of four-hundred-and-seventy feet.  Furthermore, if you visit Bruneau State Park, you’ll want to take advantage of the free observatory. Check out the dazzling view of the night sky with one of the observatory’s telescopes, or simply browse the stunning landscape that makes up these dunes.

Idaho also features some interesting connections to history. You won’t know this inherently from browsing examples of Boise Idaho real estate, but did you know that the state has connections to the history of the development of nuclear energy? It’s true. Countries such as Russia and Germany were working with the development of nuclear energy throughout the 1950s. The same was being done in Idaho, with the creation of a power plant that could light up an entire town by 1955.

As you continue to browse homes for sale in Boise, Idaho, it may interest you to learn that the Argonne National Laboratory, located in Arco, Idaho, was the first lab ever to unlock the power of the atom. It was because of the work done at that laboratory that other countries and parts of the United States were able to make bigger breakthroughs, building better and stronger power plants as time went on. Another interesting energy fact about Idaho actually concerns the city of Boise. The Capitol Building utilizes geothermal energy, getting its heat from water that is found three thousand feet below the surface of the planet.

Did you know that Idaho is also significant in the history of the skiing industry? It’s true. The Sun Valley Ski Resort was the first to offer chairlifts. It was also the first location in the U.S. to try heli-skiing. Sun Valley continues to be a popular resort for people from all over the world.

More About Idaho

Even the name Idaho represents unique trivia. When you’re looking over Boise Idaho real estate, keep in mind that the name of the state has a very interesting name origin. When the state was up for statehood in the 1860s, lobbyist George M. Willing claimed to discover that his proposed name came from the Shoshone Native American tribe. The translation for the name was said to be something along the lines of “Gem of the mountains.” However, the truth of the matter is that Willing made up the story. At the end of the day, no one knows where the name came from.

130 miles from your selection of homes for sale in Boise, you’ll find the site of Evel Knievel’s legendary Snake River Canyon jump from 1974. Even today, the jump site attracts a healthy dose of tourists.

Further history can be found at the Cataldo Mission, which is the oldest building in the entire state. Another interesting attraction would be Hell’s Canyon, which offers the deepest gorge in the United States.

There is no question that Idaho has a rich, fascinating history. It has made significant contributions to world history. It offers a variety of attractions and cities.

More Things To Do At Yellowstone

by Randy Gridley

Interesting Facts About Yellowstone

As you check out Meridian Idaho real estate, learn a little more about the state you are moving to. There is no question that when it comes to extraordinary scenic beauty, Idaho offers a lot. In addition to browsing homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, keep in mind that there is much to see and do in the state. A great example of this would unquestionably be Yellowstone National Park. America certainly loves its national parks. One of the best in the entire country is definitely Yellowstone. If you’re planning a move to Idaho, you should certainly make some time for this amazing destination.

About Yellowstone

While you should still focus your energy primarily on Meridian Idaho real estate, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the area. Yellowstone is one of the most famous things to do in Idaho, and it’s not hard to understand why. For unique, natural beauty, there is really nothing else that’s quite like it. Beyond homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, it’s a good idea to learn more about this place. It will serve to give you a nice idea of why Idaho is so celebrated for its natural wonders.

One of the first things people associate with Yellowstone is Old Faithful. You’ll find that eruptions at Old Faithful occur at a rate of every ninety-one minutes or so. While this element to the park is definitely a significant aspect to the park, it is far from the only thing you can do there.  Yellowstone is home to more than forty waterfalls and Yellowstone park was established before Idaho even had statehood.

Sightseeing is definitely a major part of the Yellowstone attraction. At the same time, there are a variety of other things you can do with your time there. Beyond sightseeing from your car, or from one of the many boardwalks available at the park, you’ll find a huge range of opportunities. Whether you like exploring, boating, or simply touring a historical site full of wonders, Yellowstone can accommodate you nicely.

How To Explore Yellowstone

When you’re shopping for Meridian Idaho real estate, keep somewhat of an open mind. The same can be said for exploring Yellowstone. The backcountry of the area is definitely one of the major highlights. There are over three hundred campsites available. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors on your own, or if you are looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience that will appeal to the whole family, you can find something. With homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, you have options. The same can be said for Yellowstone camping sites. Keep in mind that reservations are not required.

Boating is another popular Yellowstone activity. Both Yellowstone and Lewis Lake come with certain restrictions, but you’ll find that you can boat on most of them. Yellowstone Lake offers a plethora of boats for rent. You can also find outfitters for a guided boat adventure, or perhaps a fishing trip. Keep in mind that you may only be allowed to use non-motorized boats. Make sure you know all of the restrictions for where you plan to fish beforehand.

Fishing remains another heavyweight attraction at Yellowstone. For over a century, people have enjoyed the relaxation inherent in fishing against such a scenic, gorgeous backdrop. There are certain regulations and restrictions to consider, so make sure you know the rules of the season before you plan a big trip.

As you continue to take a break from Meridian Idaho real estate, learn more about the fun things you can do at Yellowstone.

When you take a break from looking at homes for sale in Meridian Idaho, find out more about horseback riding at Yellowstone Park. Xanterra Parks and Resorts can help you to plan a great riding adventure, from horses, to wagon rides. There are also a number of backcountry adventures that are available. You should be able to bring along your own horses.

How about a picnic with some wildlife viewing? Both picnicking and wildlife viewing are two very popular activities at Yellowstone. You can do these things separately, but you may want to combine both of them, in order to enjoy something truly unique. If you do opt for wildlife viewing, make sure you follow all suggested safety precautions. You don’t want to get too close to the animals. The picnicking areas offer beautiful views, with everything you would presumably want from a picnicking area (such as fire grates). Bring along a nice lunch, your camera, and perhaps a good pair of binoculars. What you will then have is a wonderful opportunity to experience this park.

As you can see, Yellowstone has a lot to offer. This park is sixty-three miles long and fifty-four miles wide. Start exploring the wonder of Yellowstone today.

The State Capitol Building – Letting the Light Shine through Boise

by Randy Gridley

At over 200 feet, Idaho’s State Capitol Building can proudly be seen towering over the skyline of Boise. For more than a century, the Capitol Building, which serves as the seat of the state government, has become the foremost symbol of Idaho and American democracy. 

Nevertheless, there’s more to the Capitol Building than just being the government seat. This building, which has been standing since the 1900s, is a piece of history. Still, even while the building has been restored, updated, and modernized throughout the years to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the government, its history and character have been preserved. Thus, it serves as a most fitting monument of Idaho. 

People who are interested in Boise Idaho real estate should endeavor to learn a bit of Boise’s history as seen through the Capitol Building. 

Not the Original Capitol

Despite the hype, the Idaho State Capitol Building you see today is not the original Capitol. That’s because Boise isn’t the original capital of Idaho. 

At the time when Idaho was a flourishing center of business, trade, and mining, the known state capital was Lewiston. Eventually, though, the population shifted and turned their attention to Boise during the time that gold was discovered in the Boise Basin. When the majority of the population moved to Boise, the capital followed the people. Construction commenced for the Capitol Building in 1885. However, by 1905, the state legislation outgrew the building. As a result, construction for a new Capitol Building, the current one, was initiated that same year,  in 1905. 

The construction of the current Capitol underwent two phases, with the first phase focusing on the construction of the building’s central portion, the one with the dome, as well as abbreviated east and west wings. The second phase involved expanding both east and west wings. 

Improvement and Restoration of the Capitol

The Capitol has been remodeled twice ever since its construction in 1905 – first time was during the 1950s, and then during the 1970s. Remodeling was necessary to keep up with the demands of a steadily growing government, as well as the need to keep an aging building in tiptop shape. Sadly, the remodeling projects took the Capitol away from its original glory.

It’s a good thing that the government realized the historic significance of the Idaho State Capitol Building. Hence, in 2005, a restoration process was started. The restoration involved repairing the building, preserving what they could, updating the mechanical and electrical systems, and expanding the building to accommodate the needs of the government.

The Capitol of Light – Literally and Symbolically

History books would show that the Idaho State Capitol Building is otherwise known as “The Capitol of Light”. The term was coined in deference to the vision and design of its architect, John E. Tourtellotte. Tourtellotte held light in high esteem, and this was evident when he designed the Capitol Building. Throughout the Capitol, you’ll see light used as decoration and the building itself was created to utilize natural light as much as possible. 

This homage to light is apparent as soon as you set foot on the main area, which is underneath the dome. Light shines and illuminates the dome and the surrounding marble columns through a skylight. On the underside of the dome, you’ll see 43 stars that symbolize Idaho’s admission as the 43rd state of America. The entire building is lit up with light shafts that reflect off the marble, creating a bright and stunning view. Both the east and west wings are mostly illuminated by natural light that seeps through the skylights; thus, there’s little need for artificial lighting. Literally speaking, the building is, indeed, “The Capitol of Light”.

Nevertheless, as far as Tourtellotte’s design goes, there is more to light than meets the eye. More than the literal connotation of it, Tourtellotte’s use of light in the Capitol Building was metaphorical. For Tourtellote, light was a representation of the Idaho government’s enlightened state. It also symbolized the necessary moral state for a government to function properly. Tourtellotte believed that light was essential to achieve four symbolic things – to illuminate the seat of the government, to keep the government in the correct state of mind, to follow their morals, and to keep them enlightened.

When the Capitol Building was restored in 2005, Tourtellote’s principles were taken into consideration. Hence, the current building has refurbished and new skylights (especially in the expanded areas) and light shafts. Marble was also chosen as prime material for the columns, as it reflects light. Even the façade of the building reflects light and illuminates the building.

Idaho’s Light Shines Through

The lifestyle of Idaho is clearly seen through the Idaho State Capitol Building. It basks in the glow of natural light, sitting amidst gardens and nature. Overall, Idaho never forgets to pay homage to nature and history while incorporating its ideals into a modern urban setting. People looking for homes for sale in Boise Idaho can clearly see this influence everywhere. Truly, elements of nature and deference to Idaho’s history are apparent from building design to recreational activities that locals enjoy.

Boise North End’s Beautiful Parks

by Randy Gridley

Boise North End’s Beautiful Parks

North End is not just a historical community in the city of Boise because it certainly offers a whole lot more to tourists both local and foreign. North End basically has it all – attractions, historical and cultural centers, beautiful architecture and ready access to the great outdoors. Those looking for Boise Idaho real estate will find it very alluring that one can easily have the best of urban life and nature. When it comes to the latter, North End provides the best that nature and the outdoors has to offer. In fact, getting outside and simply strolling around the many parks around the community is perfectly doable.

The Popular Camel’s Back Park

Perhaps the most popular park in Boise, Idaho is Camel’s Back Park, which is also where the Hyde Park Street Fair is held. During the Street Fair, everyone is catered to multiple days filled with entertainment, music, food and great company.

Located in West Heron Street, the 11-acre Camel’s Back Park is also the best place to go to watch fireworks and other astronomical events. On regular days, it is frequented by those who love flying kites and, in the winter, is the best place to go for sledding in Boise.

There really isn’t a shortage in things to do at Camel’s Back Park because it also features tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and lots of playgrounds. There are plenty of trails for hiking and biking and areas for sitting around to enjoy picnic also abound. It is even possible to reserve the park to hold big gatherings.

Elm Grove Park

Elm Grove is among the best spots in Boise Idaho to hold a picnic mostly because it is lined with lots of large and shady trees. The park is divided by an irrigation flume which features paved bike and walking trails, perfect for anyone wanting a leisurely stroll or ride while enjoying what nature has to offer.

Many local and foreign tourists love flocking Elm Grove Park to hold picnics. However, those wanting to do a bit of sports may do so at the several basketball courts, tennis courts and playground that the park has to offer. If you just want to let the day pass without doing anything – or perhaps accompanied by a good book – you can perfectly do this under the shade of any of the huge, beautiful trees found at the park.

Just a block away from Elm Grove is a rather interesting neighbor, the old Governor’s mansion, which has been used as the official residence for many decades.

Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park

At the north of the Boise River is an undeveloped park which features a huge 22-acre pond. Even so, it is still being flocked by people wanting to do some paddle sports during their leisure time: canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and so much more. There are plenty of rentals available around the area so you can take on any of these activities any time of the day. If you get tired of paddle sports, you can always head on to the picnic area, the small beach or the docks near the Greenbelt.

The Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park has a lot of potential and there certainly are plans to improve the place – it is one of the many reasons why homes for sale in Boise, Idaho are extremely popular. The Boise River Park continues to expand and this riverside park will become part of this project in the future. A new waterway is also underway which will include two Simplot Site ponds and the Bernardine Quinn pond. Not only are locals given more ways to spend their leisure time, the city of Boise is also doing steps to help improve the environment for their wildlife as well as the quality of the water in the city.

C.W. Moore Park

Unlike most parks, this beautiful park shows many different buildings and architecture that play a significant role in the history of Boise. The park showcases displays such as an original Boise canal water wheel, old arches and stonework coming from historical buildings. The C.W. Moore Park certainly gets you into a wonderful journey to the past, featuring the old buildings, architecture and engraved stones in the city.

Memorial Park

Originally called the Union Park, the place went through a lot of name change before finally settling for Memorial Park. Although it is the second largest park in the city, it is pretty peaceful and is in very close proximity to the Federal Building and the Military Reserve. With its beautiful trees, playgrounds and picnic areas, spending a day here is definitely worthwhile.

Outdoors in North End

Boise’s North End features plenty of parks and recreational areas to enjoy. If you want a more comprehensive list, you can always visit North End’s website for more details. You can even check out other features and attractions as well as the history of North End in the site.

Truly, North End has plenty to offer and folks who are looking for Boise, Idaho real estate that will take them close to nature will find this community a haven. There is a lot to do and fits both the urbanite and the outdoor enthusiast perfectly. Whether its sight-seeing and going on picnics, biking or hiking, North End offers all the types of adventure that you are looking for.

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Accomplishing Home Improvements with a Budget Less than $1000

by Randy Gridley

Getting improvements done in the home is usually never cheap. Were you ever able to do a home renovation project that got completed on time or within the budget? We all know that the home is the biggest and most expensive investment a person could ever make in their life so it would not be surprising if updating a few areas in it would cost a huge fraction of money as well.

However, getting any improvement done in your home does not always have to be crazy expensive – you can actually do simple things that can improve the value of your home. Simple maintenance works such as replacing furnace filters or broken appliances to more energy efficient ones can make a lot of difference. There are even more things you can do around the house that will cost you less than a hundred bucks and it will make your house look several thousands more expensive than it used to.

Accomplishing Home Improvements

Lighting Can Make a Huge Difference

Old chandeliers, lamps that belong to the previous decade or wall sconces will make your home’s interiors look old and cramped. The proper lighting can do wonders in making your house look much bigger than it does and it will feel airy and bright. Updating the lighting fixtures inside the home can usually run up to around $200 but there are also better samples and deals available if you simply look around.

Changing lighting fixtures are often an easy fix and most of the times will not need the help of an electrician. However, if you have no knowledge on electrical wirings or are unsure of what you are doing, it would be much safer to hire one to do the work for you. You can also opt to swap out table lamps instead or change the shades or paintings of the ones you currently have.

It is also recommended to get the new LED or CFL light bulbs because even if they are more costly when it comes to upfront fees, they can give bigger savings in the long run making it worth the money. You do not even have to get new fixtures for the home because these bulbs are often enough to give your home a brighter look.

Replace Your Front Doors

Front doors can make or break the value of your home. The type of front door that your house has can add or lessen your curb appeal. Remember that the door is among the first things that visitors get to see when coming into your home so you would want to make sure that you get one that makes a statement and is memorable. Not only do front doors provide a decorative value, it also make sure that your home stays safe and secure.

If security is your biggest concern, the best way to ensure that is to get a steel door for your home. However, it isn’t always the best choice for your budget since they usually cost more than $1000 although it can get a little higher or lower depending on where you live. You may have to weigh down this option – steel doors do offer a 101% return on investment so it could be worth every penny.

However, if you are keen on staying within the budget, simply applying a fresh coat of paint or even adding new hardware such as doorbells or light fixtures can make a huge difference. Finishing off the look with a pretty door mat or a pot of flowers at the sides can help adding to your house’s curb appeal.

Kitchen Updates

A $1000 budget can only go so far in the kitchen but you just might be surprised at exactly what you can do given the very limited resources. You definitely will not be getting any granite counter tops but you certainly can afford new drawers or cabinet hardware. Even adding updating the pulls of your cabinet can do wonders in changing the entire kitchen’s look.

A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets and drawers or fixing a leaky faucet can also help add value to your kitchen. There are quite a lot of minor fixes that you can do around that will make your kitchen look brand new but without splurging on the money.

Another option that you can consider when updating your kitchen is to upgrade to a more energy efficient appliance. You should be able to get one below $1000 and you can save some money on your energy bills in the long run as well.

Doing Bathroom Renovations

Don’t think you can do anything much with a $1000 budget in your bathroom? Well you can’t do anything major but updates like a new shower curtain, light fixtures and other bathroom accessories can do wonders. You might even want to get a new toilet that is more water efficient so you do not only get a modern bathroom but you also save on your water bills as well.

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