Your Boise Home Sale and Kids and Animals Do Mix!

When it comes to selling their home in the Boise valley market, mature sellers can really appreciate the importance of presenting a pristine property to all potential buyers.   Parents are always juggling their other responsibilities including the needs of their children.  When you include selling your home and add showings to the long list, it makes for a very stressful situation!  Selling your home does not need to be disruptive. You need a Realtor like me that can help alleviate all that extra stress!

I have a few tried-and-true methods that can make the process easier: Below you will find just a few:

  • If you have grandparents who live close to Boise, this is the time to get their help. Showings are special opportunities for extra quality time with Grandparents. The big thing now is play dates for your children if you do not have family in the area.
  • Make a game out of organizing toys into colourful storage bins.   Toys all over the house are real distracting to potential home buyers.  Give your kids rewards for helping you in the sale of your home.  Kids will always respond to helping out if there is something in it for them!
  • People with pets and small children with dirty diapers can sometimes become desensitized to the odours.  Make sure you empty the garbage before all showings and clean the litter box.  Check to make sure you have good quality air fresheners in the house. Baking bread or chocolate chip cookies just before the showing makes your home most inviting.  I will give you at least 30 minutes warning before any showing (24 hours whenever possible) so that you have time to check your house one last time before the showing.
  •  Our teamwork will result in a peaceful setting for all our Boise home sale showings.