Should I Get My Own Home Inspection When Selling My House?

When most people sell their house they sit with dread waiting to hear the results of the home inspection. No closing will finalize without the prospective buyer’s home inspector giving your home the thorough once-over and making sure it meets the approval of the home inspector and most of the time before the buyer’s lender will allow the loan to be secured.

So you know that there will be a home inspection. Should you just sit back and bite your nails waiting for the home inspector’s report or should you get your home inspector to take a look at the house before you even put your house on the market?

Though you can wait around for that inspection and not pay for the inspector yourself, it is important to keep in mind that investing in a home inspection prior to putting your house on the market can be a great way to save time and worry.  It may even save you a little money by being proactive.

Most issues that are identified by the home inspector will cost less for the seller to fix than after the potential buyer has identified the issue. Getting any issues taken care of ensures that you are ready for any question and does not allow any gray area of concern from a potential buyer.

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