Tips for updating your homes curb appeal

First impressions are always critically important.  This is especially true when you are trying to sell your house.  Many people spend lots of time preparing the insides of their homes but forget about the outsides. This is a big mistake.  

I'm sure you are familiar with the term curb appeal.  It refers to the visual impression that your house has on someone who is viewing your home from the curb or street.  Creating good curb appeal for your house is very important.  The goal is to create a look that is inviting and inspires potential buyers into wanting to view your home.  Spending time on maximizing your home's curb appeal is a very wise investment of your time that could very well help to sell your house more quickly.

Here are some handy tips for home sellers to help them maximize their house's curb appeal to increase the chances of a quick and profitable sale.

Have Professional Quality Photographs Taken Of Your House


These days, many buyers use the internet to do their preliminary searches to find houses they are potentially interested in viewing.  Invest in having some professional quality photos taken of your home.  Blurry, unprofessional photos can be as much of a turn off as a lawn that hasn't been mowed.

Clean and Repair The Home's Exterior


Remember how important first impressions are.   You want to have a clean and well-maintained appearance that will provide prospective buyer's with a positive impression of your house and draw them in.


Get rid of all trash and clutter.  If you have children, make sure their toys are off the lawn, driveway and front porch and put away.  Try not to have garbage cans and other unsightly items in visible areas

Thoroughly clean the exterior of the home.  Make sure the sidewalks and walkways are swept.  Wash your windows and also the the front door.  If the exterior of the house looks dingy, consider power washing it.  Make sure the window sills are not cluttered with knick knacks and that the drapes or curtains look good from the outside of the house as well.

Consider painting  


Is there any peeling paint on the siding or shutters?  A fresh coat of paint can really bring a house to life. If you can afford it, this is actually one of best ways to maximize the curb appeal of your house.


Make any necessary repairs, such as mending broken panels, shutters, replacing missing siding or anything else that could use some maintenance.  Everything should be in good repair to make a good first impression

Landscaping Tips


Investing in some nice landscaping is another great way to increase the curb appeal of your house.  Also, make sure your current landscaping is well maintained.


Trim tree limbs.  The last thing you want, is to have low hanging tree limbs obstructing the view of the house or making it look like the trees are about to fall down.  Make sure all trees are properly pruned.

Trim all shrubbery.  Make sure there are no bushes obstructing the view of the house or blocking the windows.  Overgrown shrubs can make a house seem messy from the outside and dark and dreary from the inside. 

Weed and get rid of any dead vegetation from the front yard.


You can also add new plants to the landscaping, such as shrubs and flowers.  Adding colorful flowers along the front walk and in pots on the front porch can add a very inviting and appealing look to your house.  Also add mulch to flower beds and under trees and shrubs. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the edges are trimmed.

Other Tips For Increasing Your Home's CurbAppeal


Make sure your exterior lighting is clean and inviting.  Many prospective home buyers drive by houses at night after work, so you want the curb appeal to look good at dusk as well.  Be sure that all the light bulbs work and that the lights are all thoroughly washed.  Also, if it isn't Christmas, take down those holiday lights.

Make sure your front porch area is warm and inviting.  Think about adding a new rug and welcome mat. Pots of colorful flowers are also a nice touch, along with new cushions for any porch furniture.

Maximizing the curb appeal of your house is the first thing you should do when preparing your house for sale.  it is the first impression that prospective buyers will have of your home after all.  Most of the above tips are relatively inexpensive and don't take a lot of skill other than a bit of elbow grease.  The main thing is to de-clutter, clean and repair.  Then add your finishing touches such as colorful flowers and nice porch furniture to create that warm and inviting look that draws prospective home buyers in and makes them want to schedule an appointment to view your house.

Time is money.  Getting your house sold quickly at or close to your asking price is very important.  You don't want to be stuck with a house that won't sell for months and months on end.  Make the investment of your time and some of your money to improve your home's curb appeal by following the above tips that we have provided to you.  If you do that, your house should sell in no time at all and at a very good price.

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