Sunrise on the City of Boise Idaho

Boise neighborhoods are without a doubt the best option for you if you’re currently looking for a good place to move in Idaho. Boise is the capital city of the state with 216,000 populations in 2015. However, the number of people living in the city continues to increase as the economy keeps on growing. For those who want to experience a fresh way of living, the City of Trees is the perfect choice.

Whether you want to live a fast-paced lifestyle in the heart of the city or you simply want to take advantage of our small-town environment, one of the perks of choosing Boise is you have the best of both worlds. The city provides everyone with affordable living while boasting low crime rates every year. With great educational choices for your children rest assured your child’s learning will be well taken care of.  Boise also has a thriving economy, ideal for couples who are starting their lives together. In fact, the median cost of a residence is only $216,000, more affordable than what other neighborhoods offer.

Choosing the Most Ideal Neighborhood

According to 2015 records, it only takes approximately 90 days to successfully sell a house. You can work with a professional real estate agent from Silvercreek Realty Group to help you make an informed decision before you buy your own property in our great city. The expertise and knowledge of a Boise real estate agent can provide you with exact details you need to know when buying a home.

Home in springtime in Boise Idaho

You will also be given helpful information to make sure that you are choosing the best neighborhood in the area. If you want to move to Boise, there are 5 wonderful areas you can choose from to find the best property to live with your family. Please take a look at the bullets below, to help you decide which of the following areas would best suit your lifestyle needs.

  • North End – this place is characterized by the tree-lined streets with classic houses built in every corner. There are also some properties constructed in 1900s that represent the historic architecture of old Boise. You can find the popular Harrison Boulevard in North End where you can enjoy the district’s nice-looking main road with plenty of homes registered at the National Register of Historic Places. Hyde Park will also give you another ideal area for residence. You can also enjoy Camel’s Back Park for a picturesque view.
  • East End – this is also called the Warm Springs Boulevard. Where you can discover a multitude of fine Victorian style homes. The schools available in the area will help you keep your standards high when it comes to child’s education. Also, this place is full of excellent opportunities to give you an enjoyable lifestyle. Residents take advantage of easy access to main attractions including the South Central Idaho Mountains, Boise River, and foothills. One of the most interesting aspects why Warm Springs is best chosen by residents is the hot springs running underground.
  • Southeast Boise – with the striking upscale areas located in southeast Boise, you can also witness the beauty of this neighborhood through Boise State University. It encompasses the entire area with happy residents due to premium outdoor amenities such as the Greenbelt, several parks, and the Boise River. Bown Crossing is a new subdivision in southeast Boise that features 92 units, attractive ponds, and 59,000ft2 of restaurant and retail space. Also, this area is popularly known as a peaceful neighborhood with 30-year-old constructed buildings. Occupants can also enjoy water sports and boating activities at Lucky Peak Reservoir.
  • Harris Ranch – this is located at the east end part of the city that offers a nice subdivision for residents. It was developed 3 years ago to ensure a better neighborhood for those who want to move in. Up to date, Harris Ranch constructs and develops more communities within the subdivision. The beautiful developments being made in the area help residents to level up their lifestyle without higher cost of living. You can enjoy the convenience of this place because it’s located near Highway 21.
  • Northwest Boise – in the northern part of the city where you can see the foothills, Northwest Boise is found. It is known as the city of Eagle with new and old subdivisions to choose from. This is another excellent choice due to the beautiful sceneries it offers such as the Lake Harbor and waterway attractions. You can also explore stunning outdoor trails here with some of the best areas to spend quality time with the whole family.

To give you more about the bench pockets at Idaho, here are some of the ideal areas you can still visit while choosing the best neighborhood in the state:

  • Glen Haven St. – this is literally a street haven where you can see various homes within 2 charming circles. However, it represents a very peaceful district in the central part of Boise. The properties boast 50-60s structural designs with mid-century finesse.
  • Roosevelt and Alpine – this will give you the charming side of Boise at which several parks and foothills view can be seen. The Alpine and Roosevelt’s dog park offers pet lovers a nice area to take their pets for a stroll. Homes here are affordable and new residents can expect a warm welcome from new neighbors eager to greet you.
  • Emerald – this is located between Garden Street and Houston Road. This street will give you incredible views of Boise along with several parks available around the area. You will find other fabulous roads in the area include Irving, Pike, Marshall, and Balsam.
  • Crescent Rim & Latah –features beautifully constructed buildings with 1950-1960s designs. The view will give you amazing experience while taking advantage of greater opportunities to buy your own property with fair market rates.

Now you have all the information you need to show you which part of our beautiful city best suits your needs and the needs of your entire family. Contact us today with any and all questions you may have!