Short Sales in Boise, Idaho – A Great Deal

Though we are at the down side of the housing crisis, the market is still full of distressed properties. That means that you can find boise-meridian-bankowned properties in many neighborhoods throughout Boise, Idaho and its surrounding areas. If you are in the market for purchasing a home, short sales in Boise, Idaho continue to be a great way to get more home for your money.

What are short sales?

Short sales are simply when a property, typically owned by a bank due to foreclosure, is willing to take a lesser amount for a property to get it off their books.  They will go "short" on the price to unload the property.  That means that you can get a great deal on a property for less money.

Why are short sales in Boise, Idaho a good buy?

Short sales in Boise, Idaho are a good buy because there are so many bank owned properties that the banks are willing to give great deals on their properties so they can start receiving money for the property again.  With so many foreclosures over the past 5 years in Boise, there is an influx of bank owned property. That means that the banks want to give you a deal so you can own the property and not them. So short sales in Boise, Idaho are a great deal..

Some homes need some work due to having been vacant for some time; but, in most cases, the homes are in the good shape. They just need to have utilities turned back on and some cleaning done.

If you are looking to get more house for your money, then short sales in Boise, Idaho are something you may want to consider. Even if you have never purchased a short sale property, you can find assistance from your realtor in navigating the short sale market and be on your way to purchasing a great house for a great price.

Here are some current short sale home listings in Boise, Idaho that are furnished by IDX/MLS: