Changing or improving the appearance of your home does not have to cost a great deal or mean a lot of work.  It may be as simple as buying a few new pillows or putting up curtains.  Something as easy as rearranging the furniture and adding a new throw can make a world of difference.  There are some do-it-yourself home improvement projects and easy decorating tips that can make a quick change as painless as possible.  Here are five of the best: 

Paint a Wall


Painting is often the least expensive and easiest way to change the look of your home decor.  Creating an accent wall in your living space by painting one wall a contrasting color is a great way to add vibrancy without breaking your bank account. 

Before starting this project, spend some time considering the feel you are looking for in the room.  Certain colors and color combinations provide certain results.  For example, a cool combination of blues, purples, and greens will seem to enlarge the room, making it feel more spacious.  These colors are also very calming, creating a place where visitors and residents alike can relax. 
Warmer hues such as reds, oranges, and yellows create a more active, vibrant environment.  These colors will tend to pull focus toward anything they color, so using one of these on an accent wall will really make it stand out.  They also tend to bring in the object, so a bright red or orange accent wall will make a room seem smaller and warmer. 

Rearrange the Room’s Furniture

This is definitely the least expensive home decor changing technique.  Repositioning a piece of art or a conversation area can create an entirely new feel in a living space.  It is important to understand how scale and proportion work in defining a living area so that you can place your furniture in the best positions to achieve the look you desire. 

To start, remove all the furniture from the room and then vacuum and mop the floors.  This prevents dust from being moved around with the furniture.  Take a careful look at the living space and arrange the furniture so that everyone feels included.  This may mean creating an intimate conversation group or using a plant to separate a large, open area. 

Do not place furniture against the walls unless there is no other space.  Try and use the larger pieces to create individual spaces and always ensure there is plenty of space to move around between the pieces. 

Make the Coffee Table the Focal Point

In most living areas, the coffee table is a main focal point.  This means it gets lots of attention, so it should always be interesting.  A coffee table with a glass top can be used in a variety of interesting ways.  When the glass lies on the coffee table top, slipping interesting photographs under the glass can create a great conversation piece.  

Other great ideas for glass-topped coffee tables include placing unique or artistic items underneath it or spreading a beautiful cloth runner over the top.  Using photographs is an especially versatile idea because they can be changed out often to reflect special events, holidays, or the seasons.  If your coffee table does not have a glass top, it is a simple matter to have one custom-cut to fit your coffee table at your local hardware store. 

Install New Fixtures

Another fairly inexpensive way to update a room is to install new fixtures, such as faucets or ceiling fans.  Updating the kitchen or bathroom fixtures is almost as good as completing a complete makeover.  Going from a standard chrome bathroom faucet to a waterfall fixture will bring the bathroom right into the twentieth century. 

There are typically a good variety of faucet designs and most are available at the hardware store or the home improvement store.  With so many options available, the most difficult part may be making the selection.  Think about the look you want and then try and picture a particular faucet.  Does it achieve that look?  

Some of the various options available include modern styling, no-touch, bronzed or chromed, a waterfall, and one or two handles.  You may want to take a look at home design catalogs or magazines to see which styles you prefer. 

Adding or replacing a ceiling fan is another easy way to change the look of a room or living space.  Ceiling fans are available in just about every design imaginable, from rustic to ultra-modern.  They also come in colors, woods, and materials.  The fan blades can be designed to make their own statement and complement a room’s decor. 

It is also very important to consider the material and quality when purchasing either faucets or ceiling fans. Some materials are superior to others and the products made from these will typically last longer.  Also, consider the finish to ensure you are getting a faucet or ceiling fan that will match your desired decor. 

Light Switch Magic

An immediately gratifying home improvement project is to upgrade your light switches by replacing the old ones with those matching the decor or certain colors.  Upgrading to a fun, bright light switch will add a punch of color or a focal point.  Using a switch plate that matches the wall border or the trim will add a bit of elegance.  

Another very easy and quick way to customize a switch plate is to design your own.  You can use wallpaper or fabric scraps, ribbon, or anything else that is available to cover a plain switch plate and turn it into a statement piece. 

These are some of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve or update your home’s decor.  Sit back, think about the look you want and then let your imagination go wild.